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"Justice League" Episode Guide

Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 - "Justice League Unlimited"

Many thanks to both Felix Vasquez and Peter T. McDermott for writing up the episode summaries for this "Justice League" Episode Guide.

Episode Guide

This guide does not list airdates for repeat showings.


  1. "Initiation" - Summary
  2. "For The Man Who Has Everything" - Summary
  3. "Kid Stuff" - Summary
  4. "Hawk and Dove" - Summary
  5. "This Little Piggy" - Summary
  6. "Fearful Symmetry" - Summary
  7. "The Greatest Story Never Told" - Summary
  8. "The Return" - Summary
  9. "Ultimatum" - Summary
  10. "Dark Heart" - Summary
  11. "Wake The Dead" - Summary
  12. "The Once and Future Thing" (Part 1) - Summary
  13. "The Once and Future Thing" (Part 2) - Summary



Written By: Stan Berkowitz
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 07.31.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Captain Atom: George Eads
Green Arrow: Ken Shriner
General Kwan: Javes Sif
Green Lantern: Phil LaMar
J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly
Supergirl: Nicholle Tom
Superman: George Newbern

Our Story:
A gang of armed toughs are robbing a grocery store in the city when Green Arrow shows up and makes short work of them with his incredible talent with a bow and his many trick arrows. Green Lantern arrives in the aftermath and suddenly the two heroes are transported to a satellite orbiting the Earth. On it awaits a large gathering of super-heroes and Superman explains to them all that the Justice League is expanding and they are all invited to join, but Green Arrow tells Batman he feels the group is too elitist and he refuses the invitation.
Suddenly an alarm comes in and J'onn J'onnz assigns Green Lantern to lead Captain Atom and Supergirl to investigate what on radar appears to be a moving nuclear meltdown that's occurred in a far eastern nation. Green Arrow hitches a ride with them as he refuses to be transported back to Earth. When they arrive and start to scout the territory, for no apparent reason local troops open fire on them! A General Kwan calls off his troops and apologizes for the mistake. Then he asks the Justice League members to leave his country as the meltdown has been contained, and he insists that they no longer need any help. Green Lantern talks to J'onn who tells him that he should leave as the League respects all local boundaries and laws. Just then a huge tremor shakes the earth and giant footsteps approach. And then, looming high above a nearby mountaintop, appears a giant robot with a flaming skull-like nuclear reactor for a head! He looks down at the tiny people running away from him, and then raises his right hand to let loose a tremendous energy blast that incinerates everything in front of it, and is heading right for the League and the fleeing locals!
Green Arrow follows the nuclear behemoth as it continues to threaten the people running in front of it. It blasts tanks into pieces and Green Lantern gets busy using his ring to help the people evacuate while Green Arrow lets loose volley after volley of blast arrows to get its attention. Then Captain Atom tries to absorb the radiation from the huge robot but it proves to be too much for him and he careens into the ground causing a smoking crater. Then Supergirl tries to attack it physically and the giant walking reactor brushes her aside like an annoying flea. It then turns its blaster on Green Lantern while his team members can only look on in shock as his rings shields all collapse before the giants power and Green Lantern falls to earth badly injured!
As he recuperates from his injuries, Green Lantern weakly advises the trio to work together now as a team for the greater good. They leave and confront one of the fleeing scientists who confesses they created the giant nuclear robot to be their countrys protector. But they lost control of the giant machine and now only inserting a carbon damper rod into the port on its chest will shut the reactor and the robot down. But the heat is so intense at that range, that anyone trying to insert the rod will die before they can accomplish the task! Captain Atom bravely volunteers to insert the rod though he knows even he cannot survive such great heat. Green Arrow shakes his hand in admiration of his bravery, and then Supergirl and Captain Atom once again fly away to battle the lving reactor!
Captain Atom flies at the creature's chest while Supergirl distracts the robot, but he spots Captain Atom and searing energy beams from his eyes smash the Captain to ground. Then the huge robot lowers his arm and blasts Captain Atom remorselessly until his containment suit starts to crack open! Captain Atom rockets high into the stratosphere where he explodes like a super-nova to the horror of Supergirl and Green Arrow! Supergirl then tries to insert a rod and she's swatted away like an insect. Now only Green Arrow is left to stand between the huge nuclear horror and certain death for all! He runs around while the giant blasts the countryside trying to obliterate him. Then tying a carbon damper rod to an arrow he lets it fly, only to watch it smash into the giants chest missing the target!
He picks one last rod up and letting fly again, this time his aim is true and the rod flies into the port on the titan's chest. The reactor immediately shuts down and the robot comes to a complete halt. Then Supergirl flies at the nuclear meanace and smashes its head clean off, and the rest of the giant creature collapses into a pile of rubble ending the danger once and for all. Afterwards, Captain Atom's energy has been retrieved by a team and is being pumped back into a new containment suit. With a firm "thumbs up", the Captain lets his fellow League members see that he is indeed on the road to recovery. Then when Green Arrow is again about to leave the Justice League satellite, he spots Black Canary preparing for a mission and he decides that maybe he will stick around the Justice League for a while after all!

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"For The Man Who Has Everything"

Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
From a story By: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Directed By: Dan Riba
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 08.07.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Jor-El: Christopher McDonald
Mongul: Eric Roberts
Pa Kent: Mike Farrell
Superman: George Newbern
Lona: Dana Delany
Van-El: Josh Hutcherson
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg

