Superman on Television

Exclusive Interview with Michael Daingerfield

Date: June 17, 2004

Michael Daingerfield is the voice actor taking on the role of Superman in the up-coming "Krypto: The Superdog" animated series, scheduled to premiere in April 2005 on the Cartoon Network.

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Michael for agreeing to do this interview, and for fitting it into his busy schedule.


Q: Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your background?

A: I am originally from Toronto. I have lived in Kentucky and went to University (Murray State) there on a tennis scholarship. I am a huge fan of music, I play the guitar and piano. I have my own production company and I am working on a documentary about a homeless shelter that I volunteer at here in Vancouver. My father was into acting on stage and was also on the air as a radio DJ. My great aunt was also an actress in New York and was on television and performed on stage. So I have the show BIZ gene in my blood.

Q: How did you go about becoming a voice actor? What other TV shows/movies have you worked on?

A: I started out in Toronto and put a voice demo together and submitted it to Nelvana. They were one of the biggest producers of animated television series at the time. This was in 1995. I begged and pleaded for the casting director to listen to my tape and after six months of me phoning her to see if she would listen to it, she finally heard it and she loved my voice demo. She said that she would now bring me in for auditions. My second audition with Nelvana was for Ace Ventura Pet Detective, as the voice of Ace Ventura, and I booked it. I was the voice of Ace Ventura. I went on to do other series and then starting doing more on-camera television and films. For instance I was just recently on Smallville, ironically enough, and this summer I am in the upcoming films Catwoman and The Long Weekend, and other tv series such as Touching Evil and Dead Like Me.

Krypto Q: How did the role of Superman on "Krypto: The Superdog" come about for you? Who contacted you to audition for the role?

A: My agent at Lucas Talent told me I had the audition when they were casting here in Vancouver.

Q: How aware are you that you're about to portray an ICON of pop culture?

A: It is a great honor to play the role of Superman. I have loved the character since my childhood.

Q: What was your first reaction when you learned you had won the role?

A: Absolute excitement!!! I wanted to tell my family and all of my friends. And they were just as excited when they heard.

Q: Were you a Superman fan before taking on the role?

A: Yes. I used to watch the Super Friends at the Hall of Justice, it was one of my favorite cartoons.

Q: Superman has been portrayed in animation many times, from the 1940s Fleischer Superman cartoons, to the "Super Friends", "Superman: The Animated Series", and the current "Justice League" cartoons (just to name a few). Which (if any) influenced your portrayal of the character?

A: I think the Super Friends influenced me, because that was my favorite Superman related show.

Krypto Q: Which version of Superman (animated or not) do you appreciate the most and what do you hope to bring to the character?

A: I loved all of the movies with Christopher Reeve, and I loved the Super Friends. I hope to bring an honesty and a vulnerability to the character while showing extreme strength. It is that balance that makes Superman... Super.

Q: Have any episodes been completed? Have you actually started working on "Krypto" yet? If so, what's it like? Do you get along with all the other cast members?

A: Yes we have started the episodes, Superman has only appeared in the first episode so far. The cast here in Vancouver are fantastic. Very talented people. A joy to work with and the voice director Terry Klaussen is great to work with too.

Q: What age groups do you think "Krypto: The Superdog" is most geared towards?

A: I think mostly a younger audience.

Q: What do you think fans will like most about "Krypto: The Superdog"? What are you most proud of about the show?

A: It has great writing and Krypto is a great character. I think people will like all of the animals that show up in the show. I am most proud of being a part of the whole Superman franchise.

Q: What is the relationship between your character (Superman) and the main character (Krypto)? Is he not your pet?

A: Krypto is my pet. I have young boy (Kevin) look after him while I am away saving the world.

Krypto Q: How often can we expect to see Superman appear in the series?

A: Like I said he has only been in the first episode so far, but I expect he'll be back.

Q: In the comic books, Superman is the star and Krypto -- when he appears -- is the costar/guest-star; is it odd playing 2nd fiddle to a cartoon dog?

A: Not really, Krypto is the star and the hero of this series, so I don't mind supporting that.

Q: Can we expect to see other characters from the comic books show up? Perhaps other Superman supporting cast members such as Lois Lane and/or Jimmy Olsen?

A: Lex Luthor is in the show. Other than that I think that's it.

Q: Will we be seeing any classic Superman villains showing up during the series other than Lex Luthor?

A: Other than Lex, I don't know at this point.

Q: Do you know if Cartoon Network has licensed the Krypto property for action figures and other toys such as has been done with "Justice League" and "Teen Titans"?

A: I'm not sure.

Q: What do you think it is about a white flying dog in a red cape that has made Krypto a lasting icon of his own?

A: I think all things have the ability to be Super. So why not a flying dog named Krypto?

Q: Thank you for allowing me to interview you! I appreciate you giving of your time.

A: No problem, take care!

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