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Episode 13: "Kinetic"

Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

I didn't grow up in a small town, myself, but I have a good friend who spent the entirety of his childhood in a small town, so I've chatted with him about how the social dynamic runs, how the people interact, who turns to crime, etc, etc, etc. So I am not insane, I am pretty sure, when I point out that there is no way that so many people from such a small area could go so evil, so fast. I am sick and tired of the cookie cutter villains in this show, as is almost everyone else who watches. The only thing which saves the show in this respect is the continual promise that it seems to offer that such things may end. Not in this episode, however.

The Lex role, as always, was amazing. Michael has the Luthor gene. It's frightening. If you can get over everyone calling him LuthER instead of LuthOR. OR! As in, "also including", not an affix meaning "one who does this". Heh. Hey, wonder if you can tell I'm an English major.

Yes, Lex plays a pivotal, excellent role in this show. From his partnership with Lana (great cinematography/dialogue/acting/music mix. It brought chills to my arms), to his business secrets, to the way that he nonchalantly handles goons even without Super powers. It would take a lot to make this guy contemptible to me now. I'd even say he's near overshadowing Clark.

Chloe broke her arm. If it's not broken, or at least still in a splint next week, I will rail on that in the review. I can see it coming, and it bothers me. May I eat my words.

Three goons who use the word "bro" all the time don't seem like much of a threat to me. All Clark had to do was say "Brewski" and point to disarm them. They don't make very convincing villains. Sure, they might turn to crime, but really, do you think they would have been intelligent enough to come up with tattoos that make you invisible, but not intelligent enough to make it last longer? I didn't buy them. I'm betting everyone else didn't, either. We tune in for the other characters, right?

I do.

I'd like to tune in for the villains. We've had several good ones. Lex. The cop who tried to make Clark work for him. Pete. But why are they continuing to plot episodes around element powers and some sort of invisibility/invincibility/phasing? It's getting boring, fast.

Next episode promises to deliver a taste of non-villain of the week flavored Clark cream. May they deliver, or woe be to them.

For the villains, coupled with the Lex and Lana factor, this episode was fairly average, and thus gets 3 of 5.

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