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Season 1 - Episode 22: "Agendas"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): This was possibly one of the best episodes I've seen on this show. I will start by saying that I know the overall story arc was not moved along (well at least I don't think it was). But I think if the episode is good enough, I'm willing to turn a blind eye. A good example of this is the red kryptonite episodes of Smallville. Or any episode with Alicia Baker. I had to fit that in there somewhere.

I want to say I loved Batman in this episode. The best line in this episode was from Batman. Wonder Woman was grilling him about the appropriate age for a JLA membership and she asks Batman if he uses Robin to make him become like himself (Batman) and Batman replies that he helps him so he doesn't become someone like Batman. He really does have a heart! I loved this line though. Shows he actually cares.

The debate with the JLA on what qualifies a person was interesting. Each person's view was different and I enjoyed those brief moments in the episode.

The Superboy stuff was gold for me. I love how they really moved him along and even though we don't really get at the root of his angst, I'm much more sympathetic towards his frustrations and complaints. They kept calling the Super clone "Match" but I prefer Super clone. I am wondering if we'll see more of this Superman clone. I doubt it. But a boy can dream.

Lex Luthor was done really well in this episode, too. I hope to see more of that dynamic between him and Superboy. The reveal (SPOILERS) that he is the human half of Superboy was not shocking knowing DC continuity. Well at least that's the way it was in the previous DC Universe.

This show has risen above its roots and is fast becoming an equal to the Justice League series. Not quite but when there are episodes like this, it's hard to argue against the awesomeness of the show.

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