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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Episode Guide

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman debuted on September 12, 1993 on ABC Television, and ran for four seasons.

Dates given next to the episode titles are for the U.S. showings, unless otherwise stated.

Many thanks to Genevieve Clemens ( who took over where Andrew Gould left off in writing up each episode for this Lois and Clark Episode Guide! :)
And also to Dom Melaragni ( who also helped out with a few episode reviews.

Justin Whalin

Fourth Season

September 1996-1997

1) Lord of the Flys [Part 1] (September 22, 1996)
Clark leaves to find the palacial mothership that will take him to lead New Krypton. However, the kryptonians learn Lord Nor (Simon Templeman) has reached Earth. Ching allows Lois to be with Clark as his concubine. Nor has taken over Smallville, and after stopping a feeble military assault says he will rule the planet. Lois and Clark enter Smallville, despite a force dome erected over it. When Nor finds Superman is in Smallville, he threatens to kill Ma and Pa Kent if Kal-El does not leave.

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2) Battleground Earth [Part 2] (September 29, 1996)
Clark agrees to be Nor's prisoner. Nor has Clark tried and convicted by the Elders' Tribunal of treason because of his continued love of Lois, and unwillingness to mate with Zara. Clark is sentenced to death, and Nor has his men go to attack Metropolis, after forcing Zara to marry him. Ching uncovers a loophole allowing Clark to settle the dispute by dueling Nor. Nor agrees to the combat, so Ching begins quickly training Clark. As Clark fights Nor, Lois warns that the military has stolen the kryptonite sample from S.T.A.R. Labs, and plans to kill Nor and Superman with kryptonite gas. Clark defeats Nor, and survives the gas because Nor and his helpers' bodies absorb most of the gas. Zara and Ching leave to rule New Krypton. Later, Clark asks Lois to marry him before something else happens.

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3) Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding [Wedding] (October 6, 1996)
As Lois and Clark prepare for their wedding, they learn from a reporter (Ray Buktenica) that Myrtle Beech, the Wedding Destroyer, has escaped prison. Beech vows to ruin their wedding since they caused her to be in prison, after her previous attempts at ruining weddings. Myrtle is unknowingly being manipulated by her grief counselor (Charles Fleischer) into believing her True Love wanted to marry her when he died just before her wedding. Myrtle switches Lois' ring and intends to kill her at the wedding using a rigged ring, but Clark convinces her not to kill Lois. Later, Lois and Clark fly off to find the perfect place for a wedding, where they find Perry, Jimmy, their parents, and their mysterious friend Mike (David Doyle) who performs the ceremony.

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4) Soul Mates (October 13, 1996)
Just as Clark and Lois are about to consummate their marriage, H.G. Wells (Terry Kiser) reappears warning them that they are soul mates linked thoughout time, and cursed long ago so that if they have sex, Lois will die, and shows the next day's newspaper as proof. The headline says Lois died from a mystery illness. Wells takes them back in time where they encounter Baron Tempus (Lane Davies) who wants Lois then known as Lady Loisette. Clark is Sir Charles, secretly a Robin Hood styled rebel known as the Fox. If Tempus does not get Lois, his sorceror will curse Lois and Clark. Clark reveals he is the Fox and duels Tempus, until Lois agrees to marry Tempus, if Clark is allowed to live in exile. The three return to the present and find it has changed: now Lois is about to marry King Tempus. So they go into the past again where Clark is a crimefighter - the Lone Rider, and Lois is Lulu, being pursued by Tempus Tex. Clark rescues Lulu's parents and defeats Tempus Tex, restoring the timeline in the present, while preventing any curse.

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5) Brutal Youth (October 20,1996)
Jimmy finds one of his pals has somehow died of old age. Gerontologist Veda Doodsen (Caroline McWilliams) has been disgraced by experimenting on prisoners. She has invented a device that siphons off life energy from one person to temporarily rejuvenate another. To have a permanent effect, she'll need plutonium. An escaped elderly bank robber Conner Schenk (Sandy Ward) gets temporarily rejuvenated, and wants a permanent treatment. Meanwhile, when Jimmy investigates, he ends up exposed and ages (played by Jack Larson from the Adventures of Superman). Superman agrees to have his energy used to affect Schenk and then Jimmy. Also, Lois worries about growing old after talking with Dr. Klein, and Clark finds a new apartment for them to live in.

