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Episode 19: "Crush"

Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

Well, seeing as this is my 100th review on this site, I think it is ultimately fitting that it is a positive one. I liked this episode, because it had a number of things that a lot of others have lacked recently... namely some kind of development, something of note happening, and a somewhat serious tone. No miraculous jumps of logic (she was stung by bees... she must be a human queen bee!).

There is the fact that the villain was cornball, a kid with a grudge whose grudge suddenly becomes homicidal, and this kid survives, knowing that Clark is invulnerable, and nothing seems to be happening about that. Sigh. Will they ever confront this? Probably not.

But Lionel is set up for what is coming (I read ahead), believe you me, steady readers, you'll love it. And Whitney's Dad died. Top-notch. Not that it's a great thing, don't get me wrong, but SOMETHING PERMANENT happened. Good God. Maybe the show's turning around from its mid-season fall. Kwan. They killed Kwan. That was something. I was sitting there, watching the scene, saying, no way they'll even mar this guy... he's an established character. And BANG! Dead. That's what makes a good plot and a fun episode. Not that they have to kill a guy, that's not what I mean, but I think a plot with something unexpected is great. See Zero.

And finally, finally, FINALLY some writer realizes that we aren't blind (just dumb for allowing ourselves to be strung along for so long-television. Ha.) to Chloe and Lana and puts it all on the table, probably to be left hanging in the season ender. Sigh. Four months of antici----insert Rocky Horror joke here.

The punny jokes around Clark, like the flying joke and the "other galaxy" joke were kitschy but ultimately funny. I liked them.

And call me crazy, call me a rear end, but I thought it was funny when a horseshoe flew off the wall and hit Chloe on the head. Not because I advocate violence against women, but hey, you gotta admit, someone getting hit with a horseshoe can look pretty comical.

The nanny was a silly subplot, but at least it let us see Luthor vs. Luthor again.

My friend said, "Man, the Kent barn just isn't a very safe place to be." Funny. True. I'll never set foot on that set. I might get attacked from all sides.

So here we near the end with a decent episode. For this, I give it 4 of 5, minus one for the horrible villain.

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