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Season 1 - Episode 9: "The Substitutes"

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

I don't say this often, because I personally find shows that don't tie into a mythology or over-arcing story to be something of throwaway episodes. But if they were all this good, I wouldn't mind as much.

This episode was everything I love about this show even though it didn't touch on Mekt, The Fatal Five or Alexis Luthor. There was a lot of good comedy here, a lot of imaginative, light-hearted action, and Starfinger may be the best character I've seen in a cartoon in a long, long time. He's comedy gold.

To anyone who's been on the fence about this show, or who has felt let down by episodes like "Fear Factory" (which I was also very disappointed with), this is why this show is worth watching. Right up there with "Man of Tomorrow" and "Legacy" as the best this season had to offer. Both of those other episodes were Superman-centric, but in this episode Superman was just another one of the team which hopefully tells you just how good I think this episode is.

Superman + more Legion members + comedy + action + continuity = WIN!

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