TwoMorrows “Back Issue #137” Focuses on 1980s Pre-Crisis DC Miniseries

Superman Homepage writer James Lantz has written an article which will be published in BACK ISSUE #137 in which he interviews Roy Thomas about “America Versus The Justice Society”. It also contains an article focusing on “Superman: Krypton Chronicles”.

1980s Pre-Crisis DC Miniseries! Green Arrow, Secrets of the Legion, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, Krypton Chronicles, America vs. the Justice Society, Legend of Wonder Woman, Conqueror of the Barren Earth, and more! Featuring Mike W. Barr, Kurt Busiek, Paul Kupperberg, Ron Randall, Trina Robbins, Joe Staton, Curt Swan, Roy Thomas, and other creators. Re-presenting the “Green Arrow #1” cover by Trevor Von Eeden and Dick Giordano. Edited by Michael Eury.

This issue of BACK ISSUE magazine should be available from August 3, 2022. A preview is available on the TwoMorrows Publishing site.