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Season 1 - Episode 16: "Failsafe"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

3Rating - 3 (out of 5): Ok, so I don't really care for dream sequences, which is what this essentially was and although it was cool to see them step up, I didn't quite understand why this episode was placed where it was at in the overall continuity.

The high point included seeing the team really sacrifice themselves forgetting that it was all a training exercise. They really stepped up and Robin was brilliant as the leader when Aqualad was gone.

Now onto the complaints department... I don't like when you introduce a character and describe them as stronger than anything else, in this case M'Gann being more powerful than Martian Manhunter himself. It's a plot device commonly used when introducing characters so they are given value. And it's difficult for writers to have a team of superheroes and not try to equalize them all somehow. Otherwise Batman would always be slower and dumber than everyone else in the League. That's why there are Batman apologists that will argue that he could beat anyone because he has a contingency plan for every possible scenario. He is beyond a master strategist, he's practically omniscient in the DC Universe. Well, at least before the reboot. So I don't care for them using that device because it feels old to me.

Also Superboy has got to stop with the whining about Miss Martian. He's almost like a certain sparkly vampire that I don't really care for. I know he cares but he's starting to come across as abusive almost.

And what did this story do to move the plot forward with The Light? Nothing, in my opinion. It was too much filler for me.

Fun episode, but nothing happened overall other than we figured out Miss Martian can crush everyone on a whim if she pleases.

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