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Young Justice

Young Justice

Season 1

Many thanks to Isaac Frisbie for writing up each summary for this season's "Young Justice" Episode Guide. Thanks also to Barry Freiman and Jon Wilson for additional assistance.

Episode Guide

This guide does not list airdates for repeat showings.


  1. Independence Day - Summary
  2. Fireworks - Summary
  3. Welcome to Happy Harbor - Summary
  4. Drop Zone - Summary
  5. Schooled - Summary
  6. Infiltrator - Summary
  7. Denial - Summary
  8. Downtime - Summary
  9. Bereft - Summary
  10. Targets - Summary
  11. Terrors - Summary
  12. Homefront - Summary
  13. Alpha Male - Summary
  14. Revelations - Summary
  15. Humanity - Summary
  16. Failsafe - Summary
  17. Disordered - Summary
  18. Secrets - Summary
  19. Misplaced - Summary
  20. Coldhearted - Summary
  21. Image - Summary
  22. Agendas - Summary
  23. Insecurity - Summary
  24. Performance - Summary
  25. Usual Suspects - Summary
  26. Auld Acquaintance - Summary


"Independence Day/Fireworks"

On the Fourth of July, sidekicks and their mentors fight freeze villains in separate cities: Batman and Robin versus Mr. Freeze; Green Arrow and Speedy versus Icicle; Aquaman and Aqualad versus Killer Frost; and Flash and Kid Flash versus Captain Cold. Each sidekick is excited for the day because it's the day they're taken to the Hall of Justice to see where the Justice League operates. When they arrive, Speedy gets angry at Green Arrow and the other mentors claiming there's a space satellite where the JLA really meets and that this isn't the day they were promised - a first step on becoming JLA'ers themselves. Speedy departs angrily.

Superman calls into the Hall of Justice to report a fire at Project Cadmus. Then John Zatara calls in with a bigger crisis so the heroes converge on Zatara ordering the sidekicks to remain behind. Naturally they head to Project Cadmus.

After helping scientists up top trapped by the fire, the heroes head down into the real Cadmus, a genetics lab run by Dr. Roland Desmond with the assistance of Dubbilex and the Guardian. Robin discovers that Cadmus is using genetics technology to create an army of genomorphs which seem to have mind control capabilities.

The Guardian is sent to investigate the intruders. He's ordered to take his genomorph with him which controls his mind and has him attack the young titans. Robin leads Aqualad and Kid Flash down into the core of Cadmus where they find Project Kr (atomic symbol for Krypton), a young teenage clone of Superman. They find out from the computer records that this Superboy has been grown in 16 weeks, wears a suit that is absorbing yellow solar radiation to power him, and has three genomorphs feeding him an education.

Outside the lab for Project Kr, Guardian, Dubbilex, and Dr. Desmond try to get the door open. Desmond has his genomorph contact the ones educating Superboy and they awaken the Boy of Steel who in turn attacks the teen heroes.

Dr. Desmond consults with the "Board of Directors" of Cadmus - the Light - and they advise Desmond to clone the teen heroes and dispose of the originals. The clones can then be controlled.

Meanwhile, the incapacitated and incarcerated Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad get to know Superboy. He tells them he's been created to replace Superman should he die and to take him out should he ever turn against the Light. While the genomorphs have educated the Boy of Tomorrow, he's never seen the sky or any of the things he's learned about. They tell Superboy that they can show him the sun and the moon and even introduce him to Superman. Desmond comes in and tells the heroes what's about to happen to them. Desmond orders Guardian to put "the weapon" - Superboy - back in his pod. Aqualad pleads with him for his help. Desmond places the genomorph on Superboy's shoulder and he mindlessly goes back to his cell while the titans' memories are being painfully downloaded out of them in preparation for their cloning.

Aqualad whispers to Superboy that he has a choice and asks him to ask himself "What would Superman do?" This gets the Boy of Steel's attention. Superboy frees the heroes. Dr. Desmond drinks the genomorph formula turning into Blockbuster. Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad fight Desmond and the genomorph army and win. Superboy gets outside in the open air for the first time just as the Justice League arrives on the scene with Superman. Superman is uncomfortable with his clone and makes excuses and flies away.

The League begins to tell the young heroes how they acted against orders but the teenagers decide to stay together as a heroic group dedicated to Young Justice with the League's begrudging acceptance and on the JLA's terms. Those terms are that Young Justice will work out of the JLA's original Secret Sanctuary, that Batman will issue assignments, Black Canary will train them, and Red Tornado volunteered to live with them. The Martian Manhunter introduces the team to their newest teen member, his niece, Miss Martian.

Back at Cadmus, Guardian has taken control of a "kindler, gentler" Cadmus. But the Light - whoever they really are - are really still in control.

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"Welcome to Happy Harbor"

Speedy fights Green Arrow villain Brick. Young Justice shows up. After defeating Brick, the team offers Speedy team membership. He turns them down.

The team moves into their new headquarters and operational base in a mountain sanctuary in the sleepy seaside town of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. This is the former headquarters of the first incarnation of the Justice League of America. The JLA eventually abandoned this headquarters due to its being infiltrated by bad guys - specifically the Joker, who in Justice League of America #77 tricked honorary member Snapper Carr into betraying the League and revealing the location of their headquarters. Because the location is known to be public by the villains, the idea of putting the kids there is it's the last place anybody would look for them.

The supers all share their secret identities. All except Robin. Kid Flash is indeed Wally West.

Miss Martian uses her telepathic abilities as a form of communication. Superboy, after the experience of being mentally manipulated for the first 16 weeks of his life, gets very angry at what he considers an invasion of privacy. Miss Martian also realizes that the team's 'mentor', the Red Tornado, as an artificial life form, has no mind that her telepathic abilities can reach.

Miss Martian shows the boys her Martian ship. The kids go to check out the town where they are faced with Mister Twister, a villain who is capable of forming tornadoes. When Miss Martian is unable to read Mister Twister's mind, she assumes it's really Red Tornado in disguise testing the team. As a result the team lets their guard down and are quickly defeated. Superboy feels Miss Martian misled them as do the others. The boys go off after Mister Twister leaving Miss Martian behind.

Miss Martian has an idea and uses her telepathy to convey it. Suddenly the boys are interrupted by Red Tornado. He orders them to back off. Reddy and Mister Twister fight and Reddy is seemingly knocked out (or the robot equivalent thereof). Mister Twister's hands convert to wires and he is about to reprogram Reddy. But it isn't Reddy at all - it's Miss Martian in disguise and she and the team work together to take Mister Twister out.

Miss Martian smashes the guy who falls out of Mister Twister - but that guy is also a robot. Elsewhere, bad guys are on the hunt for Red Tornado - it appears to be Reddy's creator T. O. Morrow and his assistant Brom (more on Bromwell Stick in the episode review). They were on the hunt for Red Tornado and plan to continue their quest.

