Virtual Metropolis Superman Celebration Panel with Aaron Smolinksi

Due to COVID-19, the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois was cancelled for 2020, but fans rallied together to put on a Virtual 2020 Superman Celebration as a way to gather online and celebrate the Man of Steel while also supporting the city of Metropolis. Events took place via the Zoom video conferencing app throughout the weekend.

One of the online Q&A panels was titled “GROWING UP WITH SUPERMAN” and saw actor Aaron Smolinski chat about growing up playing roles in various Superman movies. Aaron Smolinski has been a part of the Superman Legacy since he was cast as Young Clark in 1978’s Superman: The Movie at the age of three. After playing the orphan from space who would grow up to become the Man of Steel, Aaron was later cast in small roles in Superman III (he is the youngster standing at the photo booth where Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent goes to change into Superman at the beginning of the movie) and Man of Steel (he is one of the American soldiers that encounters Henry Cavill’s Superman). Watch below as he recounts his time working on the movie that defined the modern superhero epic and its follow-up films. Dan Johnson (moderator)

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June 28, 2020 4:24 am

Can barely recognize him without the Cape around his waist. ;p