Our Story:
Wonder Woman pilots her invisible plane with Batman aboard towards the North Pole and Supermans private retreat, his Fortress of Solitude. They have come to celebrate Supermans birthday and after landing her plane, they look for Superman and meanwhile discuss how tough it is to buy for him. Batman says, "After all, what can you get for the man who has everything?" But they're shocked when they finally see Superman just standing there silently staring off into space, barely breathing. And on his chest is what appears to be some huge alien sucker plant that's attached itself to his chest and is implanted into his body straight through his uniform! Batman starts to investigate while Wonder Woman searches for any possible intruder in the Fortress.
Batman finds the gift-wrapped container the creature came from to ambush Superman and he reasons that someone sent it to the Man of Steel to trap him using the guise of a birthday present. Then from the shadows steps the yellow eight-foot tall behemoth Mongul and he tells Batman he's impressed that such an inferior being as a human could figure out his plan. And in his left fist he carries an unconcious Wonder Woman! He tells Batman he'll smash the Earth as easily as he did Wonder Woman who suddenly kicks free and readies to fight the huge menace once again. But Batman stops her so Mongul can explain to them what he's done. The living plant is called a "Black Mercy", and once implanted in its victim it puts them in a deep coma and they dream that they have achieved their hearts greatest desire. The perfect trap, one that the victim would never willingly leave.
And that's exactly what's happened to Superman. He dreams he's back on Krypton as Kal-El with Brainiac now merely his household servant, and he has the perfect wife and a fine handsome son that makes him happier then he ever thought was possible. Back at the Fortress, Mongul tells Wonder Woman and Batman they're simply the first to die now that Superman's out of the way for good. Superman dreams his family has prepared a surprise party that he keeps insisting he doesn't really want. Mongul and Wonder Woman are battling each other mightily, but Wonder Woman is simply outclassed by Mongul and Batman frantically tries to wake Superman before Mongul kills them all. Wonder Woman blasts Mongul with weaponry she finds in the fortress, but he keeps coming forward and hurting her more each time he hits her.
Bruce keeps telling Superman to fight the plant and in his dreamworld, Clark starts to doubt the reality around him. Tremors are appearing regularly on Krypton and Kal-El tries to convince his father Jor-El that he thinks the planet may be doomed. Kal-El and his son Van-El go to the roof to watch the countryside and more and more Superman know nows that all he's experiencing just isn't true or real. He looks at his son and tells him that he's made him happier then anything that ever happened to him. But he now knows deep in his heart that this is all a dream, and that though the world he's in is perfect for him, he has responsibilites he must return to. Father and son embrace in a tearful farewell embrace, and the planet begins to shudder and quake. Eruptions blast from Kryptons surface, and with a final cataclysmic explosion that rocks the heavens, Krypton sadly dies again. Back in the fortress, the plant finally releases itself from Superman and promptly attaches itself to Batman giving him the dream that his father's fighting back and beating the gunman that in reality killed his parents. Then Superman finally awakens, and with a look of anger that is rarely seen on his face he turns and rockets for Mongul at supersonic speed. Mongul is about to kill Wonder Woman with a huge spear, when Superman hits him at blinding speed, knocking hin straight through walls into other chambers of the Fortress. They fight without mercy, each unleashing all their power in this battle fueled now by their mutual hatred. Meanwhile Wonder Woman manages to snap Batman out of his trance and his parent's images fade in violence as the truth reasserts itself in his mind.
Mongul has gotten the upper hand despite the fantastic battle Superman has given him, with Superman even burning Mongul with direct heat-vision blasts from his angry eyes. Mongul throws Superman to the base of the statue that depicts his parents both holding aloft the now dead planet Krypton. Mongul declares his triumph complete, when Wonder Woman suddenly drops the "Black Mercy" right from the top of the next chamber straight onto Monguls chest where it attaches itself immediately. He falls to the ground grinning evilly, with happy scenes of his triumph over all the Earth and the screams of his dying victims caressing his ears. The three heros stand over the malevolent menace now laid low, and Superman swears to never forget the life on Krypton he lost that day. Wonder Woman wonders what Mongul sees as his perfect life, and Batman replies, "Whatever it is, it's too good for him."

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"Kid Stuff"

Written By: Henry Gilroy
Directed By: Jaoquim Dos Santos
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, and James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 08.14.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Batman: Kevin Conroy/Kyle Alcazar
Blockbuster: Dee Bradley Baker
Cheeta: Sheryl Lee Ralph
Copperhead: Jose Yenque
Green Lantern: Phil LaMarr/Marc John Jeffries
May: Ashley Edner
Morgaine LeFey: Olivia D'Abo
Mordred: Soren Fulton
Superman: George Newbern/Shane Haboucha
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg/Dakota Fanning

Our Story:
The ancient bane of Camelot, the Sorceress Morgaine LeFay and her still unaged son Mordred have found an ancient amulet with power that will allow them to rule the world at long last. But Mordred grabs the amulet and casts a spell that banishes every adult, especially his mother and unknown to him the Justice League, to another dimension. Once there, Mogaine LeFey agrees to use her magic to turn the Justice League into children so they'll return to Earth and can then defeat her rebellious son. Meanwhile the worlds children at first play happily in their newfound freedom, but soon the need for supervision and protection becomes obvious and Mordred finds himself in charge of a lot more then he bargained for.
The Justice League arrives back on Earth and challenges Mordred to battle and he magically creates giant robots to fight them. Their lack of experience as young versions of themselves costs them the fight and Mordred casts them into a dungeon where glowing eyes appear in a corner of their cell. Suddenly the unseen creature growls and starts to slowly approach our young heroes! Out of the darkness appears Merlins ancient creature The Demon, but although this is a baby version of the magic brawler Etrigan, he fends off the Justice League with his fiery bursts of breath until Wonder Woman figures out he was just startled and reacted defensively to the junior League. She cuddles and soothes him until he happily calms down in her arms.
The League breaks out of their prison and once again finds Mordred but he's sleeping and Batman devises an attack plan that will get the amulet away from Mordred ending his evil reign. Green Lantern tries to sneak the amulet off of Mordreds neck but he awakens and his power is too much for the young heroes and they beat a hasty retreat into Mordreds castle locking themselves in. He furiously smashes the doors open and now he uses all his terrible power to fight. And even when Etrigan the baby Demon manages to snatch and eat the magic amulet from Mordreds neck, the boy sorceror tells them he's already absorbed enough of the amulet's power and he then magically traps the League once and for all. He tells them only children are allowed in his world as his mother kept him eternally young for when he would take over his throne. But Batman tells him that he could have made himself an adult anytime once he got his powers and he taunts him as being afraid to ever really grow up.
Mordred falls for Batmans plan and he angrily uses his magic to make himself a young man in the prime of life. But the spell he himself had cast now banishes him into the very dimension where he had put all the adults of the world. Mordreds magic spell suddenly ends and all the adults return to the world and parents everywhere are happily reunited with their loving children. But Mordred has now used up all his magic when he turned himself into an adult and his Mothers spells that had kept him young for so many centuries no longer work. Mordred now spends all his time as an ancient and helpless old man cursed to eternal life in that sorry state. With only his loving mother Morgaine LeFey to care for him forever.

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"Hawk and Dove"

Written By: Robert Goodman
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Aired in the U.S.A.: 08.21.04

Roles & Actors this episode (In order of appearance):
Michael York: Ares/Mr. Sera
Edward Asner: Hephaestus
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
J'onn: Carl Lumbly
Jason Hervey: Dove/Don
Fred Savage: Hawk/Hank
Patrick Bauchau: Kaznian Monk/Ares
Ed O'Ross: General Olanic
Walter Lang: Nardoc
James Arnold Taylor: Private

