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Season 1 - Episode 8: "Lightning Storm"

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

I was a little iffy on this episode until the Mekt reveal. From then on I was on board, and I really like the continuity there, especially the direct reference to how Mekt nearly got the President of the United Planets killed.

I like that they tied together and that they're building up a good rivalry between Lightning Lad and Mekt which will hopefully actually lead to something bigger, as Mekt hinted at before leaving.

The Fatal Five were mentioned, which was nice, though I must admit to being a bit disappointed we haven't seen more of them this season. I'm sure they'll be back before the season is over (with Alexis Luthor in tow), but it seemed as if they were introduced as the main villains of the show and right now I think we've seen just about as much of Mekt. Perhaps there's a connection there.

It was good to see a wider variety of Legion members, with Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl finally getting some more screen time and with the (albeit brief) introduction of Colossal Boy.

And as always, and as I've now come to expect, the action sequences were the absolute highlight of the episode. This one wasn't quite as creative as some of the past ones have been, but it was still a highly entertaining battle and just what you'd hope for from a superhero battle (including getting to see Superman kind of cut loose on an opponent of roughly equal strength).

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