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6) The People v. Lois Lane (October 27, 1996)
Lois goes out to meet an old source, Elroy Sykes (Peter Spellos). He gives her an unloaded gun to hold, which, to her surprise, goes off, killing him. Professor Jefferson Cole (Alan Rachins) and District Attorney Clemmons (Granville Van Dusen), one seeking revenge and one seeking election, put togther an elaborate frame and Lois is arrested for murder. As it turns into a media circus, Superman visits Lois in jail, offering to break her out, but Lois reminds him of all he stands for. At the trial Superman is called as a witness for the prosecution, where he is asked if he loves Lois Lane. He replies that he is sure that Clark Kent loves Lois. Perry White is called next, but Cole has kidnapped Perry, and instead uses his "Hallucinator" machine to create an image of Perry testifying. On the basis of the false Perry's testimony, Lois is convicted of murder.

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7) Dead Lois Walking (November 10, 1996)
As there is talk of the death penalty for Lois, Superman breaks Lois out of prison. Lois and Clark, dodging the police, take refuge in a run down motel. Meanwhile Jefferson Cole (Alan Rachins) plans to kill thousands of people in Metropolis. He uses his Halluicinator to convince Dr. Klein (Kenneth Kimmins) to give him hybrid-Kryptonite, a substance that will be as deadly to the general public as Kryptonite is to Superman. As Lois and Clark investigate her frame-up, Cole kidnaps Lois and causes the hybrid-Kryptonite to fall to the earth in a rainstorm. Superman creates a funnel cloud to spin the hybrid-Kryptonite out of the atmosphere and rescues Lois, capturing Cole. Because of the DA's involvement, the state decides not to pursue the prison breakout, and Lois and Clark continue their lives as newly-weds.

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8) Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark (November 17, 1996)
As Lois strives for a coveted interview with rich recluse Grant Gendell (Kenneth Mars), and Clark investigates a series of bizarre murders, they make friends with Bob and Carol. Unknown to them, Bob (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) and Carol (Sydney Walsh) also lead a double life. Due to a research accident years ago, Bob has developed superpowers, a magnetic force with which he can kill. Aided by Carol, he operates as an assassin, known as Deathstroke. They are attempting to kill Gendell, whose company was responsible for the accident. Using Lois to locate Gendell, they are stopped in their assassination attempt by Superman. Although no match for Deathstroke's magnetic powers, Superman uses his heat vision to destroy Deathstroke's costume, which is all that allows him to focus his powers. Without the ability to control his magnetic power, Deathstroke is easily captured.

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9) Ghosts (November 24, 1996)
With mob hit man Mink Mahoney (Richard Zavaglia) planning to kill him after he sold the mob a city block he didn't own, Con-man Herbie Saxe (Drew Carey) is desperately trying to buy up all the houses on the block. The lone hold outs are the Kents. He hopes to convince them that their house is haunted, but no one is more surprised then Herbie when he conjures up a real ghost named Katie (Kathy Kinney). At first Katie helps Herbie in exchange for his promise to find the person who murdered her, but eventually she is drawn to the Kents' happy life. She decides to possess Lois' body, in order to have the happiness she never had in her former life. Herbie and Superman work together to find the murderer, and to convince the ghost to release Lois. Eventually, Katie goes to the "other side", Lois gets her body back, and Herbie and the murderer go to prison.

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Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain 10) Stop the Presses (December 8, 1996)
As Lois and Clark are working on a story about a missing computer hacker, Perry is promoted and Lois is temporarily named "Editor-in-chief." Although she and Clark are sure they can handle it, her new responsibility strains their personal relationship. They have their first fight when Lois kills Clark's story to team him up with Ralph (James Dumont), an obnoxious, sleazy reporter. In the meantime, the computer hacker, Eric Press (Jeff Juday), and his older brother, Ethan Press (Charles Esten), are determined to kill Superman. Eric breaks into Star Lab's computer to determine Superman's physical weaknesses. They manage to trap him in a dark nuclear silo and weaken him with a nuclear explosion and the quantum disrupter gun. When things look darkest, Superman manages to open the roof to allow the sunlight in, restoring his strength. Just as he captures the two boys, Lois runs in to save him, having figured out the boys' plan. The couple make up with a smile and a kiss. Perry has decided that he missed the newsroom, and he and Lois return to their old jobs.

