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Justice League: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episodes 14-15: "Fury"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

Things I Learned While Watching "Fury"

  1. I don't like the Amazons. Their presence is a reminder that Wonder Woman isn't unique.
  2. Mirrors aren't bolted to the walls in secret installations.
  3. Made-up villains like Tsukuri (are you listening Devil Ray?) aren't necessary when there's an entire DCU to pick and choose from.
  4. Batman is always cool thanks to Kevin Conroy.
  5. Cool or not, when facing a pack of super villains, Batman should assume he's facing someone with super powers so he's not bonked off-guard like he was by Fury.
  6. Wonder Woman doesn't need a stick - or perfume -- to beat men off.
  7. Amazon jewelry is a little showy for my taste.
  8. Animated dead zombies love jewels - just ask Grundy.
  9. Amazons say the silliest things to outsiders: "A stranger. Get her!"
  10. The fight between Superman and Fury at the gem depository is proof of the early JL criticism that they intentionally de-powered Superman.
  11. When Superman yells "Stop!", nobody listens.
  12. These first season two-parters really do drag in hindsight.
  13. Amazonian Queens count among their powers the ability to speak to necklaces. There's no other reason I can think of that Hippolyta knew just from looking at the necklace Hawkgirl brought with her to Paradise Island that it belonged to Arisia/Fury. Except maybe an inscription.
  14. When the Amazons insist on solitary meditation, they mean it. This is why Man's World doesn't grant bail to flight risks.
  15. All this advanced thinking and the Amazons haven't even invented a light bulb.
  16. So Arisia's just Kate Winslet in a "Titanic" situation...
  17. There's a difference between nursing someone back to health and endowing them magically with Amazonian strength - too bad Hippolyta didn't realize that.
  18. The presence of books from Man's World in Arisia's quarters gives new meaning to "" - what are shipping charges to a land populated by buxom women? I suppose we could always ask Hugh Hefner.
  19. The League really ought to require flu shots.
  20. Solomon Grundy is a man where it counts - otherwise, he wouldn't have succumbed to the men-only virus.
  21. Batman's a girl, Batman's a girl!
  22. A non-powered Batman pushing a super powered Wonder Woman out of the way of an out-of-control bus is just silly. Hey Bruce, chivalry's dead when the woman is able to bench-press a bus.
  23. So Martian men aren't really men? But Kryptonians and the animated deceased are? All-righty then. (See point #30 below)
  24. Segregation is bad.
  25. It's easy to hate men when you're immortal and don't have to worry about perpetuation of the species and silly things like that.
  26. Anything men can do, women can do better - including cop, firefighter, and military police.
  27. Queen Hippolyta needs a lesson in basic fighting skills, not to mention taking the "enemy" by surprise.
  28. I wanna party with Hawkgirl.
  29. Bla, bla, bla, those Amazons sure can talk.
  30. I'm happy to report J'onn J'onnz is all man. Finally, he succumbed to the allergen.
  31. For a bunch of heroes the majority of whom can fly, they relied on the Javelin way too much in the first season.
  32. Amazonian Queens get into more trouble than Lois Lane.
  33. This idea really should be revisited in the Unlimited setting - what this episode really needed was Supergirl.
  34. Peace out.

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