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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 12: "Homefront"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): What does one say about an awesome episode other than it was awesome! They have been developing these characters really well and this added to Robin and Artemis' background. We already know a bit about Robin even though this is a parallel universe (although someone needs to inform the DCnU). But seeing Artemis in a little bit more of a personal point of view was really nice. It adds a bit more to my argument that I don't think she's the mole. We finally find out who Cheshire is (watch it to find out!).

One of my favorite things in this was seeing the awesomeness that is Robin. We really get to see why he has so much talent and why he is a true prodigy and more than just a sidekick. They hinted at the fact that he could have been the leader earlier in the season but lacked maturity like Aqualad does. He, like Batman, always has a solution to any circumstance and is cool under pressure.

And Artemis steps up in her own way and saves the day at the end and it was nice to see her step it up and realize she is part of a team and saves the entire team by activating the EMP with the arrowhead. I hope to see more of her character develop as this show progresses.

The thing that was puzzling to me was the ending. *SPOILER ALERT* Was Red Tornado corrupted by the "evil" red robots that were the villains? I almost thought that Red Tornado may have been the mole for a brief moment that it was all a setup and he was somehow corrupted and he didn't even know it, thus being the mole without even knowing it *END SPOILERS*.

My only complaint, and it's a minor one again, is about Red Tornado. He's like Aquaman in that his character has never had great writing and I am hoping that whatever they do with him it's good. Otherwise it might just make him a throwaway Justice League member. I'm guessing The Light has something (yet again) to do with this. It seems as though we're getting an Injustice League or something. I like it. A lot. Nice nod to Barbara Gordon at Gotham Academy earlier in the episode. It was also funny to see Dick Grayson talk to Artemis, knowing full well who she is but no one else knows who he is because of Batman's instructions to not reveal his identity. I also wondered if Bette (Artemis' liaison at Gotham Academy) is Bette Kane who is Flamebird in the DC universe.

Great episode. Loved it. One of my favorites this season. DC has a great property here that I hope they develop.

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