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Krypto The Superdog: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 17: Superdog? Who's Superdog?/The Good Life

Reviewed by: Felix Vasquez

Actors & Roles this episode:
Samuel Vincent - Krypto
Alberto Ghisi - Kevin
Nicole Oliver - Kevin's Mom
Brian Drummond - Streaky the Cat
Tabitha St. Germain - Andrea/Melanie

Superdog? Who's Superdog?

Written by: Ken Pontac
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

Is it me or are the writer's purposely creating episodes of "Krypto" that bear a correlation to "Smallville"? Krypto shows up on "Smallville", weeks later his cartoon premieres, Clark loses his memory in "Blank", Krypto loses his memory in this episode. Now, sure the whole memory loss thing has become a device for superhero stories, as was seen on an episode of "Spider-Man", and has especially been Superman's story device ala "Legacy", but gosh darnit, the episodes are too close to call it coincidence. Despite the lateness of my review, these episodes were shown too close together, to just call it a coincidence. Not that this is a bad episode, it's actually pretty good. After a neighbor's yard is ruined by a bunch of criminal dogs, Krypto goes to investigate instantly knowing who did it and when he goes to stop the culprits, Mutsy and the down town dogs, Krypto is doused with red kryptonite which instantly makes him lose his memory. Like any good villain, Mutsy convinces Krypto he's on his team and gets him to become his henchman using him to throw off the dog catchers and go around town causing trouble and stealing from butcher shops with Krypto as their number one weapon. I liked the fact that though Krypto was being brainwashed by Mutsy, he had a conscience in the end, especially with the help of the gang member Rosey who was against Krypto's brainwashing from the beginning. While this was a good episode, I keep wondering how much more layered this could have been were it an entire episode.

The Good Life

Written by: John Loy
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

After a botch mission, an angry Tail terrier from the Dog Stars is given an impromptu vacation, but enjoys the good life so much he decides he wants to retire. However he discovers that the grass isn't always greener when he gets a master whose basically uninvolved in his life and basically doesn't want to play with Terrier. But when Mekanikat begins his attack, he discovers he wants to go back in to action after all. I really do like the characterization behind the Dog Stars. While the entire show is limited with the depth behind the characters like Kevin, and Andrea, the show has been focusing on the Dog Stars whom are fun to watch, especially Tail Terrier who can be pretty funny, and we got to see a lot of him who re-discovered what its like to be useful after all as a superhero once again.

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