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Season 4 - Episode 13: "Epilogue"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

"Epilogue" for Batman Maybe - But Superman Would Have Deserved Better

Somebody thought this was the end of the Justice League.

At some point in the production of this episode, someone must've believed this to be the final episode of the animated DC universe. That would've been a shame for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that "JLU" has taught us that even a cowboy armed with two six-shooters and a Vespa scooter can be interesting. Expanding the cast potentially expands the life of "JLU" and turns it into what could be the first on-screen continuing super-hero soap opera.

The surest sign that this was viewed as the last appearance of the animated universe lies in its closing shot of Batman Beyond winging past the future floating police cruiser. Bat eyed viewers will recognize that scene as mirroring the first shot of the first episode of "BTAS" in 1992, "On Leather Wings" - except there, the bat man doing the winging was Batman's nemesis, Man-Bat.

Had this been the last chance to see Bruce Timm's animated universe, that last shot would have felt right but the rest of the episode would have run completely against the grain of what they've spent this season establishing on "JLU" -- that this show is about a lot more than Batman and Superman.

And where was Superman? Other than a cursory mention of the Man of Steel at the end of the episode, neither he nor the rest of Team Superman are anywhere to be found. Had this been the swan song, it'd have been massively out of tune without Superman (and the rest of the Big Seven too).

Overall, this is a well written, well acted episode. CCH Pounder as Amanda Waller has been a stand-out this entire season and this episode is no exception. But it is ultimately an episode of "Batman Beyond" and a love letter to only the Bat-portion of the much bigger animated universe.

On the SFMWNS, this "Epilogue" ekes out one speeding bullet and only because of the gratuitous reference to "Clark" at episode's end.

Thankfully, 13 new episodes are currently in production of a new season of "JLU". Last week at San Diego Comic-Con, the animated team announced that (spoilers coming - you've been warned) the villains will get the idea next year to do what the heroes did this year, and join up in large numbers as a (say it with me folks) LEGION OF DOOM. Cartoon Network hasn't even begun to think about scheduling this new season yet, but look for that news to be posted right here on the "Superman Homepage". And when those episodes do air, I'll be back too whether you like it or not.

Peace out.

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