Will We See More of Titus Welliver as Lex Luthor in “Titans”?


Superboy and Lex

TVline.com caught up with “Titans” showrunner Greg Walker to discuss the first two episodes of Season 4 of “Titans” in which he discusses Lex Luthor’s fate.

“If you wanted more Titus, you should be really disappointed. I’m disappointed,” showrunner Greg Walker shared. “But we knew we had those constraints, and we worked with them.”

That’s right, as seen at the end of the double-episode premiere of “Titans” Season 4, Lex Luthor dies. But why?

The fact is DC would only allow the show to use Lex Luthor for a very limited run – which Walker admits was for the best, as it allowed them to keep the focus on the main characters.

“Not they would have given us more than one episode [of Lex], but we also wanted to focus on the Titans,” Walker explained. “And as you will see, this season really focuses on the Titans and their relationships with each other.”

Titus Welliver isn’t sure that’s the last we’ll see of Lex though.

“Anybody who knows that world, and knows Lex Luthor, knows that the guy’s got probably clones stashed in his basement! We know that from reading the comics. We’ve thought that Lex Luthor has been killed and, ‘Oh, no – that was a clone.'”

Regardless of his short stint, Welliver says Lex’s involvement, even though short, “was to really propel Connor/Superboy’s story into the forefront of things, and give the fans of the show something to really bite into, to have a sense of where that character is going.”

“I thought it was a really interesting springboard,” Welliver added, “because there’s that moment of slight connection” between son and (one) father, “and then it’s completely taken away.”

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