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Season 2 - Episode 4: "Red"

Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

Wow. This was a pretty fun episode to watch. I mean, we get to see exactly what anyone in the real world would go do with super-powers. The problem is, if I were to go out into a bar at say, fifteen, tear the hell out of everything, use heat vision and light a bat on fire, throw men across rooms, order beer underage, driving a ferari with Kristen, I think I might soon be somewhat apprehended, in both mind and body. Loeb wrote this one, and I can see it. He has quite the great flair for the dramatic, but sometimes, like in the comics, Clark flies. I mean that in a sense. For while we all want to see Clark doing what he did in this episode, it just isn't feasible for anyone looking at this as anything with content, more rather an entertaining reexamination of an icon. I would hope for more than that. But I won't complain when I see Clark Kent and Lex Luthor acting in the same vein of thought. That's gold right there, Loeb-san.

I will now take a moment and comment on what you're probably all expecting me to comment on. The horrible, badly filmed, badly conceived, flat out silly sledgehammer hitting the class ring. 1) The camera angle stank. It threw off what could have been a cool special effect. 2) Clark was under the influence of Kryptonite. The sledgehammer would have bent the ring and broken his hand, his wrist, and possibly his arm. He was weakened, vulnerable. If he had been strong enough to survive a hit by a sledge without damage, he could have ripped it from his father's hand. 3) He could have just collapsed, and they could have taken the ring. It was a silly excuse to throw in a special effect.

Enough about that. And no more of it, please.

I like the decisive turn with Lana. That was needed, and it shows that Clark's rampage, though possibly somehow (?) forgotten by the rest of the world will not be forgotten in terms of plot by Lana. And that's good, because it forwards a plot I care about. I don't want Clark to be exposed because he did what he did. I don't want him to expose himself in the first place, because that's sloppy writing or filming or editing. But I do want some catalyst to bring us to some motion with Clark and Lana. And now we have it, and thus is good.

I fear that the ramifications of this episode will not be addressed, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, because it was wonderful and entertaining in every other sense. And look, kids! No villain of the week, no Kryptonite inspired chicanery, and no self-contained plot. That's three of four. Great season, so far. Anyone catch the fact that Luthor Sr. installed a stock ticker that a blind man could not see? I thought that was a nice touch... :)

For this and Loeb, I offer a five of five.

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