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Episode 15: "Nicodemus"

Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

So this episode offers what we all, collectively, as an audience, have been waiting for. Lana dumping Whitney, and going for Clark. Lex showing his true colors, for the first time. And more important... Chloe admitting what we've known all along but not dared to comment on: her crush on Clark. Of course, she says it rather plainly, in Clark's face, but he doesn't catch on. I thought that Superman was a little smarter than that, myself. But then, this is young Superman, so who knows.

It took me this long to make the Hamilton connection that others have made for me, recently that perhaps this man is, in actuality, the father of Emil. After all, Lex Luthor, in the comics, practically owned the services of Emil Hamilton before he went to the light side of the force.

We got to see something else that I've wanted to see for a while... Superman's patented flick knockout. Too bad it was on poor Pete, of all people.

I have mixed feelings about making Lana into a sexpot. I mean, hell, I won't lie. She's an attractive young lady, and I wasn't like, "oh, no, broccoli!" when she stripped her shirt off, but still, I am wondering why a sixteen year old would be exploited in such manner, assuming that Kristin, the actress, is indeed roundabouts that age. I don't know. Can someone email me and tell me, and I'll share it with the world next week, along with more constructive criticism?

I don't like how breaking up with Whitney was just explained away, along with the whole making out scene. It seems that Whitney spends absolutely zero time with Lana, yet Clark is always around. Sorry. Even if the relative has a terminal disease, this is real life. Lana would move on.

The plots are getting better, as are the villains, to a degree, but the character development is stagnating. We know who they are, now, and the writers need to do something about it. The writing can remain top-notch, but if you see the same thing over and over again, well, you get the Midas Touch.

I am impressed with the show taking a step towards making Lex a villain. To date, he has manipulated the truth in the series, even stretched it, but never told a flat out and out lie. He lied straight to Clark in this show, and he called Lex on it. Called it well. I wonder about his motives in slamming Lex to the wall. Makes for interesting thinking. This is what I speak of above with regards to character development. The only person changing and developing around here are Chloe, to minor degree with her infatuation developing, and Lex. Clark started floating fifteen episodes ago. Maybe that should go a little farther. Or a touch of heat vision, maybe. Or something to change his life a little. I mean, he took a shotgun blast. Did he bruise this time?

Regardless, the show was interesting. It kept my attention, and it wasn't a trite, stupid villain of the week. Also, taking Lana so far out of character, while oddly disturbing in ways, was a heck of a flip-flop.

For this, I give this episode 5 of 5.

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