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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 26: "Auld Acquaintance"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): Despite the lackluster reveal for the secrets being held by Superboy, M'Gann, and Artemis, this episode really delivered on all levels.

The Light was not disabled but a decisive victory was won this episode.

I like what they have done with the clone Roy Harper. I hope nothing bad happens to him.

I'm so happy to see Vandal Savage being the bad guy in this show. He seems too evil and sinister, especially since he's immortal. No, he's not a Darkseid (who is, really?), but he's just as psychotic I think.

Klarion seems like too much of a pushover. I didn't care for him much but he's an evil magic user so he served his purpose.

This show is doing something that has made me happy and I harp on all the time. It has been moving a large story arc along pretty well and I like that in shows in general, with a few exceptions. Batman: The Animated Series had so many great individual episodes it was ok. This show meandered a little at times but stuck to the idea of the Light and them clearly being bad and trying to control things. Too many shows think they can't have that kind of depth to make it good (because then you have to watch all of them to know what's going on).

This show has become a worthy successor to Justice League and Batman. It has held its own and it's not even a main superhero show. I know they put them in there to whet our appetites but the show was about these sidekicks coming together to form their own team. The creators introduced lesser known characters in the DC Universe and blended them into a shake of awesomeness.

Looking back on the whole season I am eager to see where this show goes because it has become one of my favorite animated series ever. Kudos to DC and all the creative and producing minds behind this show. Please keep them around for a while longer.

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