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11) 'Twas the Night Before Mxymas (December 15, 1996)
A creature from the fifth dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk (Howie Mandel), arrives in Metropolis on the day before Christmas. He creates a time loop, in which everyone relives the afternoon of Dec. 24 over and over again. Only Superman is outside the loop, realizing what is happening. Each time the loop is run, everyone looses more and more hope, becoming more and more depressed. Eventually, Mxyzptlk offers to make a bargain with Superman. If Superman will leave the earth forever, he will restore hope to the people Superman loves. Superman refuses, and as he does so, some of his hope is channeled through to Lois, who is pulled outside the time loop as well. As the afternoon begins again, Superman and Lois set about restoring hope to the world. This time, because of the cheer they have brought to the Daily Planet Christmas party, Mxyzptlk's power over people is diminished. Lois and Superman trick him into saying his name backwards and Mxyzptlk goes back to the fifth dimension. The magic of Christmas is in the air at the Daily Planet. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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12) Lethal Weapon (January 5, 1997)
When Superman's powers go out of control again and again, the Mayor (Nancy Dussault) becomes concerned that Superman is a hazard, and requests him to stop all Super-activities. When Dr. Klein (Kenneth Kimmins) and Star Labs are unable to cure him, Lois and Clark suspect Red Kryptonite, which has caused strange things to happen to his powers before, and begin looking into who might have some. Meanwhile Perry White's son, Jerry (Andre Nemec), has returned to Metropolis, and is showering Perry with expensive gifts. Jimmy and Lois become suspicious of him, and find out that Jerry has the Red Kryptonite, and has been using it to neutralize Superman during robberies, for a percent of the proceeds. Jerry is hired by Mr. Gadget (John Spencer) and his son (Tom Wilson), who plan to destroy all of Metropolis with a sonic device if they don't get a billion dollars. Jerry balks at this serious crime, but when the Gadgets threaten his father, he complies. Faced with the extortion request, the Mayor reluctantly requests Superman's help. As a precaution, she sends a policeman along, armed with a green Kryptonite bullet, in case Superman goes beserk. Superman finds the sonic device, but, as Jerry opens the lead case containing the Red Kryptonite, has trouble destroying it. Perry notices Jerry and pleads with him to stop. Jerry closes the case, and Superman is able to destroy the sonic device and capture Gadget's son. The policeman, however, thinks Superman is out of control, and shoots him with the green Kryptonite bullet. Warned by Lois, the bullet only grazes him, and they find the Green K neutralizes the Red K's effects.

13) Sex, Lies and Videotape (January 19, 1997)
Written by Dan Wilcox
When Superman wins an award long desired by tabloid publisher Randy Goode (Jack Wagner), Goode orders a reporter, Samantha (Julie Brown) to find some way to discredit Superman. She had observed Superman and Lois together previously, and had her suspicions. Following Lois, she was able to photograph Lois and Superman together in a steamy embrace. The film is damaged, however, and she has a fake photograph made up. The photos are published and Lois and Clark watch helplessly as the scandal grows out of control. When war threatens to break out because people no longer trust Superman, Clark decided the only thing to do is to tell the truth -- that Superman can't have an affair with Clark Kent's wife, because Superman is Clark Kent. Lois is determined to find out who is behind this before Superman's news conference. She and Jimmy find the photo lab, and Lois is both surprised and relieved to find out that the photos were faked. Goode and Samantha are arrested at the news conference, and Superman is able to answer the question "Are you having an illicit affair with Lois Lane?" truthfully, without revealing his greatest secret.

14) Meet John Doe (March 2, 1997) by Tim Minear
Tempus (Lane Davies) returns with a plan to plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness. He begins by running for President, under the name John Doe. By using a "subliminator," he is able to convince everyone to vote for him. When Andrus, a peacekeeper from the future (William Christopher), tries to apprehend him, Tempus kidnaps Andrus. "John Doe" wins the presidential race by a landslide, as even President Garner (Fred Willard) votes for him. Lois and Clark, however, recognize Tempus and try to figure out a way to stop him. President-elect Tempus quickly gains the upper hand, using the federal bureaucracy to harass Superman. When Tempus attacks Lois, using his subliminator to cause her to drive her car over the cliff, Superman confronts Tempus, threatening him and warning him to leave Lois alone. Tempus devises a plan to get Superman out of the way for good. He releases Andrus, and substitutes a replica for himself. Planning to send Tempus back to the future for trial, Andrus and Superman confront the replica and force him into a time window. As Superman steps into the time window, the real Tempus appears, and touching the window, causes it to spin off into eternity. Lois stares in horror as first Superman, then Andrus, vanish. She is left alone, crying out for Clark.

