Superman on Television

Superpup and Superboy - The Lost Pilots


The Adventures of Superpup

Meant to be a children's show with little people in dog costumes, the pilot episode was filmed in 1958 in part of the same sets used for "The Adventures of Superman" TV series. Billy Curtis, star of "Superman and the Molemen," played Bark Bent who was a reporter working for Perry Bite. When the evil Professor Sheepdip kidnaps Pamela Poodle, it's our hero to the rescue.

Faster than the speediest jet More powerful than the mightiest rocket Able to fly around the world faster than you can say "Superpup" Yes it's Superpup, and only you and I know that Superpup is really Bark Bent, star reporter for the Daily Bugle.

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The Adventures of Superboy

In 1961, after the death of the 1950's TV Superman George Reeves in 1959, the creators of "The Adventures of Superman" developed a different show loosely based upon the successful TV series. It was decided to develop a program based upon the character of the young Superman, better known as Superboy, who had been given his own comic book series in 1945. While the pilot episode was filmed, the show never went to air.

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