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Season 10 - Episode 17: "Kent"



Reviewed by: Douglas Trumble

Super Short Summary: Ultraman returns sending Clark back to Earth 2.0. While Clark comes face to face with Jonathan Kent of that world, Ultraman spends his time trying to resume his relationship with his very creepy and willies inducing relationship with the Earth 1.0 version of his adopted sister.

We are BACK and full speed ahead to the epic finale.

This week we return to see Ultraman once again switch places with our beloved Clark and attempt to wreak havoc on the Smallville universe.

The first thing I was impressed about in this episode was the fact that Lois caught on to Clark being a phony very quickly. Sure there were a few minutes where she didn't realize but I was so VERY glad she figured it out within the first shared scene with the doppelganger. That speaks a lot to me especially after that fiasco with Lana and Bizzaro. Tess too was quick on the draw but I think Ultraman kind of went out of his way to reveal himself to her.

As fun as Ultraman's adventures in Kent's shoes was, the meat of this episode was Clark Kent meeting the Earth 2.0 version of Jonathan Kent. The fact our Clark was able to save Papa Kent 2.0 was a nice touch not only for us but as a note in the story. Something that allows the character of Clark Kent to come to peace with mistakes he made with Papa Kent 1.0.

It was interesting to see that Oliver 2.0 and company had basically defeated Ultraman after his return to the world. Sad that Oliver 2.0 was killed by him but not before arming the world against him so I call that a win for Oliver 2.0. I am not all that invested in Smallville's Earth 2 but I do like that it seems the good guys were coming out on top.

Speaking of the good guys, I am forced to say one part of the story I was unsure of and that was the final solution. Is Clark Kent thinking that Jor-El-bot 2.0 will teach Ultraman to be good or trap him in the Fortress similar to when Jor-El-Bot 1.0 trapped Clark Kent there? It was played like he was trying to bring the good out in Ultraman which is all fine and dandy but I did not buy one bit that this evil Clark has seen the error of his ways. I mean he's trying to rape and/or kill his sister. He killed more people than we can count, and he tried to trap Clark Kent in a world that was basically a death trap. I would be thinking that Phantom Zone 2.0 might be more the answer. Sure show Clark Kent giving him the chance to learn but also show us that Jor-El-bot 2.0 was ready with the cell door too.

With that said though it is always nice to see Clark using his head to defeat people with equal powers to him instead of his fists. I know I've said that before and while a throw down fist fight between the Blur and Ultraman would have been awesome that isn't how this Clark does things and realistically that is the smart way of doing that. Those two would have tore the city apart if Clark stood his ground there. He took the fight away from the city and innocent bystanders ASAP and once in the Fortress made his move. I call that a good plan.

One other question I had in my mind briefly was Conner. I know they at least took time to say he was staying with Martha in Washington DC so I give them credit for not forgetting him but I missed something with all the talk about selling the farm. Clark enrolled the Boy of Steel in Smallville High. Sure it's good he's spending time with Martha and stuff but when he comes back for school where is he going to live? In Lois and Clark's Metropolis apartment? The go to apartment above the Talon is gone as far as I know. Not to mention you'd think once they realized that Ultraman was back they would call in mini Clark as back up. I'd certainly give him, Kara, or the Manhunter a call if I were in Tess' or Lois' place.

While I question selling the farm I did very much like the couples moment between Lois and Clark discussing their future living plans. The fact those two came to the realization that they were each other's home was very touching and very real considering one of them can bench press ocean liners.

Interesting fact they are tracking Lionel 2.0 and Tess stopped Ultraman from killing him. The question is was why? Was it some residual empathy for a father she never knew or was she trying to follow Clark Kent's example? Tess via 2 seasons ago would have been glad to have Ultraman doing her dirty work.

A good solid episode that.

WTF Moment of the Week goes to Papa Kent 2.0. Let's talk about Firearm safety for a moment. I get that you lost your house. I get that someone came in with unlimited funds and pretty much purchased your land and home out from under you likely through loans that you had from the bank. I get that. But with that said I do also know that at the very least they would have allowed you to pack your things before you left and while I am sure you had other things on your mind do you really think it was a smart idea to leave a loaded shotgun behind? Obviously the house was abandoned and who knows who might have gone exploring in the place if you yourself had not decided to squat there. High school kids? Drug addicts? Neither of which you would want to end up finding a loaded firearm left behind after everything else was moved out. Seriously Papa Kent. What the Fudge?!

Runner up goes to Lois and the real-estate person discussing the old storied features of the Kent household. Now I seem to remember the place was leveled to the ground 5 years ago or so by a meteor and had to be rebuilt. (After scraping the remains of Jason Teague off the floor). Sure they built it back to original specs and maybe even used a few salvaged parts but there is no way you can call that house anything other than new. The only reason I didn't rip this fact a bit more is I figure Lois was not in the mood to bring that up in the moment but it certainly came to my mind.

So a pretty good start for the final run of episodes. Mostly ties up the Ultraman and Earth 2.0 story with the only exception being Lionel 2.0 who is too big a part of Earth 1.0's story to cut him out just yet. Some quality moments between Clark and Lois and Clark soundly defeats an equal powered foe with mixture of powers and his brains.

I give this one a 4 out of 5.


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