15) Lois and Clarks (March 9, 1997) by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Lemming
With Superman out of the way, Tempus (Lane Davis) continues his quest for world domination. Using the subliminator to control the minds of the populace he begins a totalitarian regime. H. G. Wells (Hamilton Camp), alerted by the disappearance of the future Utopia, comes to Metropolis to make sure Superman is all right. When Lois explains what happened, Wells goes to the alternate universe (from Tempus Anyone) to bring the alternate-Clark back to help. While this Superman searches for Tempus' mind control device, Tempus kidnaps Wells and Lois. When Superman finds and destroys the subliminator, Tempus decides to destroy the world by beginning a nuclear war. Superman stops him just in time. Wells and Lois use Wells' time machine to locate and rescue the real Superman. In a last bid for revenge, Tempus tells the world Superman is Clark Kent; no one believes him, however, when the real Clark and Lois appear with the Alternate-Superman at the news conference.

16) AKA Superman (March 16, 1997) by Jeff Vlaming
Penny Barnes (Kristanna Loken) is convinced Superman has a secret identity, and her computer gives her a 97% probability that Superman is -- Jimmy Olsen. She makes a date with Jimmy, and comes on rather strongly to him. Even when he realizes she is really interested only in Superman, the obvious advantages keep him from correcting her mistake. Meanwhile, Penny's boss, Garret Grady (Dwight Shultz), is desperately trying to activate the "Annihilator", a satellite weapon the U.S. is trying to dismantle. When he realizes Penny is "Superman's" girlfriend, he realizes he has blackmail potential. He kidnaps Penny and Lois, and tells Superman to fly into space and activate the weapon or else. Jimmy realizes where the women are being held, and comes to rescue them. He manages to turn off the sound-proofing, but then is caught by one of Grady's henchman. Once Superman can hear Lois talking, he destroys the satellite, captures Grady and rescues Lois, Penny, and Jimmy. Penny is so impressed by Jimmy's bravery, however, that she no longer cares that he's not Superman.

17) Faster than a Speeding Vixen (April 12, 1997) by Brad Kern
Superman is surprised when a very fast -- Super fast -- female named Vixen (Lori Fetrick) begins "assisting" him in his crime fighting. Her single minded obsession with eradicating evil men and her disregard for human life soon mark her as a menace. She is working for a disfigured man called Troll (Keith Brunsmann) who lives in an abandoned subway station. Troll is obsessed with rebuilding Lex Luthor's financial empire. Lois and Clark realize Vixen is responsible for the disappearance of a number of Metropolis CEOs. The new owner of the Daily Planet, Leslie Luckabee (Patrick Cassidy) runs a false story in the paper, setting himself up to be Vixen's next victim. When Vixen snatches Luckabee, Superman follows her to an alley, where Vixen is revealed to be a robot. She is destroyed in their confrontation. We discover that Troll and Luckabee, who is Lex Luthor's son, are working together. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark wonder if they can have children.

18) Shadow of a Doubt (Part 1) (April 19, 1997) by Grant Rosenberg
Leslie Luckabee (Patrick Cassidy) and the troll (Keith Brunsmann) continue their plans to rebuild Luthor's empire, and to drive a wedge between Lois and Clark. They promise Edward Hanson (Matt Roe), an antidote to his condition (he has been in an industrial accident and was transformed into a shadow) if he will kill the scientists who worked on the Vixen project. When Hanson eavesdrops on Luckabee and the troll, he discovers there is no antidote, and he plans to get revenge on them by destroying something they both covet -- Lois Lane. He attacks Lois at home, but is stopped and destroyed by Superman. Meanwhile, Luckabee and the troll find Lex Luthor's final message -- one that tells them Clark Kent is Superman.

