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Krypton: Episode Reviews

Season 2 - Episode 9: "Blood Moon"

Reviewed by: Michael J. Petty

Blood Moon Originally Aired: August 7, 2019
WRITTEN BY: David Paul Francis
DIRECTED BY: Cameron Welsh

Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El
Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange
Georgina Campbell as Lyta-Zod
Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em
Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex
Ann Ogbomo as Jayna-Zod
Blake Ritson as Brainiac
Ian McElhinney as Val-El
Colin Salmon as General Dru-Zod
Rasmus Hardiker as Kem
Hannah Waddingham as Jax-Ur

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): This week's episode of Krypton is a stellar penultimate episode that both hits home emotionally and sends us on our way for the final chapter of the season in next week's finale.

So much happened on this week's episode, but let's start with the use of Doomsday. I commented a few weeks ago that the way Krypton has handled Doomsday as both a plot device and a character has been incredible respectful and unique, and I want to echo that in regard to this week's episode. Obviously Dru-Zod will not be able to control Doomsday forever, and with Wegthor's departure from the series this week it's not likely we'll see the creature on the series again. In fact, Wegthor's detonation may be the best catalyst for Doomsday's eventual (and inevitable) arrival on Earth as the explosion could have potentially rocketed the creature all the way into Sector 2814.

Nevertheless, the insane fight between the Black Zero rebels and Doomsday was definitely a spectacle and a joy to see on screen (you know, besides all the blood, guts, and death). It certainly made me wish that the character had had more screen time on Smallville back in the day, or more to do in Batman v Superman a few years ago, but alas, I will settle for his use on Krypton.

The odd revelation that the clone Lyta-Zod and Dev-Em rekindled their "romance" during the time jump between seasons was... Odd and felt somewhat unnecessary. But with Seg-El and Lyta back together, and Nyssa-Vex and Dev-Em pining after the other's affections, it wouldn't be "good television" without relationship drama...

As much as I dislike the weird Lyta/Dev love connection, it not only makes sense but gives Dev-Em a real motivation to be in this fight after losing his role as a Sagitari, and from a storytelling and character development perspective I can appreciate that.

Speaking of awkward love connections... Obviously Nyssa-Vex has been interested in Seg-El since the series began, but her outing her secret this week was actually surprising. Honestly, since I like Nyssa SO MUCH more than Lyta, I'm rooting for this one to work out, but at this point only time will tell. Seg clearly feels very strongly for Nyssa, and since they have a son together already it wouldn't be hard for them to fall for one another and finally get together.

On another note, Nyssa's crazy fight scene just makes me fall in love with her character more. What a badass!

Now, to talk about the more emotional part of this week's episode, Kem's departure. Obviously Kem will not be returning to the series. Unless there's a Kem clone out there, he is beyond dead. Between getting stabbed in the chest by Doomsday and his head being ripped off to Wegthor exploding all around him, Kem is one character who I think we can confirm with absolute certainty that he's dead. And that makes it all the worse. His final moments with Seg were not only gut-wrenching, but were clearly meant to symbolize not only Seg's importance in the future of Krypton (both the planet and series), but also that being "rankless" doesn't make you worthless, a topic explored in more detail last season, but that I believe has been lost this season in the wake of this war with General Zod.

Kem, a character who was defined by his "lack of value to Krypton," a man who wanted nothing to do with high society, class, or anything in between, who was best friends with a man who still strived for those things (or, at least someone who had those things), decides to do the most noble thing and fight for a better tomorrow. There's no doubt that Seg-El will one day tell his son Jor-El about his best friend Kem, who died saving his life and countless others, and there's a real beauty in that.

Finally, Wegthor has been destroyed, which seems to be an almost on-the-nose foreshadowing of Krypton's own inevitable end. That being said, I wonder if Wegthor's destruction may end up playing a part in Krypton's one day... It's unclear how or why at this juncture, but it seems like it could be an interesting possibility. Also, the parallels this week between Val-El and the version of Jor-El that most of us Superman fans know of from the comic books and various spin-off media were astounding. Almost every time Val is on screen, I seem to forget that he isn't Jor-El.

This week's Krypton was a blast, and as I've said before, this show only gets better the longer you watch. Next week's season finale can't come soon enough!

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