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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 20: "Coldhearted"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

3Rating - 3 (out of 5): I would have liked this more if it didn't feel so pointless. I love Wally. I love Kid Flash. Any Flash story is a good story. But when you're on a team and your little vision quest does not contribute to the story arc then it stinks.

What did this episode have to do with anything? It moved Wally's character forward a little I suppose. He was able to realize that Miss Manhunter was not into him at all. So hopefully he can move on to Artemis, who is clearly into him.

I do like how they have been working the relationships in this and the team dynamic. A little bit of time was given to Zatanna, which was cool too since I like her character and not because of the fishnet stockings. Okay maybe a little because of the fishnet stockings.

I liked seeing the character of Vandal Savage, I wish more story lines involved him instead of the other big ones like Lex or Darkseid. He's always been a cool character to me. Vertigo was cool too because without proper inner ear balance Kid Flash is helpless.

I am hoping for some resolution here soon to this season because the meandering is excessive in my opinion. I think a good comparison would be to The Avengers cartoon on Disney XD. Rarely were there episodes that detracted from the seasonal arc. Young Justice seems to do it every 3-4 episodes. And to make us feel better they toss in the Light at the end. This is eerily similar to what Smallville did. I hope Green Arrow does something different.

I can't stay mad, though, because it was still a fun episode and highlighted my favorite character, Kid Flash.

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