Watch the “Smallville” Cast Reunion from New York Comic Con 2020

Tom Welling, Sam Witwer, Laura Vandervoort, and Michael Rosenbaum participated in a “Smallville” cast reunion as part of the Metaverse virtual New York Comic Con this past weekend.

Sam Witwer spoke about not being 100% satisfied with the series finale of “Smallville” saying, “I know that I’ve gone on record saying that I didn’t necessarily agree with how it ended, with me. But I don’t remember the storyline well enough to know if I’d back that up or if I’ve changed my mind over the years. I just know that I was upset and I’m still upset that I killed my buddy Aaron Ashmore [who played Jimmy Olsen], because Aaron’s such a great guy.”

While Laura Vandervoort regrets not having an opportunity to properly send off her character of Kara Zor-El. “She didn’t really have closure,” said Vandervoort. “She just sort of flew off and we never saw her again. It would’ve been nice for myself personally, and I think for the character, to have goodbyes. I didn’t have any proper goodbyes.”

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