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"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" Episode Reviews

Lois & Clark In conjunction with our "Lois & Clark" Episode Guide, the Episode Reviews presented on these pages are designed to give you the Superman Homepage reviewer's opinion on each "Lois & Clark" episode.


After Crisis on Infinite Earths in the comic books lead to one Superman and the John Byrne helmed mini series Man of Steel, we also had a new take on Superman - he was now Clark Kent. Clark Kent was the man and Superman was what he could do.

The Adventures of Superboy was nearing the end of its fourth season and its 100th episode. It was frequently a ratings winner and was one of the first shows that allowed comic book writers to control the direction of a show. Legal ramifications shut production down and gave way a year later to a newer take on Clark.

Where Superboy was a loose continuation of Superman: The Movie, Lois Lane's Daily Planet was being produced by Deborah Joy Levine to be a totally fresh take on the mythos focusing on a woman in a man's world making a life for herself and a career as a journalist - Superman at this point was absent. However when Superboy's cape was yanked from TV, Superman was free to join the cast and with the Man of Steel miniseries as a reference guide Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman premiered on September 12, 1993.

The idea of the show was that people focused on Lois & Clark themselves and only them. The result brought in audiences young and old hoping to see Lois & Clark get married and live happily ever after, with some Superman action thrown in for good measure.

The series spawned a new generation of fans and annoyed a few comic book purists with its twist and turns but ultimately and arguably, Lois Lane and Clark Kent became the hottest couple of the nineties.

Dean Cain - Clark Kent/Superman
Teri Hatcher - Lois Lane
Lane Smith - Perry White
Michael Landes - Jimmy Olsen (Season 1 only)
Justin Whalin - Jimmy Olsen (Seasons 2-4)
Tracy Scoggins - Cat Grant
K Callan - Martha Kent
Eddie Jones - Jonathan Kent
John Shea - Lex Luthor


Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Strange Visitor (from Another Planet)
  3. Neverending Battle
  4. I'm Looking Through You
  5. Requiem for a Superhero
  6. I've Got a Crush on You
  7. Smart Kids
  8. The Green, Green Glow of Home
  9. The Man of Steel Bars
  10. Pheromone, My Lovely
  11. Honeymoon in Metropolis
  12. All Shook Up
  13. Witness
  14. Illusions of Grandeur
  15. The Ides of Metropolis
  16. Foundling
  17. The Rival
  18. Vatman
  19. Fly Hard
  20. Barbarians at the Planet
  21. The House of Luthor

Season 2

  1. Madame Ex
  2. Wall of Sound
  3. The Source
  4. The Prankster
  5. Church of Metropolis
  6. Operation Blackout
  7. That Old Gang of Mine
  8. A Bolt from the Blue
  9. Season's Greedings
  10. Metallo
  11. Chi of Steel
  12. The Eyes Have It
  13. The Phoenix
  14. Top Copy
  15. Return of the Prankster
  16. Lucky Leon
  17. Resurrection
  18. Tempus Fugitive
  19. Target: Jimmy Olsen!
  20. Individual Responsibility
  21. Whine, Whine, Whine
  22. And the Answer Is...

Season 3

  1. We Have a Lot to Talk About
  2. Ordinary People
  3. Contact
  4. When Irish Eyes Are Killing
  5. Just Say Noah
  6. Don't Tug On Superman's Cape
  7. Ultra Woman
  8. Chip Off the Old Clark
  9. Super Mann
  10. Virtually Destroyed
  11. Home is Where the Hurt Is
  12. Never on Sunday
  13. The Dad Who Came in from the Cold
  14. Tempus Anyone?
  15. I Now Pronounce You...
  16. Double Jeopardy
  17. Seconds
  18. Forget Me Not
  19. Oedipus Wrecks
  20. It's a Small World After All
  21. Through a Glass Darkly
  22. Big Girls Don't Fly

Season 4

  1. Lord of the Flys
  2. Battleground Earth
  3. Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding
  4. Soul Mates
  5. Brutal Youth
  6. The People v. Lois Lane
  7. Dead Lois Walking
  8. Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark
  9. Ghosts
  10. Stop The Presses
  11. Twas the Night Before Mxymas
  12. Lethal Weapon
  13. Sex, Lies and Videotape
  14. Meet John Doe
  15. Lois and Clarks
  16. AKA Superman
  17. Faster Than a Speeding Vixen
  18. Shadow of a Doubt
  19. Voice from the Past
  20. I've Got You Under My Skin
  21. Toy Story
  22. The Family Hour

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