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Season 5 - Episode 4: "Chaos at the Earth's Core"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

Supergirl's Fierce New Costume Causes "Chaos at the Earth's Core"

Few heroes and heroines have had as many different costumes as Supergirl. And perhaps because it has the "S" on it, it's no surprise that so many of Kara's costumes over the years since her 1959 debut in the pages of Action Comics #252 have developed real staying power. There was the "Superman Family" costume with the Daisy Duke short shorts and the blouse with the tiny "S" emblem above her left breast. There was the mini-skirt 1980's look with the Kryptonian headband that she sported at the time of her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. And of course there was, beginning with Superman: The Animated Series introduction, "Little Girl Lost", the animated costume - a cut-off white top (a.k.a. the Britney Spears look), white gloves, and blue short pants.

Supergirl is the "Barbie Doll" of the Superman world. You can't tug on Superman's cape, pull off the red undies, or make the bright red cape a dull maroon (unless you're Bryan Singer - I love riling the "Superman Returns" bashers up) - but you can play dress-up with Supergirl's costume. And really, when it comes down to it, changing her mind about her clothes is a teenage girl's prerogative. So it's no surprise that the most exciting thing about "Chaos at the Earth's Core" is Supergirl's sporty new costume and hairdo (based in large part, of course, on the new old comic book Supergirl's costume). On behalf of comic fans everywhere, let me officially pronounce that she looks absolutely fabulous. Wear it in good health, Kara.

In yet another Superman-less episode, there's lots to keep the Superman fans interested beside just Kara's duds. Metallo returns for the first time since STAS. The Silver Banshee makes her animated debut (and I'd really like to see her scream go up against Black Canary's canary cry). On top of all this, the episode establishes that, at least in Skartaris, bulk green Kryptonite acts an awful lot like it does on TV's "Smallville".

The "B"-story, with Stargirl being jealous of Supergirl, is a lot of fun. Kara isn't trying to be fabulous - she just is - so she's largely unaware of the reasons for Stargirl's hostility. When Stargirl eventually comes around by episode's end, Kara has a new friend her own age - something she's been missing since the moratorium on using Batgirl and the rest of Batman's supporting cast was placed in effect.

I never knew much about Warlord (except that he was the only guy in the DCU with a fu-manchu beard other than Green Arrow Oliver Queen and could have passed for GA's father) but that's no impediment to understanding the episode. Presumably, Skartaris isn't really at the center of the Earth but exists in another dimension accessible through the tunnel to the Earth's core. If there are any Warlord fans out there interested in providing a Warlord 101 - in 50 words or less - I'll edify the masses in an upcoming review and give credit where credit's due.

The next episode is "To Another Shore". The review should appear along with this one as Cartoon Network aired the episodes consecutively. Sadly there's no word yet on when we'll see Kara's brand-spankin' new costume again.

Peace out.

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