Our Story:
Hephaestus molds together metallic armor, hard at work, he continues to work on a mysterious project in his work shop as Ares enters demanding his suit which is overdue. Hephaestus demands he be patient while Ares argues that he just wants his suit, it doesn't have to look pretty where it's going. While Ares hurries him further Hephaestus leaves his mark on the finisher and implants a gigantic metal chest plate on a humongous robot, the Annihilator, the ultimate weapon ready to destroy mankind. Ares instills life in it setting it loose as it smacks him aside and approaches him aggressively. Ares battles it while Hephaestus looks on in joy and Annihilator advances mercilessly overpowering him and mysteriously the robot shuts down at Ares' command. Suffice it to say, Ares is very pleased that it beat him, and is now ready to unleash it on the world.
Now the annihilator is unleashed on the battlefield walking through a barrage of bullets unscathed, wreaking havoc as an army gives everything it has with very little success while Ares in the guise of a business mogul watches his creation defeat the small army on a test field, the leader looking on beside him with much satisfaction marveling at its design. Though, he's anxious to discover who created the walking tank, Ares warns him to just take the gift and quit asking questions, and explains it's been customized to his liking. So he explains he's more than willing to accept the weapon in behalf of Ares' power unaware that the war god is attempting to start a real war. Meanwhile in the city, two armed robbers have just robbed the local bank and proceed on their high speed getaway, but a clothed Wonder Woman dressed as a civilian intercepts their getaway bantering angrily how they ruined her day.
The two defeated robbers fire at her but she reflects their bullets as Wonder Woman approaches angrily, and the robber begins pleading for his life telling her he's learned his lesson but she mercilessly picks him up preparing to end his life, violently throwing him on a car about to finish him, but is interrupted by J'onn who demands her to go to the watch tower. Angered, Wonder Woman follows the order sparing the thieves flies to the watch tower in her invisible jet, and J'onn explains that a conflict has broken out in Kaznia and she must go down to make peace while she marvels at how people are so easily prone to war and violence, but J'onn responds in kind reminding her that she has grown violent as well, as a matter of fact they both have as Wonder Woman makes excuses about her violent attacks on their enemies of late, but J'onn patronizes her ending the argument demanding she pick up her partners below.
Meanwhile, her partners Hank and Don are caught in the corner in a little skirmish in a local pub being outnumbered by a group of thugs after a heated debate about America. Don tries to reason that though they don't share their views about America doesn't make them unpatriotic, but they won't hear it and push them into the wall. Don continues attempting to reason with them but they're focused on beating the two up. Seeing little result in reasoning, Hank punches out the head thug, and they form into Hawk and Dove, and the rumble begins as they thrash the bar and the thugs. Hawk attacks his enemies, while Dove reasons and maneuvers offensively, both arguing while fighting. Their chaotic tussle is interrupted by Wonder Woman who is angered that they didn't answer their summons, but Hawk argues that they were a bit tied up offering her to interact in the fight.
Wonder Woman pulls them away from the pub and Kaznia is preparing for an all out war while a monk riles up the soldiers boasting about the latest weapon and demanding they fight in the war. The soldiers respond with cheers loading up their fire power while the monk watches transforming into Ares who watches with a sly smile. Meanwhile Wonder Woman and the heroic duo are on their way to Kaznia and Hawk and Dove have a lengthy debate about war, Hawk explains that if they can't control their country, let them fight, but Dove explains that it's not their fault since they live in such squalor. Down below, the war has begun, and fire rings out, while the annihilator begins its carnage on the battlefield.
The trio of heroes descend on to the field and begin attacking the robot while Dove intercepts weapons from soldiers fanning the flames of war with little success as the annihilator remains intact despite Hawk and Wonder Woman's attacks, continuing to advance on them. While they escape its attack, Hawk is anxious to go back into the battle, and they regroup planning on how to stop the battle. Dove wants the leaders to sit down and talk while Hawk suggests they make them and kidnap them, wonder woman agrees explaining it will buy her time.
Meanwhile Ares, in his guise, confronts the rebel leader demanding he attack the capital and create carnage, and when he refuses to respond to his demands deeming them victorious, Ares continues demanding him but takes him out of commission and takes the reins. Wonder Woman confronts Hephaestus demanding he tell them how to take down the robot, but he refuses, patronizing her and telling jokes, and continues refusing even when Wonder Woman threatens him with bodily harm. She backs down and leaves looking for another way as Dove breaks into the secret base and kidnaps the rebel leader, but sees a lot of difficulty when met by Ares in his guise. Hawk breaks into the enemy's secret base and kidnaps their leader but is interrupted when enemy forces begin attacking much to his surprise, and Dove is being held captive by Annihilator.
While Hawk frees Dove, he attacks the robot with no success while Ares walks the battlefield happily. The Annihilator advances the field as the two attempts to stop the fire power, while Wonder Woman unsuccessfully tries to stop the battle explaining the soldiers are being used. Hawk attacks the robot, while the annihilator advances, and Dove tries to save the soldiers planning his own form of attack. While Wonder Woman urges they stop firing, a soldier makes a derogatory comment about her being a woman and proceeds to attack him comes to her senses and walks off. She explains to everyone that the robot is fueled by aggression and Dove decides to step in standing between the robot and the armed soldiers demanding they lower their weapons.
The soldiers respond but the robot approaches as Hawk watches in horror trying to save him from being killed while Wonder Woman holds him back. Dove doesn't move and watches the robot approach him and as it advances, shuts down due to his lack of aggression and the two catch their breaths while Wonder Woman explains it takes more strength not to fight. Ares urges they continue fighting, but Wonder Woman tells him the jig is up, but Ares slyly replies, "Wherever there's prejudice, ignorance, inequality, I'll be there," while Wonder Woman replies "And I'll be waiting." As the conflicting soldiers lower their arms and go their separate ways Hawk and Dove head off into the sunset bantering as usual.

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"This Little Piggy"

Written By: Paul Dini
Directed By: Dan Riba
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 08.28.04

Roles & Actors this episode (In order of appearance):
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Circe: Rachel York
Zatanna: Jennifer Hale
B'wana Beast: Peter Onorati
Sid: Jack Carter
Medusa: Laraine Newman