Finally, Superboy apologizes to Miss Martian.

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"Drop Zone"

In Santa Prisca, Kobra has invaded Bane's operations, but Bane is given the opportunity to fight for their freedom by going up against Kobra's champion. Bane is given a dose of his Venom serum to bulk up for the fight. The "champion" is a short scrawny kid, but he also takes some sort of serum and, more than bulking up, he is swollen in size and musculature to become a raging monster (Mammoth) who is able to thrash Bane with ease.

Batman has learned that shipments of Venom out of Santa Prisca have been cut off and sends the Young Justice team on covert recon purposes only. Robin wants to know who is in charge, but they are instructed to work that out for themselves. The team deploys on the island, with Aqualad taking an underwater route to reach and disable island alarms. The rest of the team approaches the base on land, but Robin goes too far ahead, pulling a Batman disappearance when he's presumably trying to take up the leadership position. Superboy, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian come across a fight between Bane's men and the Cult of the Kobra. Though the team tries to hide and observe, Kid Flash slips in the mud and slides right into the midst of the fray. Both sides begin firing at him, but he dodges the bullets with super speed. The rest of Young Justice move in and start taking out both the Kobra Cultists and Bane and his guys. Aqualad rejoins the team during the fight.

The team has everyone tied up and Kid Flash and Robin argue over who should be leader. Superboy and Miss Martian stay out of the argument and have a little moment together, where Superboy makes it clear there are no hard feelings from the events of last episode. Bane decides to take advantage of the situation and offers to help them by showing them a secret entrance to the installation. Miss Martian reads his mind and verifies he's telling the truth but that he's hiding something. But when he starts mentally reciting fútbol scores en español, she can't figure out what the "something" might be. The team agrees to go with him.

The team enters the factory in secret, and Robin and Kid Flash dash off ahead (again) to find out what's going on. They discover a computer room, where they are able to determine that Kobra is combining Venom with the Blockbuster formula from Cadmus to make a more potent solution with permanent effects. Meanwhile, Kobra's buyer arrives for the new Venom, and Miss Martian observes the exchange invisibly, mentally conveying the buyer's image to Aqualad, who identifies him as Sportsmaster.

At this point, Bane decides a more forward approach is needed. He attacks the Kobra Cultists. Mammoth attacks Aqualad and Superboy, and the rest of the team comes to assist. Miss Martian links them all telepathically, and Aqualad coordinates everyone's efforts. They get away through the secret tunnel they used to infiltrate in the first place. After causing a cave-in to prevent pursuit, the team pauses a moment and elects Aqualad leader, to which he agrees until Robin is ready to take over in his stead.

Bane shows up and attempts to catch them in an explosive trap, but Kid Flash's super speed gets him the detonator, and Miss Martian telekinetically drops him right into Superboy's fist.

The final action scene is a thoroughly coordinated team effort with no single hero taking on any one antagonist. Sportsmaster seems to get away, but Miss Martian uses Bane's only explosives and remote detonator to destroy his vehicle, with Sportsmaster parachuting to safety. Kobra also escapes, and the Venom factory is left in flames.

Back at Mount Justice, Batman gives them kudos on how they adjusted to the situation and their choice of leader, amidst his criticism at having gone so far off the objective. Sportsmaster reports back to the Light with his one ampoule of super Venom.

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In a scene reminiscent of the Superman saving the bus scene in "Superman: The Movie" Superboy is rescuing a school bus teetering off a bridge and Superman flies in to finish the job. Clearly he's still uncomfortable around his clone. In the distance Bruce Wayne watches and he calls Superman to meet up with him.

At Young Justice headquarters, Black Canary is there to train the heroes but Superboy wants no part of it. When Black Canary challenges him he's easily taken down by the more experienced hero.

Batman phones in and tells the team he wants them to guard two shipments by truck one to Boston and one to New York of Professor Ivo's Amazo robot. The Young Justice team head out after the two trucks - Superman spies Superboy with his X-ray vision and readies to fly off but Batman stops him and tells him they need to talk.

While following the trucks, green robot monkeys attack the truck. The heroes engage the green robot monkeys. But the monkeys get away with their haul of Amazo's halves. But Robin devises a way to follow them.

Bruce and Clark sit in a diner and Bruce urges Clark to take a role in his "son's" life. Clark is antagonistic and defensive. He gets up and takes his pie to go.

The flying monkeys converge the two shipments on a train to Gotham. Superboy flies off solo and faces off with Ivo in the train. The green robot flying monkeys attack. When Superboy is knocked off balance Ivo confronts him and he's re-activated Amazo!

Amazo and Superboy fight - Amazo is the one-man Justice League (or is that one-robot Justice League). He super-decks the Boy of Steel and sends him flying.

Robin and Kid Flash race into Gotham while Amazo battles Superboy at Robin's school - Robin in a momentary glimpse re-confirmed to be Dick Grayson.

Robin and Kid Flash join Superboy in fighting Amazo but he is using the powers of multiple Justice League members in succession to overpower the younger heroes.

Suddenly an arrow flies in out of nowhere to free a trapped Robin. The heroes use the opportunity and gain the upper hand and defeat the robot.

Back at Young Justice headquarters in Happy Harbor, the team accuse the JLA of setting them up because they were being followed the entire time by the League or Green Arrow would not have sent an arrow to free Robin. Green Arrow shows it wasn't his arrow. The team realize it was Speedy looking out for them - or so they think.

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Dr. Serling Roquette is in a building on Infinity Island working on a computer program and is being pursued by the League of Shadows. Before she can finish the program and take it, Red Arrow rescues her, and the League of Shadows is able to take her finished work and use it for their own means. We find out the research is nanobot technology that takes the form of a fog that can infiltrate any secure location and download whatever information is available and destroy anything in its path.

Back at Mount Justice the team is introduced to a new team member, Artemis. Wally believes her to be a weak replacement for Speedy (now calling himself Red Arrow).

Red Arrow explains that Dr. Roquette was forced to work on the nanobot technology for the League of Shadows.

The team discovers that the League of Shadows have already downloaded information and destroyed one of Cadmus Labs' facilities and are planning to use the fog to download sensitive information from WayneTech enterprises. Dr. Roquette has a plan to create a virus to destroy the nanobots but needs protection because she will have to go online thus putting her at risk. Superboy and Robin go to WayneTech, while the rest of the team stays with Dr. Roquette.

Dr. Roquette is able to complete the virus as the team protects her from the League of Shadows. Right as the nanobots are about to download the WayneTech information the virus is released just in time to destroy the nanobots.

One of the main villains of this episode is fleeing from Artemis, and after a brief fight, Artemis is able to remove the female's mask. Artemis clearly recognizes her, and the female villain tells Artemis that she cannot tell anyone who she truly is or else she will be forced to reveal Artemis' secrets to the rest of her newfound teammates.

