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Exclusive Interview with Serinda Swan

Superman Homepage Exclusive Interview with Smallville's Zatanna - Serinda Swan

[Date: February 24, 2009]

By Steve Younis

Serinda Swan is the actress cast in the role of Zatanna for the "Smallville" Season 8 episode titled "Hex".

The Superman Homepage grabbed this exclusive interview with Serinda Swan to ask her all about her role as Zatanna, her knowledge of the magical DC Comics character, and a whole lot more.

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Serinda Swan for fitting this interview into her busy schedule.

Q: Firstly, welcome to "Smallville". I'm guessing it can't be easy making an appearance on a show that's now in its 8th season. Was that a daunting aspect for you?

A: It was a bit daunting coming on a show with so many seasons under its belt, and such a solid cast, but with everyone being so welcoming and with Mairzee Almas as the director it wasn't hard at all to feel at home. It's great to finally be a part of the Smallville cast and I had such a blast exploring the character of Zatanna.

Serinda Swan Q: Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your background?

A: I started acting when I was 3 years old. With my father being a theatre director and acting coach, and mother an actress, I was immersed into the acting world at a very young age. I was also heavily involved in gymnastics in later years, which took precedence over anything else, so I lost contact with the entertainment industry until about 3 years ago. My agent actually plucked me out of obscurity while working at a local restaurant as a waitress. I had always wanted to get back into the industry, I just hadn't ever put a game plan together, but with the persistence of my new found agent, and a movie role after my first audition, there was no way I was going back to waiting tables. Since then I have worked on shows like Psych, Reaper, and Supernatural. In upcoming months you can see me on The Break-Up Artist, Desperate Escape, Hostile Makeover, and the new TRON 2.0 movie... Oh wait and most importantly Smallville. I am very excited to be playing the role of Zatanna, not only because I have never played a fantasy inspired role, but the more I research about her the more I love this character.

Q: Were you a fan of "Smallville" previously? Had you watched many episodes?

A: Since one of my best friends broke my TV, I haven't really been following many shows lately, but I did watch quite a few episodes when it was in working order.

Q: Before being cast in the role, did you know of Zatanna?

A: I wasn't familiar with Zatanna, but I have heard of quite a few of the DC Comics characters before. My boyfriend is in the new "Watchmen" movie and he actually plays a DC Comics character, so we have arguments over who has the best superpowers all the time!

Q: I realizeTV leaves little time for preparation, buthave you read any Zatanna comic books stories to prepare for the role?

A: I tried to find out as much as I could through comic book stores, and any and every website I could possibly find. She has such an amazing story, so it was very important to me to keep it as accurate as possible. I was extremely interested to find out that her story was intertwined with the alchemist Nocholas Flamel, which she is a direct descendant of, and that she was involved in the first major comic book crossoverin 1964, where she interacts with Batman and Robin.

Q: Is Zatanna on "Smallville" a hero or a villain?

A: I like to call her "complicated".

Q: Will you be saying spells backwards? If so, how hard was that to do? Or is that done in post-production?

A: I can't give too much away, let's just say that I had some serious speech requirements.

Zatanna Q: What is your costume like? Does your character wear a top hat?

A: I think the fans will be more than happy with the accuracy of the costume.

Q: Do we find out where Zatanna gets her magical powers from? Does her father figure into theepisode?

A: You wouldn't be trying to get any spoilers out of me would you? ;)

Q: Do you have a sense where your character fits in the overallplotting ofthis season of "Smallville"?

A: No, but I sure know that she stirs things up when she gets there.

Q: Other than you and Clark and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), are there any other heroes in your episode?

A: Just the 3 of us, well technically 2.5 after I get my hands on someone...

Q: Would youconsider a return appearance as part of the"Smallville" version of the "Justice League"?

A: Absolutely, I love this character and would be happy to reprise this role again, I mean who wouldn't want to be a sexy magician?

Q: When the show airs in the U.S., will you be watching? Or do you prefer not to watch your own shows?

A: Usually I don't watch, but this is a special one for me so I will definitely be tuning in with the rest of you!

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Serinda for taking the time out to answer these questions for fans of "Smallville".

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