Our Story:
Wonder Woman and Batman perch atop a building staking out the National history museum at night. Batman assures an increasingly impatient Wonder Woman that intergang moves in slow mysterious ways while Wonder Woman wonders what they would want with a Rosetta stone, but Batman is confident they'll find out soon enough. Wonder Woman asks if he ever wishes he were normal and have fun with someone special which she insinuates is her, while batman looks on annoyed. She knows they can never start dating, but Batman warns dating into a team could lead to disastrous implications because they're very different people underneath the hero garb, and if their enemies knew they were dating, one of them would be used as bait to lure the other into harm's way.
Though Wonder Woman persists, there's an explosion at the museum and they crash onto a cat burglar. Unimpressed they attempt to stop the thief, but the female thief throws a crowbar at Batman turning it into a snake which he promptly dodges. The thief then turns into Circe god of discord, and she begins her usual tricks on the two. While Wonder Woman asks what she's up to, Circe begins explaining what she's doing attempting to rob the museum. Batman insists they attack her before she's given a chance to escape, but their attack fails. Circe captures Wonder Woman easily, and proceeds to put a spell on her much to Batman's shock as he watches in horror.
Meanwhile, Zatanna performs her amazing magic for a crowd of entertained onlookers. While in her dressing room, Zatanna begins going over her show and Batman drops in on her and the two exchange words about her magic and catch up. Batman urges someone is in trouble and brings her to the batmobile looking onto a pig in the front seat. Zatanna attempts to enchant the pig with wrist braces revealing it to be Wonder Woman, but her magic will not reverse the spell. Zatanna suggests more powerful magicians but Batman refuses in embarrassment, but Zatanna urges they should tell someone, but catches on that they have a romantic link because of his protective nature for her.
Zatanna sees no other option but to look for Circe to have her reverse the spell, but Circe is distracted performing for an audience of men in a lavish lounge act. Zatanna and Bats go to a magic shop asking for a charm to help them locate Circe, though the teller gives them immense difficulty bargaining. Zatanna gives in handing him a priceless coin while Batman assures Wonder Pig they'll help her. Zatanna attempts to locate Circe through a magical spell with no success while Wonder Woman breaks free from her confines and escapes. The two flee while Zatanna takes her coin back, but they have no luck finding her. Now without option they call upon B'wana Beast whom they recruit to look for Wonder Woman and contact her through his abilities. Red Tornado, Elongated Man, and Scarlet Avenger proceed to look for Wonder Woman asking around the city while Wonder Woman looks eats garbage and proceeds to have a run in with a garbage truck.
B'wana beast, now on the hunt for wonder pig, attempts to catch her, but runs into trouble when she hides in a huge group of pigs. B'wana Beast, standing over a bunch of pigs, all whom look alike from the other, tells Batman he's having little success in his pursuit of Wonder pig, but Batman urges he keep looking. Batman and Zatanna continue the hunt for Circe by going to the gorgon Medusa asking for Circe's location. Medusa spills the beans, gladly revealing Circe's location: the amphitheater in the city. B'Wana Beast is interrogating the pigs while they get herded into a meat factory and Wonder Pig follows.
Wonder Pig quickly realizes where she is, and attempts to escape while the workers and butchers attempt to capture her through the factory with no success. Zatanna and Batman finally arrive at the amphitheater and sneak into the club where Circe is graced with a standing ovation from her all male audience that feeds her ego. Zatanna and Batman crash the show attacking Circe while she angrily rants at their disrespectful behavior towards her and then proceed to drop a piano on her. She escapes the attack and her male audience is turned into animals by her, spell attacking Batman and Zatanna. Meanwhile, at the meat factory, the workers continue hunting Wonder Pig and they finally manage to corner her with a shotgun, shooting at her, but she reflects the bullets with her wrist bracelets and runs off.
The workers discover her and ambush her tying her up and placing her on the conveyer belt that leads to a meat grinder to bacon city. Meanwhile Batman fends off tigers, and panthers and rhinos (oh my!) while Zatanna helps to confine them with her powers. Circe, unimpressed, watches with pleasure but Batman attempts to reason with her and bargain to have her reverse Wonder Woman's transformation spell. Circe has something she wants from Batman, something precious--his dignity. To complete his bargain Batman begins singing for Circe and her audience in the lounge performing "Am I Blue?" amidst a spotlight while Zatanna sheds a tear and Circe bawls in the corner. Circe agrees keeping her part of the bargain, but Wonder Pig is already headed to be diced.
Finally the spell is reversed and Wonder Woman reverts to normal form breaking through a wall and setting the pigs free upon the workers and is intent on wreaking havoc on Circe. While the audience gives Batman a standing ovation, Batman explains his vocal talents to his curious partner and thanks Zatanna. At the watchtower, Batman attempts to fish memories from Wonder Woman while she explains the pig transformation was a big blur, and Batman explains the fact that she's safe is all that matters. But much to his surprise, Wonder woman begins humming "Am I Blue?" as Batman looks on in embarrassment.

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"Fearful Symmetry"

Written By: Robert Goodman
Directed By: Dan Riba
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 09.04.04

Roles & Actors this episode (In order of appearance):
Kara/Tea: Nicholle Tom
Green Arrow: Kin Shriner
The Question: Jeffrey Combs
Professor Emil Hamilton: Robert Foxworth
General Hardcastle: Charles Napier
Gilbert Hale: Sam McMurray
Lasser: Roger Rose

Our Story:
Supergirl continues a pursuit of an older man through the streets of Metropolis aggressively stalking him and warning there's no escape. While two snipers attempt to stop her, she proceeds to take them down with her powers and is attacked by three armed soldiers on jet pack and thwarts their attacks bringing them down. Meanwhile her prey escapes on foot but she quickly catches up smashing through a metal door walking into a dark room where she battles with a powerful robot destroying it with much difficulty and continues her pursuit.
Her hunt appears from behind a counter shivering in fear and she taunts him as he screams out into the night. Kara awakes from what was a nightmare and shivers in her bed confused and frightened, and looks up into the ceiling which is smoking from her heat vision much to her surprise. On the watchtower J'onn probes Kara's mind explaining his confusion in the dream's meaning, while Kara explains what she felt during this experience and J'onn declares his probing inconclusive.