Artemis is confronted by Red Arrow, who tells her he knows that her cover is a fake and then warns her to not hurt his friends.

It is also revealed to the leader of the League of Shadows from the Light that there is a mole within the group of young heroes.

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This episode starts with Kent Nelson walking down a street in New Orleans. He goes into a psychic's shop whose name is Madame Xanadu. She claims to be talking to his wife and he knows it's a sham and he calls her on it. He is then taken hostage by Abracadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy.

Back with the young team, Superboy and Aqualad are training when Red Tornado comes in and offers Young Justice a new job, to find Kent Nelson who has gone missing.

When they go to investigate, Aqualad uses a secret key given to him to open up an invisible tower. The team enters and a hologram of Kent appears asking them who they are. Wally (who is trying to impress Megan by pretending to be interested in all things mystical) announces that they have come to learn more as true believers. The floor opens beneath them into a lava pit. Megan saves them by stating their true purpose, which is being sent by Red Tornado to find Kent. The floor opens beneath them (which was supposed to be covering lava) into a snow ridden tundra. Wally admits he doesn't believe in anything that science can't explain and that there is always an explanation.

The team comes upon Kent Nelson's cane and Wally and Artemis grab it at the same time and it transports them to Kent, who is being lead through this same tower by Klarion and Abracadabra. Kent flies to the cane and then creates an elevator which takes the three of them to a room with a giant bell in it. Everyone arrives in the room simultaneously, including villains, and as Kent hits the bell with his cane, he has Wally with him and Klarion flies into the bell at the same time. The bells vibrations transports the three of them (four if you count Klarion's cat) to the top of the tower where the helmet of Dr. Fate is located.

As Kent goes for the helmet, Klarion shoots a burst of magical energy and knocks him down. Kent is able to erect a bubble of protection around them and tells Wally to take a leap of faith and put on the helmet. Wally hesitates but puts on the helmet and he then enters the helmet as Nabu takes over, since he is the true owner of the helmet and uses humans as a conduit through which he is able to enter this world.

After Nabu/Dr. Fate enters the fight with Klarion, they fight and Dr. Fate gets knocked around a bit and realizes that Klarion, like Nabu, needs a physical connection to this world in order to be here and it's the cat. He then incapacitates the cat, which forces Klarion to leave this plane of existence.

Nabu tells Wally that because Kent has kept him hidden for so long and not used the helmet, he will use Wally so he can bring order back to the world. Kent convinces Nabu that he is not a worthy successor and tells Nabu he will keep him company and stay in the helmet. Nabu accepts. The episode ends with Wally putting the helmet of Dr. Fate on a shelf next to Kobra's hood, Artemis' arrow, and Cheshire's mask. Artemis asks Wally if he now believes in mystical things and Wally responds jokingly that it's only a souvenir. She walks off frustrated and then Wally starts asking Megan out.

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The team is fighting Clayface and they aren't as smooth as normal. Batman pulls Aqualad aside after the mission to tell him that he was not focused and not fully there with the rest of the team. Batman gives him an ultimatum: Either be a part of the team, or leave.

Aqualad decides to go home to Atlantis to think about things. He runs into two old friends, Garth and Tula. His activities are parsed with the activities of the other team members.

Robin is frustrated about Batman not including him in the discussion with Aqualad. Batman plays basketball with him for "hand-eye coordination". Wally is having dinner with the entire speedster family, including his uncle Barry Allen. Artemis is accepted into Gotham academy and decides to please her mother and go, despite initial hesitations. Megan and Superboy are cooking and enjoy what appears to be a brief romantic interlude, but nothing is seen.

Meanwhile Black Manta is planting explosives throughout Atlantis, planning an assault. After Aqualad (who's name is revealed to be Kaldur'ahm) talks with Tula, she confesses that her and Garth are in a relationship. While they are speaking they are away from the city and they see the explosions go off. Fighting commences in the city with Mera and many others unable to communicate with Aquaman because communications are crippled. As they are fighting, Tula is shot, but not killed.

Aqualad and Garth go inside to the Science Center. Previously in the episode scientists were studying an echinoderm that was alive despite being encased in ice for thousands of years. This location was the only location that was not blown up, which is what led them here. They both fight Black Manta and his henchman and eventually overtake them. Black Manta is able to escape and destroy the giant echinoderm stating that if he couldn't have it, no one could.

Afterwards, Aqualad takes what remains of the echinoderm to the surface to be studied by scientists above. He goes back to Batman and states he is ready to be a part of the team.

The final scene shows Black Manta talking to the conglomerate (the unseen white screened villains) that he was forced to go to plan B. They are nonetheless pleased and tell him he performed well.

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The episode starts out with Megan in the desert by herself, not knowing who she is or where she is at. She has no recollection of even being a member of Young Justice. She is then attacked by Superboy, who clearly does not remember her at all.

Robin is by himself somewhere else in the desert. He evades some soldiers when he decides to contact Batman but remembers Batman telling him to maintain radio silence, so he holds off. He also finds out from his computer watch that he is in Bialya.

Kid Flash and Artemis wake up next to each other, not recognizing each other, the same as the others. When Kid Flash asks her why she's in the Green Arrow costume, she states it was probably a test from her dad and she was probably sent to kill Kid Flash. They are attacked by tanks, when Superboy comes in and attacks them at that time. Superboy is then angered by the tanks and goes after them. Superboy is captured by Psimon using mind powers.

Megan saves Wally and Artemis from remote fighter drones. Wally presses Artemis about her father sending her to kill them, and she says she was just remembering a ninja movie and brushes him off. Megan joins minds with Robin, Wally, and Artemis to piece together the fragments of their memory. They were sent by Batman to Bialya to investigate an extraterrestrial energy source. The Justice League cannot investigate because it's not legal for them. They also remember that Aqualad is still in the desert and they go to retrieve him. He has to be hydrated before they can try to open into his mind but Megan tells them that Superboy is being tortured and needs her help. She goes to help Superboy while the rest carry Aqualad to find water.

Megan goes to the tent where the group of bad guys have captured Superboy and are electrocuting him and the alien life form, a giant metal ball that is groaning from pain. Megan goes to rescue him but is stopped by Psimon. They do psychic battle where she realizes she was investigating before and had her memory wiped. Because she was linked to the rest of the team, their memory was wiped as well, 6 months back. So that's why they didn't remember anything.

While Megan and Psimon battle, the sphere breaks loose and frees Superboy. Megan restores Superboy's memories and she is able to use her psychic ability along with his to defeat Psimon. They take the sphere back to the ship where Aqualad has been revived and the team is back to normal.

Psimon reports to the Consortium (bad guys on TV screens whose faces you cannot see) that Superboy and the Sphere were both taken. One of the Consortium's members tells him that it is ok, that this has demonstrated a successful test of a delivery system, and that future developments of it will compensate for their losses.

