Unpublished Marv Wolfman Story in Upcoming “Superman 100-Page Super-Spectacular”

Marv Wolfman has announced via his Facebook page that an unpublished story he wrote back in 2006 will finally see print in the upcoming “Superman 100-Page Super-Spectacular”.

Scheduled to be released on January 30, 2019, the “Superman 100-Page Super-Spectacular” will feature a story titled “Man And Superman,” a full-length Superman story written by Marv Walfman with art by Claudio Castellini.

“I honestly believe [this story] may be the best thing I’ve ever written, or if not, definitely in the top ten,” wrote Wolfman.

The story was actually written and drawn back in 2006, but was never published.

Superman Confidential, the book we wrote and drew it for, was about finding some period in Superman’s past and to explore it in ways we’d never seen before,” Wolfman explains. However “Superman Confidential” was cancelled, and the story never saw the light of day.

“This story takes place during the weeks after he leaves Smallville and comes to Metropolis for the very first time. Clark not only is in search of a job, but he’s trying to figure out if he ever wants to become Superman. He’s aware that the moment he puts on his uniform his entire life and everything he’s known before, is about to abruptly change. Forever.”

“Back in 2006 I wanted to write the story in a style that was very different from what readers expected from me. I also wanted to come up with several brand-new Superman ideas in each issue that we’d never seen before. When I was finished writing chapter one I knew (believed?) I had succeeded. Maybe beyond what I was hoping for. And though I may be deluding myself, I truly think the story kept getting better and better.”

“I truly love this story and I really want as many people as possible to see it.”

Fans should contact their local comic book store to ensure they will be ordering in the “Superman 100-Page Super-Spectacular” in January 2019.

Presented here are a few pages drawn by Claudio Castellini from the “Man and Superman” story.

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