Kara worries that she may actually have committed the acts in her nightmare and J'onn is called away suggesting she relax. Later, Kara and Green Arrow discuss her dreams and Kara explains that the horrible images felt real. She begs for help angrily while Green Arrow obliges, but he wonders what success they'll have. The Question interrupts declaring that her being an alien is the result of her dreams because of her suppressed memories. He explains maybe there's a connection with STAR labs because she blacked out during Superman's attacks on Metropolis (see the series finale of "Superman: The Animated Series") but Green Arrow declares it as wild speculation begging she not listen to The Question, explaining not everything is conspiracies.
The Question explains there's a powerful cabal running the world with little success on the civilization and they're all a part of the plan while they gaze on his odd news clippings though Arrow wonders what anyone would gain from the events shown on the clippings. The Question insists Kara may be a part of it and decides to go with the two in searching for answers but Arrow argues that they need no help, but The Question reveals his investigative abilities divulging Supergirl's favorite late night snack much to her surprise.
At STAR labs, Professor Hamilton gives them a tour trying to relieve any of their tension, assuring her they didn't commit anything odd, though The Question wonders why they're there if nothing happened. Professor Hamilton begins explaining Kara's images in her dreams including the robot, and her human prey as just repressed hallucinations during her surgery. Arrow is satisfied by their search, but the question isn't explaining they're all a part of a big plan. They're attacked by heavily armed soldiers and robots in front of the lab engaging in a small battle but Arrow and The Question proceed to defeat them without breaking a sweat.
The soldiers attempt to flee but Arrow takes down one their copters, the remaining one flying off. Stunned, they wonder what just happened while The Question concludes someone is trying to kill them for asking questions, though Arrow strongly disagrees. Kara agrees with The Question and explains that the battle was organized and someone wants them gone. The Question discovers a mysterious object that originates from the army, and must now find the retired General Hardcastle who could have the answers.
They enter upon an empty cabin as the general sits in front of his fire place in the shadows with a gun with kryptonite bullets threatening to shoot Supergirl, but she assures they're not there for a fight. The general doesn't trust them and continues threatening her but Arrow stands in front of her stating that if the general uses his fancy bullets on him, he'll have to deal with a very angry Supergirl. The question manages to swipe the gun from his hand and the general begins explaining his story. He explains he knows too much about what went on during Superman's attack and explains the military's ties to secret projects conducted for profit and a new breed of soldiers. Arrow asks if it has to do with Supergirl, but the general explains it has to do with all of them, and that the watchtower is being monitored, but he's clueless to Sueprgirl's frightening dreams explaining he's been in retirement too long to know and says that the people they're looking for will find them.
Arrow declares they've found a dead end while The Question disagrees and decides to re-think what had happened to them. They're warped into the watchtower, but the general, meanwhile, sits in his cabin in front of the fire and is greeted by a mysterious woman named Tea who resembles Supergirl. She proceeds to attack him with pleasure and take him out of commission. Supergirl lies asleep in the tower while Arrow and The Question find her continuing their investigation. Much to her surprise she knows the general is dead and before her partners can ask how she knows, J'onn calls the three and orders them to look at the monitors. They look onto a television report revealing a scientist has gone missing, the same man she stalked in her dreams, and Kara watches in amazement to see he really does exists.
The Question finds it weird that only one network has the story, and Arrow agrees suggesting they go to find who the scientist is, but The Question disagrees saying they should find the source of the report stating the people who own the network have a connection. Green Arrow, now frustrated by The Questions proposal, suggests they split up. The Question goes on his own crusade looking for the person who owns the station and stumbles onto the local bar. When the sly executive attempts to go home in a taxi, he's greeted by The Question who ends up being his driver, and captures him much to his horror.
Arrow sneaks into the lab dressed as a guard and lets Kara in and the two proceed to enter the lab while The Question interrogates the executive and discovers the exec's connection to the incidents and a woman he's been dating. Arrow and Kara begin hacking into the lab computers looking for information while Arrow stumbles onto a secret genetic project showing the lab has been experimenting with Meta-human DNA. Kara witnesses test footage of Tea battling in test fields and is shocked to discover she's been cloned, and are promptly met by Tea who flees.
They proceed to chase her into a large stadium where they're warped into a simulated city setting training program. Tea flies in greeting them and smashes into Kara and the two exchange words looking onto one another while Kara discovers her connection to the attacks, and the two begin doing battle in the sky. Arrow watches from below trying to attack Tea with little success, and she proceeds in attacking him and taking him out of commission. The Question breaks into the lab to explore, while Tea and Kara fight in the battlefield, equally matched in skills and powers. The Question enters the battlefield and the two watches the fight taking place above.
Tea and Kara question one another while Tea explains she does not know who she works for, but The Question interjects explaining that Tea's been setting up Kara from the beginning and they both have been having dreams experiencing each others visions and feelings, but Tea denies his allegation. The Question approaches her daring her to kill him and she lifts her fist while Arrow stands locked and loaded but Kara stops her by dropping a car onto her. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a figure watches from a computer, and the two continue doing battle, but Tea is blasted off her feet by a mysterious explosion while she screams that she can kill Kara.
She's again blasted from above and the lab explodes while the three fly off to safety, Tea disappearing in the explosion. In the watchtower, Kara and her partners explain to the Professor the failure of their mission and lack of information they received, while The Question explains it's what "They" wanted all along. Kara asks Professor Hamilton what may have happened, but the professor explains he has no clue and all her DNA samples were destroyed upon her surgery. The Question explains that the military may have wanted a superhuman on their side in case Superman attacked yet again, and Kara agrees, but they admit defeat. Meanwhile at the labs, Professor Hamilton stands over an ailing Tea explaining she'll be brought back to health very soon revealing his connection to the attacks.

