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DVD Review for "Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets"

Reviewed by: Steve Younis

Back Cover Dangerous Secrets "Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets", which collects the final 14 episodes of the first season of the animated series on two discs, was released by Warner Home Video to DVD on July 31, 2012.

    Another round of justice has been served. Watch them battle villains and fight crime in a 2-disc 14 episode collection!

    Back for another round, Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis join forces to take down some of the universe's most dangerous foes. From India to Cadmus Labs, these super-powered sidekicks must think fast and use teamwork in their neverending fight against The Light. Join the team as they battle the likes of the ruthless assassin Cheshire, the Lord of Chaos Klarion, the brutally powerful Sportsmaster and the deceptive Parasite. In battles that test their loyalties and reveal hidden secrets, Young Justice must use their incredible crime-fighting powers to come together and defeat their toughest enemies yet!

This two disc release includes the following episodes: Disc 1: Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, and Misplaced. Disc 2: Coldhearted, Image, Agendas, Insecurity, Performance, Usual Suspects, and Auld Acquaintance.

I won't review the episodes in this DVD collection, as they have been well reviewed already on this website.

This latest "Young Justice" release features the six original members of the team: Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. Disc 1 is blue in color and features an image of Kid Flash. Disc 2 is red and has Robin on it.

There are no special features on Disc 1. It contains only the episodes listed above. Disc 2 contains one bonus feature, and that is a digital comic book of issue #6 of the "Young Justice" title. It also contains a number of trailers and commercials for other Warner Bros. DVDs and Video Game releases.

While this DVD is light on extras, it's the 14 episodes collected here that really matter, and as with all episode of "Young Justice", they are excellent. As I've said before, the first season of "Young Justice" is wonferful, with high production values and talented voice actors. If you collected the three previous "Young Justice" DVD releases, then you'll also want to pick up this fourth and final Season 1 volume to collect the remaining episodes.

Here's a video clip from one of the episodes collected on this DVD release:

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