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The episode begins with Cat Grant at the peace summit where the fictional countries of North and South Rhelasia are to sign an accord to begin the peace process between the two countries. Red Arrow is there in disguise. He contacts Aqualad to get information on Cheshire, who is there. As Cheshire is about to shoot a rocket, Red Arrow diverts her with his arrow. She is captured.

Shortly afterwards the arbitrator for the Peace Accord shows up and it's Lex Luthor. Red Arrow confronts Lex Luthor and expresses his distaste of him being there. He is only there for his own gains. As they squabble, Red Arrow begins asking about Cheshire and who she is and why she was there. Lex offers to pay him money to look into it, and Red Arrow balks, because he does not want to be associated with Luthor's money. Red Arrow ends up looking into her on his own.

We are then back at Young Justice Headquarters where Superboy and M'gann M'orzz are going to go to school. M'gann has decided to go by the name of Megan Morse and has also altered her form to look human. Between her and Martian Manhunter, they give Superboy the name Conner Kent.

Red Arrow is at the prison where Cheshire is being held. He tries to get information about who hired her and she is evasive. An explosion erupts behind her and Sportsmaster is there to take her away on a helicopter. Red Arrow manages to catch up to them from the roof of the jail with an arrow with rope on it, but he is cut loose before they go too far. His arrow, though had a secondary use of being a tracking bug. He follows the helicopter to find out that Ra's Al Ghul is controlling Cheshire. He is discovered and chased by Sportsmaster and Cheshire and forced to jump off a building into an adjacent body of water.

Back at Happy Harbor, Megan and Conner are getting used to the school experience. Conner stops a boy on a skateboard by picking him up. Kids nearby with various Justice League related shirts come to the kid's defense and Conner lets him go due to Megan's mental promptings.

At the Peace Accord, Lex decides to unite the two cultures using their mutual love of tea. He has teas brought to the delegation, but it's Cheshire and the tea cart she is pushing has a bomb. However, her move is anticipated by Red Arrow and Aqualad. Aqualad creates a barrier of water to protect the delegates and Red Arrow shoots an explosive arrow into the cart to explode it before it gets past the water barrier. The barrier barely holds and more bad guys show up and begin fighting with the guards at the delegation.

The scene then switches back to Happy Harbor where Megan is trying out for the Cheer Squad. They have a brief hazing ritual where they dump water on her, but welcome her to the group.

Back at the peace accord, Sportsmaster is fighting with Aqualad and he reveals to him his knowledge of a mole in their group. Cheshire and Sportsmaster escape but one last assassin breaks through to the two nations' leaders to kill them but he is shot down by Mercy Graves' robot arm. Red Arrow and Aqualad strike their own peace accord showing respect for each other.

*Spoilers* - The final scene shows both Ra's and Lex celebrating together over the peace treaty being signed and how it will be run by Lexcorp, and The Light.

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Superman and Martian Manhunter are in Louisiana fighting the Terror Twins. The villains are beaten and Superboy and Miss Martian take on their identities for a secret mission to Belle Reve Penitentiary, a prison for super-villains. Their mission is to discover why the world's most dangerous ice villains (Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Icicle Sr., Icicle Jr., and Killer Frost) are all being held there at the same time.

Amanda Waller is the warden and is extremely strict with all of the inmates and boasts of the prison's perfect record for not allowing a single escape. She is joined by Hugo Strange. All inmates are fitted with collars that suppress their powers, however they are unaware that the collars aren't perfectly attuned because they were meant for the Terror Twins, so it only suppresses their strength. Miss Martian and Superboy are still able to communicate telepathically. The collar is also able to deliver a high voltage electric shock as an extra measure.

Superboy is roomed with Icicle Jr., and is able to form a bond with him. Superboy relates to Icicle Junior's father issues because they are similar to his issues with Superman. Superboy gets into a fight with a few of Icicle Sr.'s cronies while defending Jr. Professor Ojo is about to call Superboy out because he recognizes him, but is blasted by a mental wave from Miss Martian making him say that he is Tommy Terror.

The Terror Twins (Superboy and Miss Martian) go to a therapy session with Dr. Strange. Superboy accuses M'gann of being out of touch with reality. She obviously did not like his comment.

The two find out that there is a massive prison break taking place. Miss Martian is discovered by Killer Frost and is frozen. Superboy meanwhile has managed to convince Icicle Jr. to convince his father to shut the collars off of every inmate. This actually shocks all of the inmates, keeping them from breaking out. Mr. Freeze catches up to confront Icicle Jr. and Superboy, but is unable to defeat the both of them and Icicle Jr. still doesn't know who Superboy really is. But after Superboy discovers Miss Martian (as Tuppence Terror) frozen in ice he is able to communicate with her and the ice she is in unexpectedly breaks and she is still alive. Her and Superboy make out and her true identity is revealed to Icicle Jr. He realizes he is going to be in a lot of trouble with his father.

Hugo Strange replaces Amanda Waller at the end as Warden and is seen congratulating Icicle Sr. that despite one breakout (Edward Nigma) their objectives (still unknown at this time) will please The Light.

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(Flashback to Artemis' youth). Artemis' sister is leaving, Artemis is clearly distraught. The scene then switches to present day where Artemis' mom prompts her to get ready or she'll be late for her first day of school. Then we see Dick Grayson at Gotham Academy who flirts with Artemis but she doesn't recognize him. His friend Barbara asks Dick who the girl is and he tells her he was just trying to be friendly.

Superboy and Miss Manhunter are making out at The Cave and are interrupted by the Sphere (remember that episode?) who warns Kid Flash who arrives at the same time.

Aqualad is seen in another part of The Cave talking to Red Tornado about his knowledge of a mole. He tells Aqualad that Batman expects the team to figure this out on their own and then he leaves to go and help take Green Arrow's watch at the Watchtower because Green Arrow has a date with Black Canary.

Robin sees Artemis in an alleyway on Gotham and both go into booth which transports them to the home base which is under attack. Flames and fireballs are coming at them and they escape to another room to figure out what is going on.

The both try to contact outside people with no success. They then travel through the ductwork to get out. A robot similar to Red Tornado is then seen and is able to wield fire. The nearby systems are being overloaded in what appears to be a boiler room of sorts. Robin is able to access data from the main computer and they try to see who the villain is. Artemis thinks she hears Red Tornado and approaches him. But it's actually a red robot and a girl robot similar to Red Tornado. Artemis and Robin escape behind a hidden bookcase passageway.

Aqualad meanwhile is in a fire cage holding M'gann. The robots are flooding the room to kill Superboy and Kid Flash who are stuck in a hardened substance (likely metal). Robin and Artemis overcome the guy robot in water. The robots both try to attack the two and they escape again. They devise a plan to create their own EMP to disable both robots. Robin tries to enable the EMP and fails and Artemis flees and then finds out that Robin has now been captured.