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"The Greatest Story Never Told"

Written By: Andrew Kreisberg
Directed By: Dan Rida
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 09.11.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Booster Gold: Tom Everett Scott
Skeets: Billy West
Elongated Man: Jeremy Piven
Dr. Tracy Simmons: Lori Loughlin
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Captain Atom: Chris Cox
Green Lantern: Phil LaMar
J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg

Our Story:
Booster Gold, in an attempt to gain notoriety and fame has his robotic pal Skeets launch a boisterous, sensational commercial promoting his own heroic deeds on the sidewalk in the middle of the city, and his campaign fails when everyone walks off uninterested. And, to add insult to injury, is approached by a child who asks for his autograph but is disappointed when the child learns he's not the Green Lantern whom he thought he was.
After some lame sucking up from Skeets, the discouraged Booster begs J'onn to give him a mission for more fame, though J'onn persists saying being a hero is not about the fame, yet Booster won't hear that. He is then called into duty by J'onn at the watchtower after the evil Mordru is released, and is put into a team led by Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman who are summoned to go to Earth and fight off the wizard. Excited about his chance to become famous through this mission, separate teams (cue cameos from many second-tier DC heroes) from the Justice League must go into the call of duty, but Booster is given only crowd control duties despite unsuccessful pleads to Batman.
After a long bout of complaining and whining between he and Elongated Man about their misuse in meager duties rather than heroic fighting, Booster is anxious to jump into the battlefield insisting "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". Just then Elongated is called into duty by Wonder Woman with the team, and Booster is left alone to control the crowd being resorted to giving subway directions to old women, and saving an ant farm in a burning building. Booster is given a pep talk by Skeets about how it's the little deeds that make the heroes, but still Booster want the fame.
When a lab explodes, he sees his perfect opportunity to achieve fame and attempts to save a female scientist from a fire. The female doctor, whom Booster ogles and flirts with, frantically warns him that the explosion has caused a ripple in their top secret experiment to maintain equilibrium in the universe, and their lead scientist Dr. Brown has been merged with the experiment due to the accident and is now roaming free in a daze causing havoc.
While walking along the street with a gaping black hole in his chest that's working as a vacuum and causing non-stop destruction, Booster attempts to warn his teammates who oblivious to what is happening below, but they're very distracted by the powerful wizard, and J'onn dismisses him tending to other duties. Now Booster, left with little options, must face the problem on his own. He's told in order to end the carnage, he must put a collar on the doctor which will inhibit his destruction and stop it once and for all. Circling town searching for the doctor, Booster runs into odd incidents including coaching a woman in an ambulance that is giving birth (with the help of Skeet) after the destruction causes her water to break, and EMS to flee. He succeeds in his good deed while she declares "Thank you Green Lantern!"
After having an unsuccessful bout with the doctor in a subway, and a failed tussle with a building that turns into a monster courtesy of Mordru, A very discouraged Booster watches his friend Skeets and the building get sucked into the hole. Doctor Simmons convinces Booster he is a hero after all, and with one last burst of courage he leaps at the doctor and while being sucked into the hole, finally slips the collar onto his neck. The hole is closed abruptly to which the doctor collapses, Booster Gold is spit out from the hole and the threat has been defeated. Skeets and all other objects sucked into the hole are spit out and Booster has emerged victor. Mordru is finally defeated and tied up, and as the heroes rejoice, gathering their bearings, and boast about Elongated Man's heroic help in defeating Mordru. The humbled Booster, meanwhile, stands in the corner with little notice or fame still discouraged as he's given a new thought about himself not being the hero he thought he was.
He's then chewed out by Batman for not pulling through with his deed of crowd control, but despite Booster's attempt at explaining what happened, and the near destruction of the world he prevented, gives up seeing no use in trying to explain and heeds Batman's stern warning "You and I are gonna have a little chat, later". But things take a turn for the happy ending when Doctor Simmons playfully calls him Green Lantern and the two walk off into the sunset headed for a date while Booster glances over at Elongated Man boasting, "Squeaky wheel, buddy, squeaky wheel".

