Superman on Television


By Dan Patterson and Craig Byrne

Mike Carlin did one. John Byrne did one. Roger Stern did one. And sure, it was fun interviewing and printing interviews with the makers of the Superman comics, but we know what you REALLY wanted to see is an interview with someone more directly related with "Lois & Clark." Luckily, one kind soul was nice enough to let us do an interview. On TV, she's known for her costume-making expertise and her love for her family. In real life, she is also known for being a wonderful person with her friends and her family. So here it is, an interview with "Martha Kent" herself, K CALLAN!!!! (It wouldn't be fair for ONE of us to conduct the interview, so questions came from both of your Krypton Club co-presidents, Dan and Craig)....

CRAIG: What was your first role in your television or movie career?

K: The first movie I ever did was a film called "Joe" starring Peter Boyle. It was my first film as well as Susan Sarandon's.

DAN: What do you enjoy doing when you're not acting?

K: I like to cook. I like to have people over. I build things. Mostly I am impatient and when I want something, I can't wait, so I end up making lots of things whether from fabric or wood. Not great, but it works. I also am an author. I have 5 titles that are show biz reference books...about getting agents and making your career happen. They are for actors and writers and directors. I also have a party book called "The Life of the Party" which has lots of specific parties from invitations, to food to activities (they are all based around fun things to do). There is an idea for every day of the year.

CRAIG: Are K Callan and Martha Kent anything alike?

K: Very much alike. I've been practicing on my own kids in order to be prepared to play Martha!

DAN: Have you ever or would you ever like to play an evil character?

K: A few years ago I played a kinda bad mom on "Quantum Leap." I've never played anyone really a murderer or anything. I think it would be fun.

CRAIG: How many hours a day, on average, are spent filming "L&C?"

K: 4-6 hours when we shoot, but frequently, we only work one day...when we only have one scene.

DAN: How familiar were you with the Superman legend before "Lois & Clark?"

K: Well, I named my first cat "Lois Lane." That must mean something.

CRAIG: We've all heard about the "first impressions" of when Teri met Dean. What did you think when you first met your "TV husband" Eddie Jones?

K: Eddie and I hit it off right away. We have the same agent, so we already felt like we were family.

DAN: If you could work with any actor or actress in the world, who would it be and why?

K: Geez, this is hard and requires thought (particularly is God is listening and is going to grant my wish.) I'd really like to work with Alan Rickman. I love his work. I'm crazy about Bette Midler. I'm a fan of Barbra Streisand's entrepreneurialness. I'd sure like to work with DeNiro. There are so many actors who move me and/or inspire me. I'd just like to stand next to them.

CRAIG: What is your favorite scene that you've ever filmed doing "L&C?"

K: Making Clark's Superman costume in the pilot, followed by the scene with Lois a couple of weeks ago.

DAN: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an actress?

K: I think the biggest challenge any actor faces is the rejection. Learning to deal with that is an ongoing thing. No matter how far along you might get, there is always someone who won't see you or a part you won't be able to play because you're not famous enough, pretty enough, young enough...whatever.

Thank you K for this wonderful opportunity!

(this interview was originally published in The Krypton Club Newsletter #50 on September 28, 1995)