Artemis has a flashback (picking up where the previous flashback left off). As her sister is leaving Artemis tells her their Dad will find her. She then states that she will disappear like the Cheshire Cat (this is a reveal that Cheshire is her older sister). Back in the present she sees an arrow in the trophy room that she grabs and states that she won't leave her team like her sister left her. She surrenders but shoots the arrow into the EMP module, which needed a conductible material (metal) to work. The robots are disabled by the EMP.

Red Tornado finally returns and comes to talk to them. Red Tornado attempts communication with the evil Reds and is somehow contaminated by them. He turns on the team and almost kills them by sucking the air out of the room. Artemis wakes up to see the Justice League there and Red Tornado gone. The episode ends here.

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"Alpha Male"

Gotham City mayor Hamilton Hill is on a hunt in India. He is preparing to kill a tiger when the tiger become incapacitated by 3 pillars that shoot up out of the ground and emit a ray. He continues to kill it but is stopped by a large Gorilla (Monsieur Mallah) with a chain gun.

Immediately in the aftermath of the previous episode, the team learns that Aqualad knew about a mole. This was discovered by Superboy's hearing. The entire team becomes distraught that Aqualad knew and didn't tell them, thus destroying his role as leader and putting the team back at square one. Batman stops them from their bickering to inform them that Red Tornado is now Justice League business and they are being sent to India with Captain Marvel to investigate the Mayor Hill attack.

The team splits off from each other because they have no direction anymore and Aqualad fails to step up. They are all attacked by various beasts that are being controlled by a higher intelligence that has placed a collar on the jungle animals. Superboy and Captain Marvel fight large elephants and are able to overcome them. Immediately afterwards Captain Marvel sees a Tiger with a malfunctioning collar and he tries to approach it but is caught by incapacitating pillars and he is taken hostage by an unseen villain and strapped on an operating table.

Aqualad musters the inner strength to get the team to listen to him long enough to go and rescue Captain Marvel. They are able to penetrate the outer defenses of the compound that Marvel is being held in. Meanwhile, on the inside The Brain is attempting to dissect Captain Marvel's brain for some unknown reason. Monsieur Mallah goes outside to handle the team but they are able to turn the tables on both of the villains and The Brain is stopped by the tiger that Marvel spoke to earlier. Before the two are captured The Brain is able to shut off all of the lights and vanish.

The team heads back to base and the scene goes to Fawcett City where Captain Marvel is seen back at his home and his uncle prompts him to transform back into a boy which he does by uttering the phrase, "SHAZAM!" and the episode ends here.

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The episode begins by introducing the Injustice League and some gigantic plant they are controlling. The scene then goes to The Cave where Robin is sparring with Aqualad. Batman shows them the plant destruction on the news along with the rest of the groups. Batman states that an analysis showed the plant is made of a Cobra/Venom variant. Joker interrupts all the debriefing and news screens to show them the Injustice League who are demanding a ransom. The Injustice League is formed up of Count Vertigo, Black Adam, Poison Ivy, Ultra Humanite, Atomic Skull, and Wotan.

Batman wants the team to find and fight the source of the plant (Injustice League) while the Justice League (along with Zatarra and Captain Marvel) fight the plant. He explains that the Justice League will provide a distraction while the Young Justice squad dismantles them at their base of operations.

While we see the plant getting destroyed by various Justice League members the plant has explosive spores that contain Joker gas. The Injustice League, meanwhile is trying to bring life back to the plant which is getting demolished. It is being controlled centrally at the Injustice League's base by Poison Ivy.

The team is piloting the Bioship to the Injustice League's base when Count Vertigo disorients all of them and the ship, and Black Adam immediately sees it when it un-cloaks and punches it, causing it to crash into a body of water below. The entire team gets out of the ship which is sunk by the mutant plant. They start fighting with Vertigo and Black Adam.

The Justice League is taking out the plant at various locations throughout the world and we are able to get a glimpse of various cameos of DC heroes like Black Canary and Plastic Man.

Back at the enemy's base all but two of the team is taken out, M'Gann and Robin. They are captured by Ivy and her mutant plant. Ultra Humanite almost shoots Miss Manhunter in the head but she gets into his head and he misses and shoots the plant causing them to escape. The rest of the captured team is held in a cage kept in force by Wotan. He is knocked out and they get loose. The plant is then destroyed by bombs planted by the team.

The Injustice's League snaps and they start knocking out the team one by one and then Aqualad puts on the Dr. Fate mask and dispatches Wotan. Joker tries going after Robin. Wotan and Fate continue fighting. The Justice League shows up and the fight is over (for some reason). Joker detonates the remaining spores on the dying plant but fate absorbs the gas.

The end scene shows that the Injustice League was a scam and a front for the Light which consists of: Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, Ocean Master, the Brain, and Klarion the Witch Boy.

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An unnamed scientist is working on Red Tornado and the other two that came for him.

Back at the Cave we are introduced to Zatanna, who is given a tour by the group and they "kidnap" her. She agreed to go along but decided she would get in less trouble if they pretended to take her. They set out to find Red Tornado because they don't feel the Justice League is doing enough.

The unnamed scientist (who we find out is T. O. Morrow) is uploading the memories of all the Red Robots into a new one. He explains that each one of them was a different attempt at making a superhero to infiltrate the Justice Society of America. Both Red Torpedo and Red Inferno (the other two) failed and did not work but Red Tornado did but betrayed his master because he was too human. He uploads all of their memories into the fourth one named Red Volcano and without any human sympathies. Red Volcano immediately tears Morrow's arms off and we simultaneously find out he is an android himself. Red Volcano's plan is to cause a volcanic eruption that will eventually kill all of humanity either through eruptions or from the resulting ash cloud covering the Earth.

Young Justice is able to find Red Tornado's location by interrogating Professor Ivo who is in prison. Zatanna casts a spell and forces him to blurt it out. They head to Yellowstone Park where he is located and they are met by a still mute Red Tornado who tries destroying them and knocks them all out. It was only a ruse to bring Red Volcano up and Red Volcano realizes the ruse and starts beating them all up. Red Inferno and Red Tornado assist the team and the three siblings of Volcano all take him down into the lava that he has caused and destroy him. Inferno and Torpedo melt along with Volcano and Red Tornado is saved by the team (minus the lower half of his legs, which melted).

We find out one of the reasons Red Tornado became their Den Mother was because he wanted to learn more about humans and become more human. He visits the real T.O. Morrow who is elderly and in a hospital bed on medical support.

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Batman releases motion cameras on an unknown spaceship headed towards Earth. The spaceship vaporizes Hal Jordan and John Stewart and all of the Justice League. Red Tornado joins the League from The Cave to help them and Young Justice is left to be the backup.