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"The Return"

Written By: J.M. Matteis
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 09.18.04

Roles & Actors this episode (In order of appearance):
Green Lantern/John Stewart: Phil LaMarr
J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly
Kyle Rayner: Will Friedle
Superman: George Newbern
Amazo: Robert Picardo
Lex Luthor: Clancy Brown
Supergirl: Nicholle Tom
The Atom: John C. McGinley
Dr. Fate: Oded Fehr
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
The Flash: Michael Rosenbaum
Irza: Jennifer Hale
Hawkgirl: Maria Canal

Our Story:
We start at the watchtower where John Stewart requests that instead of guarding the Earth sector, he be allowed to protect Oa and trade places with Kyle Rayner. Though Rayner is more than willing to trade places, the council of Oa denies his request despite his insistence and J'onn's debates for his friend, but they know his real reason for wanting to change his sector is because of the feelings he still has for Hawkgirl which surprises Stewart, but they reply "It's our business to know these things, you're going to have to work through this, Jon".
Suddenly, a code red goes off at Oa much to the surprise of Jon, and they discover there's a mysterious object crash landing to Oa at an alarming speed. So, in snaps the Green Lantern Corps to Oa's defense led by Kyle and they all gather in front of the planet of Oa creating a sort of green atmosphere protecting the planet from the object. "Nothing's going to get through this baby," Kyle declares confidently, but alas, his declaration is premature as the object breaks through their field without hesitation and the council of Oa summons another more powerful force field, but as the object gets closer at higher speeds, Jon and J'onn are shocked to see that the object is Amazo, the super-robot from seasons past who has returned again. Despite Oa's best efforts to protect themselves, Amazo breaks through their force field and obliterates Oa, much to the sheer shock of Jon and J'onn who stand with wide eyes and gaping mouths.
As Jon stands in mourning and sheer amazement that Amazo could commit such a fantastic feat, there's yet another code red, this time at the tower, and J'onn explains that there's more problems ahead. He explains that Amazo is now headed to Earth and all bets are off as the Justice League snaps into action (cue cameos from dozens of second-tier heroes). They set up two teams, one in the upper - atmosphere of Earth led by Supergirl, and one in space led by none other than the Man of Steel and Lantern. The team moves out warping off into their positions and Superman wonders that though Amazo declared he'd been too evolved to stay with humans, why would he be coming back to Earth? Enter Lex Luthor being interviewed by a reporter feeding his ego about his fading health due to his kryptonite induced cancer and his invention of a device to extend his life and he explains how he wants to create a positive meaning in the world while he's still alive, but the reporter suspects he has ulterior motives for his life extension.
His interview is abruptly ended when Supergirl and Steel swoop down from the sky and carry him off as he cries out in surprise. Though he persists and fights, Supergirl continues to carry him. Demanding an explanation, the two hint that Amazo is back, and he offers that instead of the two hiding him, that they take him to his own hiding spot. Skeptical, they agree and fly through Metropolis landing in front of a barbershop to which Steel remarks "Gotta hand it to you Luthor, nobody will think of looking for you here." He enters the barber shop as they follow and Luthor shows his mode of hiding as he's taken by a pod that emerges from a chair and brings him down while Supergirl and Steel look on. Angered, they follow closely behind pursuing his getaway through a tunnel fighting obstacle after obstacle and being tricked by a five way tunnel. Confused, they just pick any tunnel and continue their pursuit, but Supergirl is taken out of commission after she discovers the tunnel she chose was laced by bits of Kryptonite which promptly brings her down. Steel comes to her aid and carries her off as both admit defeat to Luthor who's wisely evaded their chase.
After evading his captors, Luthor is shot into his tunnel further and emerges in his laboratory to safety where he closes his steel enforced doors, and proceeds to activate a very large laser gun awaiting the duo's entrance, but is met with much chagrin by The Atom who enters the room under the radar. Lex learns that he traveled with the two heroes unannounced and is disappointed to learn that while there is an entire league of heroes, all they send is the Atom to protect him from the strongest robot in existence. The atom explains that while he isn't one of the strongest he is one of the smartest and his specialty is nano technology which was used to create Amazo, and he insists he can find a weakness in the robot's armor. Lex skeptically insists that Amazo's blueprints were destroyed, but Atom surprises yet again revealing he has the blueprints within his grip. Meanwhile, the Justice League is on full alert and means business as Superman emerges in a cool space suit leading an iron curtain of super powered heroes awaiting Amazo to stop him once and for all.
Lantern and Superman await Amazo's appearance as do a fleet of Green Lantern's, League members, and fighter ships. Amazo insists telepathically "You can not keep me from my goal", but both Superman and Lantern aren't impressed by his new abilities and learn that Amazo wants Luthor. Superman insists they won't give him up, but Amazo reasons that he's his enemy too. Superman sternly warns for him to turn back, but Amazo declares he's evolved immensely and challenging him is not a wise thing to do. Amazo presses on and the league lets loose every bit of fire power they can deal out (including Orion's, Captain Atom's, and Dr. Light's), but alas Amazo proceeds forth through their incredible power to Earth.
The Atom and Luthor meanwhile are retaliating, building a device while the Atom wonders why Amazo wants him so badly. Luthor explains that he took advantage of him and that he's reformed, but the Atom doubts Amazo will take his word for it. Amazo breaks through the League's firepower destroying their fighters and evading their fire power, and is now on a steady course to Earth. Atom and Luthor argue over Atom's use of tools on the laser gun to which Luthor gives an outburst, but the Atom realizes Lex is really just frightened, and assures him that they'll beat Amazo. Back in space, Amazo has finally entered Earth's atmosphere unscathed and telepathically searches for Luthor's voice, anxiously awaiting a signal through the cityscape. He finally is able to single out his voice, and must now face off against the upper atmosphere defense led by Supergirl.
Supergirl and Amazo go head to head in a power of wills colliding, causing a cataclysmic explosion in the sky much to the surprise of the team, and Supergirl emerges from the collision defeated and unconscious falling to Earth into the ocean, and Amazo continues his journey unscathed. The rest of the upper-atmosphere team look on in shock, but give him every bit of fire power they can muster up, but he defeats them without breaking a sweat declaring "Your bravery is admirable, but annoying". J'onn looks on from the watch tower telling the land team to prepare themselves for Amazo's entrance. As they brace themselves, J'onn urges the Atom to speed his repairs, and in enters Dr. Fate from the shadows agreeing to help the League. Amazo finally stumbles onto Luthor's hiding place in the shop and is greeted by the League's remaining forces including Steel, Flash and Wonder Woman, but disposes of them with a powerful blast taking them out of commission within seconds as The Atom and Luthor listen in fright.
Amazo breaks through every one of Luthor's defenses in his tunnel very quickly including a steel coating that freezes him, and an electric shield. Luthor braces himself awaiting his quick entrance and the two rush anxiously, putting their weapon together as Amazo quickly approaches. Luthor sits at his weapon and waits for Amazo's entrance locked and loaded, and as Amazo thrashes the door, Luthor finally blasts him with all his power, but alas, it doesn't make a dent as he stands steadily. Amazo reveals that the weapon has little effect because he's transcended technology and has evolved. The entire Green Lantern corps emerges in the tattered battlefield in space picking up the pieces, and a now conscious Stewart and Rayner decide to use their firepower to destroy Amazo, but they will also have to destroy half the planet. They decide it's a price they will have to pay debating that half a planet is better than none while Dr. Fate strongly disagrees declaring that explosions and fire power will not solve a thing and destroying half a planet will do more damage than good, but J'onn disagrees saying they have little choice and must stop Amazo once and for all, for the sake of planets and dimensions, but Dr. Fate insists on finding a better safer solution.
Despite The Atom's failed efforts to fight Amazo, he grabs Luthor and faces him off angered by his past deception in which Luthor turned him against the League and using him as a tool. Luthor admits defeat and awaits his murder, but the Atom shrinks them both down to size in a micro-universe, but Amazo discovers them explaining that any universe big or little cannot keep him out. Luthor demands what he wants from him, and Amazo observes in disgust that humans want more in spite of how much they have and asks for their purpose in life, but Lex quickly catches on telling him, "What you're really asking is what's your purpose?" Lex now discovers that Amazo, despite transcending evolution, time, age, and conquering immortality has one true weakness, a desperate need to discover his purpose and destiny in this lifetime, the only thing he has no control over.
During their chat, the Green Lantern Corps are hot on Amazo's trail entering Luthor's secret hide out, and break through into his laboratory to be met by Dr. Fate who intercepts their attack attempting to reason with them claiming Amazo's goal isn't as threatening as he's made it to look, but Jon disagrees and the corps proceed to have a stand off against the wizard as Jon declares even he can't withstand their power. Fate, seemingly outmatched and over-powered by their force, stands aside as they storm past him preparing to take down Amazo once and for all, but find an empty laboratory. Confused by the sight, Fate explains cryptically "Lex Luthor is saving the world". Lex meanwhile is talking to Amazo in the micro-verse and explains that all of his efforts in the past to make a name for himself, all of his world domination plans and money is all in vain because even the greatest of us eventually fade away as he will within two generations.
"Why do you go on, then, why do any of you?" Amazo asks, and says that he can end it all very easily, but Luthor begs him not to so he can see the end of the evolutionary process explaining that Amazo will be able to see mankind evolve as he has. Amazo explains the futility of gaining all the knowledge he has when there's really no point in sight as he continues to remain confused ordering Luthor to explain his destiny to him. Luthor has no answer for him and explains that that's what his own journey is before he dies: to find his own point in life and tells Amazo to find his own, but his ego over takes him as he taunts Amazo telling him that he was so petrified of meeting him again, afraid he'd die, but now that he's exposed his weakness of uncertainty he just pities him, while Atom watches in disbelief to his stupidity replying, "You should have quit while you were ahead".
Seemingly angered by this remark Amazo warps them back to their reality and are met by much aggression by the Corps as Atom and Luthor are pushed aside and Amazo is met with the entire Green Lantern Corps in a stand-off ready to open fire, but Fate intervenes explaining that the battle is over, and Amazo agrees, but Jon won't back down unwilling to let him get off after destroying Oa. Amazo explains much to everyone's surprise that he didn't destroy Oa, he just moved it to another dimension, when asked why by a stunned Jon, he simply explains "It was in my way" to which Jon asks "Can you move it back?" Amazo obliges and Fate offers to help him on his journey. When Amazo asks why, Fate replies "Because that is my purpose". They fade off as the survivors watch in relief to which the Atom declares "Told you we'd beat him" as Luthor smugly replies "What do you mean, we?" Fate and Amazo emerge at his homeland met by his wife Irza who agrees to take Amazo in, welcoming their newest student into their home. A relieved Fate confesses "There was a moment there when I thought Jon Stewart would actually attack me", when a figure in the shadows emerges revealing itself to be an un-armored Hawkgirl who assures him, "Oh, I don't know about that, his bark is worse than his bite".

