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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 14: "Revelations"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

4Rating - 4 (out of 5): I had to go online to figure out who all the voice actors in this were because there were quite few cameos in this. What this show does well is bring in great talent for all roles big or small, and I'm glad they put the effort into it. For the most part it works really well but in this episode I had one complaint: The Joker. Voiced by Brent Spiner (correct me if I'm wrong here). This is the same guy that played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Oh, and also the hippie scientist guy that gets killed and used as a voice box by the aliens in Independence Day. I didn't care for his Joker a whole lot. It wasn't bad. But perhaps we've been spoiled with Mark Hamill for so long anything else isn't quite as good. One could make an argument for Kevin Michael Richardson (Joker in The Batman), though. He had some funny lines but it felt a little lifeless and dry.

The rest of the episode I loved, though. The Fate helmet felt a little deus ex machina to me but since I love Dr. Fate, it was cool. Poison Ivy was well done and voiced very well by Alyssa Milano.

The team was able to step up and show that they could handle these villains. The big guns decided that the young team could take on this mission. They did pretty well but they were kind of getting their butt's kicked by the Injustice League before Dr. Fate showed up and the Justice League. And I thought it was odd that Young Justice was getting pounded and then the Justice League shows up and somehow there wasn't much of a fight. It was like, "Oh, they're here we have to give up now and utter the obligatory 'This isn't the end' line."

I also thought the reveal at the end was pretty sweet. Vandal Savage and a lot of the other big villains we've seen this season. I'm glad they have finally shown them and we can start moving that plot forward. A well done episode.

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