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Krypto The Superdog: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 10: Puss in Space Boots/Teeny Tiny Trouble

Reviewed by: Felix Vasquez

Actors & Roles this episode:
Samuel Vincent - Krypto
Alberto Ghisi - Kevin
Nicole Oliver - Kevin's Mom
Brian Drummond - Streaky the Cat
Tabitha St. Germain - Andrea/Melanie

Puss in Space Boots

Written by: Kevin Koonce and Michael Merton
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

This was a particularly funny episode this time around and is another episode focusing on Streaky. While flying over Metropolis looking for Krypto, wondering why he hasn't seen him in days, Streaky goes looking for him, asking birds, and everyone he sees, and even looks through all of his haunts including the local meat shop. He gets very concerned and is cornered in an alleyway by the Dogstars whom are intent on capturing him as Streaky tries to run away. He's quickly outnumbered and caught and beamed up to their ship in space with them and they explain that Krypto has been caught on the streets of Metropolis by Snooky Wookums who set him up and weakened him with a Kryptonite collar. She then brought him up to Mekanikat's ship keeping him in a cage and now they need Streaky's help to get him back. Streaky known for being cowardly is finding it very difficult to come up with the nerve but decides to go anyway to get Krypto back and succeeds in corrupting the ship. Meanwhile Mekanikat is holding auditions for his new secret cat agent to help in his new invasion in an "American Idol"-esque method and the rejects continue coming, that is until Streaky makes it in to the space ship and is accidentally confused as an auditioning agent and makes the audition based upon his powerful lungs and ability to sing tone deaf notes at will in a very funny sequence when he belts out tunes for Mekanikat and begins driving him crazy. I really liked the subtle yet clever spoof of Superman as Streaky was suddenly unrecognizable by the villains with a simple eye patch on his face, and then recognizable once it came off, it's a clever little touch added by the writers, and his inevitable saving of Krypto by destroying the cat bots with his painful vocal chords was a funny little ending to a fun episode.

Teeny Tiny Trouble

Written by: Ken Koonce and Michael Merton
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

Ah the immortal story device; the hero or hero's sidekick shrinking down to a small size facing off against man-made obstacles, it's a token of the genre and Kevin and Krypto face the same conundrum here. Kevin and Krypto are playing Frisbee in the park when a small alien craft beams down from space looking on to the planet housing "giants" and begins shrinking things. When Kevin loses his Frisbee behind a bush, the aliens are mistaken for the Frisbee by Krypto and Kevin and taken home. Without any fuel in their spaceship to plot their escape the aliens are frightened by their surroundings. The aliens try to escape and end up zapping Kevin shrinking him down to their size hoping he can help, and find themselves stuck in a mouse trap. As Krypto goes to investigate they get scared and zap Krypto too, shrinking him down as well. Unfortunately for them the ray is crushed under Kevin's little sister's feet and now they must find fuel for the ship or they won't be able to power their on-board shrink ray. The problem is they need sugar for fuel and wouldn't you know it, Andrea is baking a cake with Kevin's sister and retrieving it will prove most difficult. Now, I'm admittedly not a fan of the old shrinkage plots involving the science fiction or superhero genre, so I knew it would come eventually and it did, and the effort wasn't completely unoriginal due to the goofy aliens, and the turbulent crusade to get sugar for the fuel. All around, a basically fun episode which makes good use of an old device.

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