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Season 2 - Episode 3: "Cry Wolf"

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

2Rating - 2 (out of 5): This is a complete departure from the Imperiex storyline, which in and of itself doesn't make it a poor episode, but it's not off to a good start. This is better than last season's Timber Wolf-centric episode, but only really due to the action scenes and atmosphere crafted on New Metropolis (which was excellent).

Why is Timber Wolf getting a second episode all about him, when characters like Triplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy and others haven't even had a single episode they were the focus of yet? Sun Boy and Colossal Boy were both in this episode, and others, and have still never even uttered a single word as far as I remember. So why is Timber Wolf getting a second episode already?

And as it's something of a continuation of his previous episode, why did it ignore past continuity and actually repeat the past episode and rip off Marvel comics?

Timber Wolf is now the Incredible Hulk, apparently, which was neither needed or relevant. In the second episode of season one, "Timber Wolf", he destroys his father's lab at the end so that he can no longer experiment on anyone else. Yet here the lab is fine and in working order and Dr. Londo clearly used it to create nanites, clones and bio-golems. Yes, time has passed, but not even a single line about "I thought this place was destroyed..."

No, they won't explain that, but they'll give us tons of Timber Wolf narrating things with some of the most cliché dialogue you'll ever hear.

"My head was pounding like a drum, and with each beat, it was as if something was rising up from the bottom of my soul. Something dark. And angry. And hungry. A part of myself... that I was starting to like."

Wow, welcome to a textbook example of never put dialogue like that into ANYTHING YOU EVER WRITE. That is some stinky cheese right there.

And again, this episode is just a complete rehash of "Timber Wolf" from season one. Dr. Londo is evil and does experiments, Timber Wolf can't control his animal side but then learns to by the end, and instead of Brainiac 5 being by the book and Bouncing Boy being the one who wants to bend the rules to get things done, this time it's Cosmic Boy as Brainy and Kell-El as Bouncing Boy.

It's the very same episode, and the only reason it doesn't get a 1 is because it was just a tiny bit better this time around than last due to animation and direction.

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