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Season 4 - Episode 8: "Hunter's Moon"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

True "Mystery in Space" is Why This Episode Was Ever Called "Hunter's Moon"

"Mystery in Space" was one of those space opera comic book titles that the late 1950's science fiction age ushered in along with the Silver Age superhero resurgence. And that's what my TIVO listed as the title to tonight's episode -- though I know that, when the episode aired a month or so back in Canada, its title was "Hunter's Moon." I like the "Mystery in Space" title a lot better and, frankly, don't quite understand the significance of the title "Hunter's Moon." But sure enough, that's the title they decided to go with in the credits as the episode opened. Well it'll always be a "Mystery in Space" to me.

Superman isn't in this well done follow-up to the three-part "Starcrossed"; but it does deal effectively with the other side of Hawkgirl's split allegiances from her time as the Thanagarian spy in the League - namely, the consequences of her betrayal to her home planet.

Luthor invoked Hawkgirl's name in last week's "Clash" as another example of the League giving someone a second chance. But the disparate opinions of JLU members stated expressly by Vixen and Vigilante and implicitly by GL John Stewart and Martian Manhunter prove Superman's point to Captain Marvel last week that the world isn't black and white enough for people - even super people - to believe anyone's personality can do a 180 from bad to good.

J'onn continues to test Shayera; Stewart puts her on a pedestal out of guilt; Vixen vacillates between jealousy and genuine distrust; and Vigilante still feels betrayed - speaking for the common man -- and thus torn between his JLU responsibilities and his personal feelings over the Thanagarian incident.

On the SFMWNS, this episode gets three out of five speeding bullets. It tells a very necessary story for Hawkgirl and her teammates that indirectly impacts on Luthor's plans for Superman and the League.

Coming next week, the Cadmus storyline returns to the forefront.

Peace out - and, if you haven't seen "Batman Begins" yet, what are you waiting for? Our poor, impoverished friends at Warner Brothers need your nine bucks. Won't you help a corporate executive eat dinner tonight?

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