Iris West Allen is reporting live and Zatarra and Flash save her before she is taken out. But her feed is scrambled and she is taken out after they take off to fight more. Black Canary and Green Arrow are taken out. Wonder Woman as well. Most of the superheroes are taken out. Young Justice notices the aliens are also at the Fortress which they go to check out. They take out the spaceship that is there but the eye beam almost takes out Superboy but Wolf gets killed protecting Superboy. Artemis is taken out by one of two ships that come for the one taken out.

They then go to the Hall of Justice. Miss Manhunter finds Martian Manhunter who is unsure of what happened or why he wasn't disintegrated. The beam has the same frequency as their Zeta teleportation beam that brings them to The Cave. They all start to teleport out back to the Cave from the Hall of Justice when aliens break in and start taking out military members. Aqualad sacrifices himself to save Martian Manhunter. Back at The Cave they decide that they will all break onto the Mother Ship where they believe the absent heroes are at. Robin and Kid Flash break onto the Mother Ship along with the others. Superboy is disintegrated and they find out the beam may have appeared to be a teleportation beam but is a disintegration beam. Robin and Kid Flash are able to blow up the Mother Ship and themselves in the process. Miss Manhunter is grieving over the loss of so many lives and Martian Manhunter tells her they must finish it at which time Martian Manhunter stabs Miss Manhunter.

She wakes up back in The Cave. It was all a training exercise that Miss Martian's mind took over that made everyone believe it was real. They were ultimately saved by Martian Manhunter. He mentions to Batman how she is more powerful than even him.

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The team is still in shock about what happened with M'Gann. Black Canary is serving as counselor to the team. In Metropolis there is an explosion and the Forever People appear. They use their Mother Box to translate the language and vice versa. They are looking for the "New Genisphere". Superboy is about to take off back at the cave on his motorcycle when Sphere stops him and turns into an advanced motorcycle. He then takes off in the bike/sphere without his earpiece.

Artemis puts on a tough face with Canary. Canary tells her she needs to tell her secret to the team but she resists. She finds it interesting that the first person she is concerned about affecting is Kid Flash.

The Sphere turns out to be the item of the Forever People. They demand it and the other technology that belongs to them. They however find out that Superboy helped free The Sphere. They go after the remaining stolen items below the Metropolis Federal Reserve. Gold is being stolen by Intergang using a drill and carts that belong to the Forever People. They also have stolen technology that they use to fight the Forever People. Fighting ensues between both parties.

Black Canary is interviewing Wally and he is not upset. But quickly betrays himself when Canary asks him what he would do if something happened to Artemis and he chokes on popcorn he is eating.

Forever People join together to form Infinity Man. He takes care of all the bad guys very quickly. They then give Superboy background on who they are. The New Gods come from two worlds, New Genesis and Apokolips. They are bitter enemies and have always been fighting. Dreamer scans Whisper's mind and finds out Desaad is behind this Intergang group.

Back with Black Canary, Robin is traumatized because of the decisions he had to make as leader when in the coma. He said he doesn't want to be the Batman anymore. That he does not believe he has what it takes to become what Batman has become.

The Forever People track more technology to a hangar nearby. They start to fight with Intergang when they decide to merge as Infinity Man but Desaad reveals himself and one of the other thugs throws a Father Box into the form as it's merging and it is now at his command. He is commanded to kill Superboy and Wolf.

Miss Manhunter is encouraged by Black Canary to be strong and regain her confidence. Hiding from her abilities will not solve anything.

Superboy is fighting the bad Infinity Man. Sphere comes along and attaches to the head of the Infinity Man and makes him good again. He is controlled by Superboy and he takes all the bad guys out. Again. Superboy convinces the Forever People to let him keep the Sphere because he has bonded with it.

Back with Canary, Superboy confesses having a hard time because he felt at peace with what happened during the coma because he wanted to know what it was like to be Superman but felt as though he should have felt remorse or sadness but did not.

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The show begins with the robbery of the sword of Beowulf. Harm has the sword and shows himself and calls out an enchantment that imbues the sword with some form of magic. He takes everyone out at the museum.

At the cave some of the team is dressing up for a Halloween Party. Wally is a werewolf. Superboy is a mummy. M'Gann is a zombie bride. Artemis and Zatanna show up. Captain Marvel takes off to go trick or treating. Zatara decides to have a girl's night out with Artemis. As the team shows up they see that everyone at the Happy Harbor High School is dressed like superheroes which annoys Superboy.

The Justice League, Aqualad and Robin are discussing whether there is a mole. Some express who they think might be the mole (M'Gann, Artemis, Superboy).

Meanwhile Artemis and Zatanna are kicking some thugs' butts. Harm comes after the two when an explosion goes off near them. The fight ensues and they are evenly matched because the villain (who we then find out is named Harm) is skilled as a tactician and fighter. A girl named Secret talks to them, but Harm finds them and they have to run away from him.

Back at the dance the lights go out and someone on the intercom is trying to tell everyone to remain calm, but Superboy realizes it is a student pulling a prank.

Artemis challenges Harm to a hand to hand fight. Zatanna fails in attempting to grab the Beowulf sword and Harm defeats Artemis. They chase after Secret who leads them to the roof of his apartment. Harm gets mad and takes them out.

Superboy leads the pranking boy outside where Miss Manhunter has morphed into a large demon like Marvin the Martian. He goes inside and tells everyone there is a Martian outside and he realizes he's been duped.

Back at Harm's place he interrogates Artemis. Zatanna is being held in a separate room and Secret lets her out by taking the tape off of her mouth so she can utter an incantation. Harm battles them and they are able to escape thanks to an explosive arrow. They get to the backyard where they realize Secret is a spirit of his dead sister. She tries telling them that she was killed by her brother. Harm reveals that he had to kill her to be pure evil. Secret (who we find out is named Greta) is able to take away the pure part of him so that he is vulnerable. He is easily beaten and they see why she only said "secret". It is the name of a shop across the street (Able's House of Secrets) that you could see through a hole in the fence and they realized that was probably the last thing she saw.

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Klarion places a crystal in the ground and forms a pentagram. He summons Wotan, Felix Faust, Wizard, and Blackbriar Thorn. They begin to cast a spell.

At Mount Justice the team is unloading cargo from the jet, including groceries. Zatanna is with Artemis and expresses that she wants to join the team but Zatara is too overprotective.

All of a sudden all of the adults disappear. This includes the four sorcerers Klarion summoned. All adults on Earth have disappeared.

Billy Batson is reluctant to transform because he would then disappear so he tries to find a way to get to Mount Justice without using his powers and turning into an adult. He hires a plane to take him to the island. Meanwhile at the island the team is broadcasting to the entire world and letting the kids know that they are trying to solve the problem. Meanwhile Billy's pilot (Amber) turns 18 and disappears. Billy tries piloting the plane but cannot so he turns into Captain Marvel and the plane disappears and he sees Amber and rescues her. He heads to Mount Justice and is surprised to see all of the adults there. He transforms into Billy and then only sees the youth. Both teams then realize (along with Captain Marvel) that the world has been split into two parallel worlds with children under 18 in one and everyone else in the other.

