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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 6: "Infiltrator"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

4Rating - 4 (out of 5): Every episode I watch I am amazed at how excellent the storytelling is and how wonderful the voice acting is. This episode is no exception. I think it's interesting that even though Red Arrow doesn't want to be a member of Young Justice, he keeps interacting with them.

There was nothing that stood out about Dr. Serling Roquette to me. Her character served the role of moving the plot forward, and not much else. The voice acting done for her was still excellent, though. It's funny to me how scientists tend to be portrayed by certain stereotypes. You have the completely timid and shy and socially awkward ones. Then there are the ivory tower ones that are pompous and know how smart they are and as a result, for some reason, act like jerks.

I like the character of Artemis. I don't know why they didn't introduce her character sooner, but it was still fun to see her interaction with all the team members. Wally was very antagonistic towards her the entire episode and the interplay reached a climax when all the team members are protecting the Dr. while she makes the virus for the nanobots. I was laughing pretty good when they are all conversing over Megan's telepathic channel.

They again showed Superboy's frustrations at being a part of a team when he goes with Robin to WayneTech. Robin of course has a stealthy plan to deal with the League of Shadow's agent controlling the fog, but Superboy just wants to rush right in and deal with him. Fortunately for him it didn't work out too bad. He had some sort of weird cyclops like helmet that allowed him to shoot a beam of energy (that happened to be red), but Superboy overcame him easily.

Was that Ra's Al Ghul? I don't know. I thought it was but they never technically said his name so it could be someone else. I'm accustomed to the David Warner voice from Batman: TAS. But he is talking with the Light, or as I like to call them, the Consortium. They mention to the League of Shadows leader that there is a mole among the Young Justice team, but we don't know who.

Also at the end of the episode, we not only find out that Artemis is not who Green Arrow says she is (thanks to the main villainess) but also that she knows information about Artemis that will destroy any relationship she has with her teammates. Red Arrow confronts her at the end telling her he knows she's lying about her identity. For someone that doesn't seem to care to be associated with the team he sure seems to be looking out for them. I'm intrigued by this storyline and where it will go.

My main complaint about the episode was that it didn't seem to move the Consortium's story along very much other than having them as a presence and mentioning that they have someone on the inside. Still a great episode though, and a delight to watch.

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