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Season 1 - Episode 11: "Terrors"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): This was an immensely enjoyable episode from beginning to end. Again, this program shows how you don't need to have all the characters in a single episode to make a good episode and it allowed them to go just a little bit deeper into the M'Gann/Superboy relationship (which is what I like, the mushy stuff). There are too many references to villains made in this so I'll only discuss some of the major ones. It's always nice to see Mr. Freeze. Ever since Batman: The Animated Series, I have loved his character. This was no exception. Icicle Sr. seemed like a stereotypical 'thug in charge' type of villain but still his voice acting was done well and moved the plot forward well.

Hugo Strange was great. Although it seems every time they introduce his character nowadays, people have no idea he's a lunatic. "Hey who should we put in charge of Arkham City?" "Hugo Strange" "Do we know anything about him?" "Nope, but he's a doctor so it's cool". I wasn't shocked to see him in on the shenanigans at the end but I'm intrigued to see what they do with all these villains following The Light.

That leads me to my only complaint about the episode. Can we please start moving The Light storyline along a little bit? Every episode has either shown them or inferred that there is some big scheme being hatched. I think a little reveal would be nice at this point. Unless we go the Lost route. Reveal The LIght but then reveal that they really aren't in charge and that there's this secret ongoing struggle between them and "The Darkness" for years. Oh and there's a smoke monster somewhere in there.

I was really pleased to see Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship move forward. They keep Superboy's character just whiny enough that it's not annoying and it separates him from Superman. I feel bad for him that Superman just isn't around. And I have no idea why he isn't around. I know for the purposes of the show, it makes the plot that much more confusing if we're throwing Justice League characters into the mix as well. They need to focus on the core group. But still, it makes Supes seem like a deadbeat. Superboy - "Hey Superman, do you think we could talk sometime?" Superman - "What? Oh hey, I gotta go someone is uhh errr breaking into a bank vault in Metropolis, BYE!"

I hope they are able to do this a little more with some of the other team members. Very fun, character driven episode, and moved the overarching plot forward a little bit more.

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