Zatanna uses her father's previously used location spell to locate the sorcerers. Both sets of teams (adults and kids) travel to the site to fight with Klarion. Fighting ensues to no end for the heroes because Klarion is too powerful. Zatanna decides to wear the Helmet of Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate easily dispatches the force field that contains the crystal Klarion is using to separate the world into two worlds. Flash then rushes in and grabs the crystal and after Dr. Fate and Zatara cast a spell the two worlds are re-joined.

Dr. Fate subdues Klarion (but he escapes) and then refuses to let go of Zatanna, stating that it is clear that with Klarion on the loose Dr. Fate is needed. Zatara convinces Dr. Fate to use him instead as a vessel and Dr. Fate agrees. Zatara says his goodbyes to Zatanna.

Klarion then is seen talking to the Light and the Brain is present. Klarion's ploy was only a distraction. Riddler and Sportsmaster bring a briefcase which contains a piece of the echinoderm from Atlantis.

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Wally turns 16. His parents treat him to pancakes for breakfast. He travels to Mount Justice where the team throws him a surprise party.

They have presents and cake and he blows out the candles and makes a wish, which is to kiss Miss Manhunter on the lips. Artemis clearly gets jealous when Megan kisses him but is relieved when she only kisses him on his forehead. Artemis breaks the news to Kid Flash that Miss Manhunter is really into Superboy.

Batman informs the team that ice spaceships are covering North America with a snowstorm that is crippling the entire continent. Young Justice is to work with the Justice League. Batman asks Kid Flash to run a heart from Boston to Seattle for a girl since all equipment is down that can transport it.

He is given a heart that is placed in a shock resistant backpack. He then hurries across the coast to get the heart to the girl

Both teams are on one of the ice spaceships and are attacking turrets on the ship.

Vandal Savage ambushes Kid Flash as he passes one of the checkpoints. A battle ensues and Savage is able to match him in battle. Kid Flash then realizes he needs to get the heart to Seattle. He arrives and a doctor takes the heart away from him and tells him the girl died 12 minutes ago. Kid Flash realizes when other doctors ask him where the heart of the Queen is that he's been conned and that the heart belongs to the Queen Perdita of Vlatava. He chases the thief down and gets the heart but is taken down by Count Vertigo. Count Vertigo is trying to kill his niece so he can become King. Kid Flash gets the heart back and gets it to the doctors. But he's too late. He wakes up to see the newly crowned King Vertigo. While Vertigo is bragging about his part in preventing her life from being saved, authorities are present to take him away and to reveal that his niece (the Queen) was not dead and was merely used as a ruse by Kid Flash to lure out Vertigo. The episode ends with him being grateful for what he thought was going to be a horrible mission.

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Black Canary and Green Arrow are shown footage of Superboy sparring with Black Canary. Black Canary then kisses Superboy. Black Canary denies that she kissed him. They continue to watch and it was Miss Manhunter turning into Black Canary. Black Canary goes to talk to her abut being careful with Superboy's emotions.

Batman summons these two and the rest of the team to tell them of Queen Bee's intentions to take over a neighboring country of Quraq. Her intention is to join the two countries of Bialya and Quraq into one country, which she claims used to be one country.

Robin leads the team to the border of the two countries where tanks have crossed the border into Quraq, into a protected wildlife refuge. They are introduced to Marie and Garfield Logan. Garfield tells the boys that his mom was the star of Hello, Megan!. A TV show that lasted one season.

Drone planes come and attack their farm. Garfield is in shock and losing blood and the only person who matches is Miss Martian, who can change her blood type. While she is doing the blood transfer, the team watch an episode of the TV show, and they notice many similarities between the title character and Miss Martian. M'Gann comes in and they shut it off and a newscast is showing the leader of Quraq with Psimon nearby. They realize Psimon is likely manipulating the leader of Quraq so Queen Bee can take over Quraq.

They go to him and are ambushed by soldiers with weapons from Apokolips. Miss Martian goes to find Psimon only to be ambushed by him and he then uses his powers to reveal what she really is. A White Martian.

They meet each other on another plane, where they battle one another. M'Gann refuses to believe she is a White Martian. Her worst fear is revealed to be Superboy rejecting her. She becomes enraged and overpowers him, preventing him from revealing her secret.

M'gann transforms into Queen Bee to show the public that she was trying to overthrow the government using coercive means. Miss Martian reveals who she is to the team but does not reveal her true self to the team. M'Gann walks in on Garfield resting only to confront Queen Bee, who reveals that she knows her secret and then threatens her life and her identity and leaves.

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Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League meet to vote on a new member.

Young Justice is together and Zatanna is melancholy over the loss of her father. Superboy hears a voice at a frequency that only he can hear. He leaves to talk to Lex Luthor, who is a higher up at Cadmus Labs. He discovers from Lex that another super clone has been created and is loose. No one at the lab believes him. He is given a tour of the lab and is skeptical of their assurance that another super clone exists. Superboy continues on his own and discovers a super clone just like himself. The super clone attacks Superboy despite Superboy's efforts to calm him down. The super clone also has the ability to fly and uses this to his advantage to defeat Superboy.

Back at Justice League headquarters the team is still debating who should join them. Dr. Fate's presence in the group is questioned and Dr. Fate admits that his current host (Zatara) is keeping Dr. Fate close to the League so they can keep an eye on him.

Lex Luthor informs Superboy that the super clone is 100% pure Kryptonian and Superboy is only half Kryptonian. He gives Superboy a repressor that will repress his human side and allow him to use all his latent Kryptonian abilities. Superboy balks at this and walks away saying he needs no one's help.

Back at JLA headquarters they begin to debate whether Captain Marvel should be a member considering he withheld the fact that he is a 10 year old boy. Batman defends Captain Marvel.

Superboy finds out from Dubbilex that the super clone was an original that was created from Superman's DNA. His Kryptonian DNA made him uncontrollable. So they froze him and made Superboy. Superboy is guided to an underground lair called Genomorph City. Dubbilex has liberated the Genomorphs one at a time into this city so they can be free from slavery to humans. He is keeping the original super clone captive for safety reasons. He breaks loose and attacks them. Superboy uses the repressor and is now evenly matched. Guardian stops him before he destroys him. Lex Luthor used a tracking device to find the super clone. He tells Superboy that his DNA was used for Superboy's human half.

The last scene shows Batman verifying that the voting is in and final and the verdict has been made, but who is joining them is not mentioned.

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In Star City some Spider-man looking character pulls a gentleman away from his daughter as he lays her down and throws him to the ground. Green Arrow and Artemis capture the Spiderdude and head home. Artemis' mother confesses that she asked the Justice League to take Artemis and keep her safe.

