Tyler Hoechlin on the Bizarre Twist on “Superman & Lois”


The third episode of Season 2 of “Superman & Lois” gave us the big reveal on the creature that broke free from the Smallville mine.

SPOILER WARNING! The following interview with Tyler Hoechlin by EW.com contains details on “The Thing in the Mines”.

We were lead to believe that it was Doomsday that Superman would be facing off against… instead, we saw a Bizarro Superman emerge from the mines… played by Tyler Hoechlin himself.

After playing Superman, how did you go about developing your take on Bizarro?

I think it’s a gift for anybody that’s on a show when you’re given something that allows you to completely go away from what you’re doing consistently. I’ve been on shows in the past and I’ve been very lucky that they’ve given me new things to play with every season, and I’ve been on shows before where you feel like you’re doing the same thing for years. It’s always a gift to have the opportunity to really step out of your comfort zone of the character that you’re getting used to and trying something new. I thought that was really fun, and I definitely am playing a lot of different things than Clark or Superman is dealing with. All of this thing has been a challenge, but it’s been exciting and fun to just explore.

Was that your favorite aspect of this episode in particular?

In a way, there are certain rules with Superman. There are certain rules with Clark. You can find ways to bend those and kind of make it your own, but there are still just certain constants about them that make Superman Superman. With this new [character], there aren’t really any rules, and so it’s kind of fun to be able to, between action and cut, just go for it and say like, “Well, there’s not really a wrong way to do this. We’re just playing with it, and we’re going to find what works and go from there.” I think that was something that was really nice. I think also for the first time, really playing that many characters in one episode was an interesting challenge, and fighting yourself is always an interesting experience. It’s just a lot of new things happening in one episode.

Read the full interview at EW.com.

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charles david haskell
January 26, 2022 3:59 pm

I still can’t wait to see how the show will develop Bizarre Superman. Will, there be Lois/ will see have twin son?