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Krypto The Superdog: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 15: Puppy Problems/Switching Sides

Reviewed by: Felix Vasquez

Actors & Roles this episode:
Samuel Vincent - Krypto
Alberto Ghisi - Kevin
Nicole Oliver - Kevin's Mom
Brian Drummond - Streaky the Cat
Tabitha St. Germain - Andrea/Melanie

Puppy Problems

Written by: Ken Koonce and Michael Merton
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

While sleeping in his doghouse, Krypto awakens to be greeted by a signal from the "Dog Stars" and quickly takes off in to space to their home base where he meets up with them. They explain students on a field trip are trapped on an asteroid headed for the sun and they need his help to get them off as they could die without his help. The entire group snaps in to action. They all fly to the asteroid, the alien kids look on as the "Dog Stars" begin prying open the door to the bus. Krypto immediately senses something is wrong with them. Krypto discovers the aliens are really cardboard cut outs and Mekanikat has set up a trap for them. Before they can escape or fight back, Snooky Wookums zaps them with a mysterious device turning them in to puppies without memories of who they are.

He sees an advantage in their memory loss and pretends to be their father and takes them in to his ship taking them under his wing and tricking them in to trusting him. They blast off to Earth, but hilarity ensues as he finds keeping the puppies won't be such a cakewalk as they happen to be really irritating children. He quickly begins losing patience with them as they wreak havoc on the ship, pressing buttons and trampling Snooky. After a number of mishaps, Mekanikat forces them to take a nap and while sleeping, Brainy Dog triggers her powers and each of them discover they have their own. This was actually a pretty fun episode all around as the dogs are turned in to adorable puppies who were unable to control their powers, crashing in to Mekanikat, crushing him with doors. Obviously voiced by some of the cast from "Baby Looney Tunes", it ends up becoming yet another very funny episode of Mekanikat under-estimating the heroes and gets a taste of his own medicine in the end with funny results.

Switching Sides

Written by: Steve Darancette
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

Over at Lexcorp, Ignatius sneaks past the guards and heads back into the secret laboratory to commit some of his dastardly deeds. He's unsure which massive weapons to play with and decides on bubble wrap. But things get scary when he's suddenly met by a mysterious force that begins sliding away all of the weapons in the laboratory under the security's nose, and Ignatius is left to take the heat for the crimes. Krypto, on patrol, is suddenly interrupted by a signal from Ignatius who asks for his help in discovering who framed him, and Krypto uneasily agrees to help him. But things only seem to get more complicated as Ignatius, who now sports a funny purple cape, has made himself a self appointed partner to Krypto, pressuring him into letting him go with him on the case.

They break into the facilities to discover a toy mouse running on its own, which breaks into the building and a swarm of motor mice sneak in to steal the equipment. The two partners hide in a box waiting to be taken to whomever is the culprit and discover it's the dirty deeds of none other than Mekanikat striking again. Krypto goes to look for Mekanikat as he and Snooky prepare to fire their newly constructed weapon on Earth, a weapon they've constructed from the stolen Lexcorp equipment. Krypto confronts Mekanikat who zaps him with the weapons, surprising him with his "stand still" ray. Ignatius goes to save him and things go from bad to worse when they are trapped by the ray. Maybe it's just me, but Mekanikat sure does remind me of that cartoon "SWAT Kats". Remember that really rocking cartoon with the cats in their jet? Well, maybe it's because of the way he's drawn, but whenever I look at him I think back on that cartoon. Mekanikat manages to become the recurring villain that I've been hoping for. He is a thorn in Krypto's side, now if only they could connect the stories, then I'd be in La la land.

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