Video – “Superman II” – I’ve Been Working Out

The DC YouTube channel posted a Super Scenes video clip from the movie “Superman II” in which we see that picking a fight with Clark Kent is a very bad idea.

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November 27, 2022 2:25 am

It’s a funny scene with Reeve delivering the punchline perfectly, and perhaps even cathartic, but no matter which version of the film one watches it’s not exactly showing Clark in the best light (minor spoilers ahead): In the theatrical, Lester/Salkind continuity (-ies, if you count the 80s extended TV versions) a re-powered Clark goes to pick a fight with a guy (who is a jerk, but still…) that he outmatches in every way. And yes, he hands the diner owner some cash, but he still trashes the place. In the Donner Cut continuity, he’s already changed the timeline; since Lois… Read more »