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Season 1 - Episode 13: "Alpha Male"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): Captain Marvel. What else do I need to say? He's one of my favorite characters and is underutilized some times. Whenever he appears in one of these DC cartoons I always think he should have his own series. If Superman is a Boy Scout then Captain Marvel is his golden caped den leader. His character is so innocent but so strong because of that. Any episode of any cartoon is made better with him in it.

This also happens to be an episode I'm supposed to review. Back to that. Alpha Male was a great episode that allowed us to re-focus on why the team should be listening to Aqualad and why he decided to not tell the team about the mole. Which Robin even admits at the end was probably the best choice. The Brain is one of the major enemies of The Doom Patrol (who I believe might possibly be the forerunners to The X-Men in the Marvel Universe). He is a master manipulator and his assistant is Monsieur Mallah. Whenever you have an ape that exhibits intelligence one can't help but think it's Grodd at first. I just think anything that is just a brain would protect itself a little better. Maybe in a robot body that they don't even know where the brain is. These darn villains are just too cocky nowadays.

I think this episode's main pushing point is that they needed to re-establish why Aqualad is the leader. And I'm glad they did that because a team needs that every now and then. Captain Marvel reminds Superboy that even though he may disagree with Batman he has had his life saved many times because he did listen. I was also glad that the episode highlighted the whole team again, it feels like it's been awhile since we've seen them all in action together.

I really didn't have any complaints about this episode either. The team is back together and back in the saddle again (see Gene Autry Song). I'm hoping we get to see Superman in another episode soon, especially since it feels like the longer he is away from Superboy, the more of a deadbeat he becomes. In a Superman-ish sort of way. Kudos for a good episode.

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