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Season 1 - Episode 23: "Insecurity"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

4Rating - 4 (out of 5): Although I liked how this episode was dedicated to Artemis and her issues, it felt like some of the plot was far fetched and felt forced. If you haven't watched this episode, watch it. I'm about to bust open some spoilers on y'all. Sportsmaster as Artemis' father? And did we know her mom used to be Huntress? I don't remember. I'm not as familiar with DC lore as I should be. Be right back, gonna go visit Wikipedia.

Okay, so apparently I was wrong, it doesn't feel forced because the comic character Artemis Crock is the daughter of Huntress and Sportsmaster. Heh. You learn something new every day.

Also something cool was a nod to who Artemis is modeled after, Arrowette. Cissie King Jones was the little girl in the beginning of the episode whose father was taken by fake Spider-man. Her character (at least in the recent DC Universe) becomes Arrowette.

I liked the little side story about Red Tornado creating an android for himself so he can interact more with humans. Classic Pinnochio stuff right there.

Also I was glad to see Red Arrow join the team, despite his overall jerk behavior.

I guess I still have to keep this scored at 4 because it's about Artemis and I like her angst less than the others. Don't ask me why. Maybe because we just saw Superboy angst last episode and I'm still a little raw from all the Super-Angst. Or maybe I didn't like it because every time I see Sportsmaster I think of Casey Jones from TMNT. Or maybe it's because Professor Ivo sounds like Peter MacNicol. Wait a sec. Okay I stand corrected, that IS Peter MacNicol.

I still like the episode overall though, especially since we're seeing the Light working on the Starfish tentacle (Oh baby I can't wait to see Starro!). For those not as familiar with DC history, Starro is a gigantic starfish from another planet that was the Justice League of America's first enemy in The Brave and the Bold #28. I'm looking forward to upcoming episodes. This is really a great show.

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