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Interview with "Smallville" Actor Kristin Kreuk

Titan Magazines contacted the Superman Homepage to pass on an interview with Kristin Kreuk (who plays Lana Lang in the hit TV show "Smallville") as a preview for what we can expect from the release of the "Smallville Yearbook" which goes on sale on May 25, 2004.

Kristin Kreuk Kristin Kreuk on auditioning for the role of Lana Lang:

Often for auditions, actors are sent a sample scene to look at before they go in. These "sides" may be taken from the actual script, or specially written for the audition. In the case of Smallville, it turned out to be a combination of both. "I was sent some sides for this TV show called Smallville, which had a 13 episode pick-up". I was recorded on tape, and that went down to the producers in Los Angeles. They liked it and asked me to come down and test for them. That was okay, because I was going to head down that way anyway - there was a movie I was up for at the same time, so there were two things I could test for. I decided to test for the pilot, and they liked me, and then I tested for the network. I went out of the room after finishing that and five minutes later David Nutter, who directed the pilot, came out and asked if I'd like the part. It was very simple."

Kristin Kreuk explains Lana's relationship with high-school football jock Whitney Fordman:

She was with him because she really did love him. I think that he was supportive of her, and he loved her intensely. They had fun together, and she's known him for a long time, so they had this friendship." But I think that as the first season progressed, and as her relationship with Clark progressed, she realized that she didn't think it was right for her to be with him. But all these obstacles kept getting thrown in her way. She doesn't know what to do. There's a guy that needs her, and can she actually do this to him - actually leave him in his time of need? No, she can't. Obviously, that was the way the show had to work - we have to keep Clark and Lana apart as long as possible."

Kristin Kreuk Kristin Kreuk on Lana's friendship with Clark:

By the end I think it'll come to a point where the two of them can actually have that kind of relationship - it'll be a friendship where she can accept everything about him, and be supportive of him. She can be his confidante. I like that idea - he can tell her who here ally is, but they can't be together. I think Lana will always love Clark - he'll always be the love of her life. So I think they can have a happy ending, just not in a romantic sense necessarily." She shrugs and grins again. "That's what I hope their relationship will be: I don't know what the writers are planning."

Kristin Kreuk on the direction of season three:

Kristin thinks that season three has "taken a very different direction, which I think was a natural progression from the first two. It's really interesting, but it's definitely not the Smallville you saw in season one. When I was watching some of those episodes last year, I thought, 'Wow, everyone was so innocent,' and they're not anymore, by any means."