19) Voice From the Past (Part 2) (April 26, 1997) by John McNamara
As Lois and Clark dig into Leslie Luckabee's past, they discover that he didn't exist five years before. He is an actor, hired by the disfigured "Troll", who is really Lex Luthor's sons, to impersonate him in the world above. Determined to possess Lois, Lex, Jr. takes control of her mind, which permits him to see and hear everything she hears, as well as to speak directly to her, and to cause her intense pain. Under his control, she leaves Clark, telling him she wants a divorce. Lex Junior is then a voyeur during a romantic dinner she has with Luckabee, imagining himself in Luckabee's place. However, when Luckabee begins to disobey orders, Lex Junior orders him to bring Lois to the underground hide-out, where Junior shoots Luckabee. When Lex Junior tries to blackmail Superman, threatening to kill Lois, Superman freezes Lois with his breath. The Troll, thinking Lois dead, threatens to detonate a bomb, which will level part of Metropolis. The bomb does go off, presumably killing the Troll. Superman fixes the damage caused by the bomb, and resuscitates Lois.

20) I've Got You Under My Skin (May 11, 1997 - UK air date) by Tim Minear
Lois and Clark are planning a quiet day off together when Clark is called away to re-interview a mobster boss, Little Tony, who has a contract out on a con, Woody Samms. Woody can change shapes with animals and pays Asabi to teach him how to swap souls with humans. He intends to take the place of Little Tony and cancel the contract so he can live in peace with his daughter Becky. To get close to Tony, he decides to use Clark's body as a go between. After wondering what drugs Clark is on, Tony realises that he's in Superman's body and doesn't want to give it back, especially when he sees Clark's 'hot wife'. Clark, in Woody's body tries to get to Lois but at first she doesn't believe that it is him. Tony captures Becky to get Woody (Clark) and there is a fire in a warehouse putting her in danger. Woody as Superman has been threatening Lois, he wants to keep this body and to do that he must kill Clark before the body decays, when he hears Becky screaming. Knowing that he is no longer invulnerable as the body weakens, he is scared to go into the building so gives the body back to Clark so that the real Superman can save Becky.

21) Toy Story (May 18, 1997 - UK air date) by Brad Kern
A toymaker is kidnapping children from orphanages to make them happy when he discovers that the company who fired him is planning on using something he invented to make money. It is a Reintegrator (think the transporter in Star Trek). He decides to kidnap the children of the company's Board and since Doctor Klein has been perfecting the device, he kidnaps Doctor Klein too. Lois and Clark have been investigating the orphan story and are almost killed when the toymaker decides they are getting too close to the story. Lois is transported to the toymakers workshop by accident and has to look after the kids who are beginning to hate being there. Luckily Clark figures out what happened and Lois manages to get a message to him so that she and the kids can be rescued. Martha and Jonathan are in Metropolis for their wedding anniversary - Clark is horrified that they want time to spend alone! Lois decides with a little help from Martha that she is ready to be a mother.... and someone from Perry's past turns up as his blind date!

22) The Family Hour (May 25, 1997 - UK air date) by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Dr. Fathead Mensa is released from prison to take revenge on those who betrayed him in the past. He has spent the last five years practicing advanced mental techniques which use telekinesis. The Kents are in Metropolis and send Lois and Clark Clark's old bassinet. They're all very excited about the prospect of children. Lois can't wait to hear Doc Klein's news. Unfortunately, it's not good news. They can't have children - they are incompatible reproductively. Lois and Clark decide to tell Sam Lane about the big secret to see if he could check the data and see if there's any hope at all that Doc Klein was wrong. He's stunned and Ellen who is not told, ends up paranoid that she's the only person in the world who doesn't know something! Sam's lab assistant, Misha, had betrayed Mensa in the past, he was supposed to be building a machine to boost brainwaves. When he is threatened by Mensa, he drugs Sam to find out what he is working on in case it might pacify Mensa. He finds out that CK=S. Mensa kidnaps all the parents and heads off to rob a bank. Lois and Clark are visited by an adoption agency who tell them that their lifestyle, especially Lois' propensity to get into danger, means they would be unlikely to have a child placed with them. The parents convince Misha to help them and Superman manages to stop Mensa because the boosting machine isnt' ready and ends up zapping away bad memories... including the knowledge that CK=S from them all including Sam. Lois and Clark lie in bed, determined to keep exploring all the options to have kids when he hears something. They go downstairs to find a baby in the cradle, with a Superman blanket and a note saying that this child belongs to them.