Professor Ivo is talking with Klarion and requesting a delivery.

Back at Mount Justice Red Arrow has joined the team and Green Arrow debriefs the team on a stakeout following Sportsmaster. Green Arrow sends Kid Flash, Red Arrow, and Aqualad to spy on him. Artemis volunteers to go with them because she feels she needs to prove herself.

Artemis follows Sportsmaster, with the rest of the team in the Bioship not far behind. Artemis decides to follow anyway, despite Red Arrow's instructions. Cheshire spots her and they fight. Red Arrow traps her and Cheshire warns Sportsmaster they are there. She breaks loose and Kid Flash is able to stop her. Red Arrow follows Sportsmaster using a tracker. Sportsmaster is able to fend of both Red Arrow and Aqualad. The team regroups and follows the two enemies, going in opposite directions.

Mount Justice - the team decides to follow Red Tornado to see where he went off to since he requires no sleep or sustenance.

New Orleans - Professor Ivo opens a case given to him by Sportsmaster. It contains a canister that they attach to the canister that contains a piece of the Starfish monster that was in Atlantis. They combine this with Klarion's magic to infuse it with some sort of life. Artemis is discovered by Cheshire who informs her that Red Arrow was tracking her. Red Arrow bursts in and then a fight ensues between Red Arrow and Artemis and Cheshire and Sportsmaster.

The team left behind discovers that Red Tornado has created an android that he can download his memory to so that he can interact among humans.

Back at the fight, Klarion uses some type of illusion magic to allow them to escape.

Mount Justice - Red Arrow exposes Artemis and her plan to take down Cheshire solo. She is left alone and back at her apartment she is confronted by Sportsmaster who we find out is her father. He warns her that her disguise won't last for long and that she needs to switch sides because the team will find out she is related to him and her mother (who used to be the Huntress).

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Story begins at a circus where the team is posing as an acrobatic group to catch weapons technology that has been stolen. It coincides with tour stops for the circus.

Nearby more weapons are being stolen and the team engages the thief. In the heat of battle a fire has started and caused the weapons crates to explode. The team tries to figure out who is behind it all and Red Arrow thinks it might be Mr. Haly, who runs the circus. Dick (Robin) doesn't believe it is him since they knew each other when he was a part of the Flying Graysons.

At the train stop, Mr. Haly is rushing everyone onto the train. Everyone seems to be sick on the train. They go to check up on Ray, who they believe to be a part of the plan, but he is not in the car where Mr. Haly referred them. Mr. Haly is being impersonated by the Parasite who has some type of bomb or weapon. Superboy and the group try stopping him but he escapes and absorbs Superboy's powers, who has been using the augmentation patch Luthor gave him.

Robin manages to find out that Parasite is working for Intergang and is looking for a source of power to create black holes. They all go to confront him and they cause him to ignite some flammables near him but because he has made contact with M'gann, who's weakness is fire. He is then taken into custody by the authorities.

Mr. Haly confides in Dick that he knew it was him all along and asks him to perform as a favor to him.

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"Usual Suspects"

Superman is speaking to the press about their five newest members. Young Justice are watching the newscast. Red Arrow is also a new member. Rocket (Icon's sidekick) is the newest member of Young Justice.

The team is pursuing Cheshire, which was seen carrying a case onto a plane. They go after her because they feel responsible for the loss of the case. They encounter The Riddler and fight him and a couple of thugs. Cheshire and Artemis fight each other as well. Superboy uses his last patch to use all of Superman's powers and loses control when fighting Mammoth. They win the battle and tie up Riddler.

Back at Mount Justice the team is reprimanded by the Justice League but are actually congratulated because their mission was successful.

Superboy, M'gann, and Artemis reveal their secret ties to the entire team. The entire team accepts them before they all go to the island where the three are being summoned and they all work as a team to take down all the villains there. Cheshire escapes the battle.

At Justice League headquarters, Red Arrow is behind Batman and implants a mind control device in him and leads him out to the rest of the team who are all under the control of Vandal Savage. Red Arrow somehow becomes aware of his surroundings and realizes he was the mole all along and was being manipulated.

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"Auld Acquaintance"

Red Arrow is being pursued by members of the Justice League. He is quickly overwhelmed but manages to escape due to a subway car.

Young Justice is back at their base wondering who the mole is and Batman informs them that it was Red Arrow. Red Tornado explains that Red Arrow was a clone made by Cadmus Labs. Kid Flash sees Red Tornado with a bio-tech chip from the briefcase they took.

The team tries to get Red Tornado back online (because he mysteriously shut down) by transferring his consciousness to the human like android body. He awakes and informs the team to run. Black Canary tries to attack them but Robin and Rocket disable her with a containment bubble and a gas pellet. They escape with a bound and gagged Black Canary and Red Tornado (in the John Smith android body). Red Tornado tells them to use Sphere's tracking ability to find Superboy.

Aqualad finds Red Arrow in one of his hidden equipment caches. Red Arrow asks Aqualad a personal question to confirm that it is him. He had been a clone since right after Speedy became Green Arrow's sidekick. He was programmed to give information and carry out instruction for the Light.

Red Tornado informs the team that the entire Justice League is under the control of Vandal Savage using "Starro tech" which is Starro parts infused with technology and magic used to control people. No one was immune, including Dr. Fate. Red Tornado was able to active a failsafe subroutine before the chip could work on him. If he tried to infect someone else, it would shut his systems down.

They try boarding the watchtower and Black Canary lies to Savage telling him she has implanted all the heroes with the Starro tech. Klarion deduces that she is lying and they are restrained by Hal Jordan. Meanwhile, Red Tornado has disabled the security systems and cure-tech (technology that removes the mind control of Starro) has been used on many of the Justice League members. Klarion calls the main Justice League members to help them and they come and make quick work of the team and rip Red Tornado's limbs off. Dr. Fate, Icon and Captain Marvel come back and all but Marvel are implanted with the cure-tech. Zatanna forces Marvel to speak his magic phrase to turn back into a child (who is not under mind control) and Billy stays with her. Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Flash are disabled by their respective sidekicks and given the cure-tech. Miss Martian takes on her true form and forces Martian Manhunter to be telepathically exposed to fire. Batman and Superman are taken care of by Robin and Superboy and all the heroes are cured of their mind control.

Savage tells Klarion they need to leave but Klarion wants to fight. Savage informs him that the Light may not like it if League members are killed. They teleport away. The New Year is rung in as they leave and Kid Flash kisses Artemis, Superboy and Miss Martian kiss, Zatanna kisses Robin, and Rocket kisses Aqualad. Superman and Superboy share a moment where they tell each other their real names. Red Arrow vows to find the real Red Arrow and at that time the Light has raided Cadmus and stolen Roy Harper's body and the other Superboy clone. The episode ends with the knowledge that six of the League members were unaccounted for 16 hours and no one knows what they were doing for Savage.

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