Watch Episode 1 of SYFY’s “Decrypting Krypton” After-Show

Back in early February SYFY announced that they were looking for a Superman Superfan to star as the host of an online after-show about their new television series “Krypton”. Fans were asked to submit a video of themselves auditioning to be the “Krypton” after-show host.

That fan has been selected, and now the first 3 minute episode of the “Decrypting Krypton” After-Show is online for U.S. fans to watch:

An alternative to the official “Krypton” After-Show is NerdHQ and That Hashtag Show’s own one hour online show (with a guest appearance by Superman Homepage Editor-in-Chief Steve Younis). Their “Krypton Aftershow” isn’t just a show, it’s described as “an event of unprecedented proportions that will cross platforms, leap websites, bend boundaries, and warp spacetime!” Watch it below:

If you haven’t yet watched the first episode of “Krypton”, you can now watch it online via