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Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 12.04.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Superman: George Newbern
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
AquaMan: Scott Rummel
Wind Dragon: James Sie
Long Shadow: Gregg Rainwater
Maxwell Lord: Tim Matheson
Downpour/Shifter: Grey Delisle
Amanda Waller: CCH Pounder
Dr. Hamilton: Robert Foxworth

Our Story:
We open on an oil rig out on the open sea, in the dead of night, when suddenly tentacles emerge from the water burning pillars and the foundation while an army of molten men make their way to the top, much to the horror of the sailors who flee in sheer terror. The molten men make their way to the top, melting and blowing up machines causing carnage. Meanwhile, Aquaman makes his way to the rig underwater and warns that if the molten men succeed in their mission there will be a massive oil spill. In the sky, the Justice League make their way to the rig, Wonder Woman in her invisible jet, Batman in his bat jet and Superman leading the charge assuring him they'll be there in minutes while Aquaman gripes about the molten men invading his territory.
On the rig, Aquaman fends off against the molten men alone with his hook slashing and thrashing at them, and the justice league finally arrive on the scene helping him out. Aquaman tells how the molten men made their way through the water while the four heroes stand back to back fending off against the molten men who quickly advance. Suddenly a huge whirlwind makes its way along the rig throwing the molten men aside and we meet the Ultimen who stand ready for battle while Aquaman looks on declaring, "Not them again." Superman takes on two molten men below with some difficulty, being covered in hot molten lava as the leader WindDragon blows them away standing in front of the vulnerable Superman looking on proudly, and to add insult to injury, calls him old. Superman, annoyed by the comment, bursts free from the lava while WindDragon assures him he meant, "Old, but Spry sir, Old, but spry."
Meanwhile Wonder Woman takes on a group of the molten men with her lariat while the Indian warrior Long shadow assists; goofily boasting about what an honor it is being able to fight alongside her. Meanwhile Downpour and Shifter, brother and sister twins turn into a large flood and sea serpent without warning, and flood the entire rig washing out the molten men with a gigantic tsunami. Wonder Woman grips about them warning her next time they did that while they insist they were only trying to help. Meanwhile up above, Aquaman and Batman fight off the molten men while they quickly advance on the two, running out of options. Wind Dragon bursts onto the scene freezing the molten men while Wind Dragon looks on in shock at his ability to freeze them, something even he didn't know he could do.
After the battle has finished Wind Dragon and the rest of the team stand in front of the rig workers lecturing about morals while the four heroes look on in annoyance. Wonder Woman insists they're all working for the same goal and should consider joining the league while Wind Dragon refuses insisting they're not ready yet, despite Longshadow's more than willingness to join and insists in a corny declaration that hopefully they'll probably live up to their legend someday and fight with them while Superman groans, "Oh, for crying out loud." Longshadow follows Wonder Woman insisting that he'd love to join up. Flattered, Wonder Woman heartily invites him on patrol someday as he stutters embarrassed.
The ringleader, Maxwell Lord meanwhile is being interviewed by a reporter on a political forum show on VOX, and the two debate as to why the Ultimen are so popular. Lord insists they've become popular because they're heroes people can relate to other than the Justice League who put themselves above us. The two debates about the money being made from endorsements and Lord insists the money being made is for the team and not other ventures. Superman shuts off the television and gripes about his spinning on the team's cause and the four heroes sit in the round table discussing Lord's suggestive backlash at the league.
Batman insists Lord is using the money for other causes, but Wonder Woman says it takes money to save the world and not all of them are as wealthy as he is. Batman argues that Lord has something up his sleeve with the use of the money, but Wonder Woman argues that the Ultimen may be genuine heroes who want to help and should be encouraged. The team is stunned at her rebuttal while she insists they're nice kids.
Meanwhile at the tower of the Ultimen, Shifter and Downpour work at a game of cards discussing Wind Dragon's latest appearance on television, and Downpour gripes about how the rest of the team wasn't mentioned. Lord assures them that they're all just as popular while the team argues. Lord hands them a check for the latest action figure profit while Long Shadow asks why they can't join the team, while WindDragon insists the craving will pass in time.
Lord is called away arguing over his cell phone with a mysterious caller about the mysterious appearance of WindDragon's newest power, baffled as to how it developed. Meanwhile in a penitentiary, Wonder Woman and Giganta do battle along the field bantering back and forth about Giganta's servitude to Gorilla Grodd as Bizarro makes his way onto the battlefield smashing into Wonder Woman knocking her into a wall. The guards open fire on them but Giganta makes quick work of them smashing the tower and makes her way to Cellblock C preparing to free the inmates and Grodd. Longshadow intervenes and Giganta mocks his size threatening him but is suddenly fed her words as Longshadow grows to an enormous size towering over her as she looks on in shock.
Below, Wonder Woman does battle with Bizarro attempting to reason with him, but is having little success as bizarro fights back. Bizarro prepares to finish her off but Wonder Woman confuses him and finally Longshadow and she defeat him. The two rejoice over their victory and the two talk about Longshadow's past on a hill overlooking the city. Longshadow asks if he really has what it takes to be a league member and Wonder Woman assures he could. He's suddenly called off and at the tower the team lay in stretchers beside one another arguing and joking. Behind a one sided mirror, Dr. Hamilton and Lord talks about the team's rapidly deteriorating cellular structure and activity and predict that their life may not be very long ahead. Mrs. Waller a mysterious confidant enters the room insisting they do nothing to stop the fading health, they're expendable, and to bring in the new team as Longshadow listens with a sudden ability to hear them and listens in shock as they prepare to replace them so easily.
Lord enters the room assuring them Dragon's new power is nothing to worry about and insists they spend the night as Longshadow agrees wholeheartedly. Back below, as armed guards protect them, the team sits in a room, fully clothed waiting their call oblivious to a camera watching above. Black Lightning sends a small surge through the floor killing the camera and they break free disabling guards, and breaking free curiously following Long shadow. They bash through a door entering a dark room, but are greeted by mutant hybrids and their own clones, and look on Shocked, horrified, and taken aback. Later, Waller, Lord, and Hamilton stand in front of the clones, and Waller demand that Lord bring them back, though Lord insists they won't trust him now that they know, but Waller insists he bring them back or she'll bring them down herself, and demand the lab be brought down and relocated.
In a parking lot, Lord is ambushed by the team and blown out of the lot into the air and dropped in front of the team on a rooftop, as the team prepares to interrogate him for answers. Shifter and Downpour turn into water and a lion and ask if he wants to be eaten or drowned. Lord begs for his life and tells of their origin explaining that they're test tube creations and their family memories are all artificial despite Long shadow's denial. Lord explains they were a product of the government meant to worship them, unlike the rebellious Justice League who was meant to be their exact opposite in concept and is only replacements clones a year old and explains the experiment reaches higher up than the actual government.
He's electrocuted slightly and the team flies off preparing to take the "big fish". They burst into the tower looking for "them" unable to find what they're looking for despite all their powers, and smash through the office building office by office. Long shadow begins helping people flee as the rest of the team smashes and bashes their way through the building. Finally, the Justice League, led by Wonder Woman, make their way onto the scene helping Long shadow as carnage occurs above, and downpour is ready to give up. Shifter suggests they bring the house down onto themselves, but Long shadow appears with his friends, the league members, insisting they have help. Downpour is doubtful they can help, but Wonder Woman declares they can.
Wind Dragon advances, ranting about true power and begins a surprise attack on the team declaring that if they want to be unique from the other clones, they have to take down true power and claim it, they have to take down the league and become remembered. Instead of fighting, Batman tries to reason with him explaining that his power trip is him getting sicker, but Dragon translates it as a plea of weakness and the team begins their attack. Long shadow stands in front of the league arguing that they can help, but Dragon sees it as a form of betrayal, and attacks nonetheless. Black Lightning draws first blood electrocuting Long shadow and Downpour advances on Aquaman trying to drown him as Shifter approaches underwater as a T-Rex.
Meanwhile below, Lightning and Batman square off and Batman dodges his attacks with ease and knocks him into a water pipe taking him down. Shifter's attacks have little effect on Aquaman as he dodges the large beast easily, and takes it out of commission smashing it into a wall then hitting it with a gigantic pillar. Downpour drains the room and looks over her brother in sadness. She turns to Aquaman attempting to drown him with water, but her efforts are futile as he stands unscathed, and very annoyed, reminding, "King of the sea -- remember?" She yells throwing small punches at his chest as he watches in pity and smacks her aside. Meanwhile Dragon and Superman tussle. Dragon hits Superman with a barrage of tornadoes as Superman stands trying to reason that there's another way to solve their problem, though Dragon insists, fighting is all he knows.
He continues his attack as Superman attempts to reason with him and tries to suffocate him with reverse winds as a vacuum. Long Shadow stands in front of Superman and asks if he wants to be remembered for killing his hero? Dragon blows off the wall and breaks down crying that all he wanted to do was be a hero like him. Later, the authorities take away the team, and the league looks on re-grouping as Long shadow sulks about his artificial memories and life he thought were real. Mysterious trucks and armed guards make their way onto the crime scene in droves as Waller and Lord interrupt the scene demanding they take the team away as Lord insists they only want the team to help them and promises he'll recuperate them.
The team decides to trust him and are surrounded and taken away. Long Shadow prepares to be taken but is suddenly surrounded by the league who insists he's theirs now. Batman declares he's not being taken away for testing and is met by the guards who point their guns at him; Superman and Aquaman flex their muscles ready to fight, and Batman declares, "Mine are bigger than yours". They stand down and Waller lets him go with them agreeing. Batman asks who are they, but Waller hints, "If I were you I wouldn't probe the situation further... rich boy." Stunned, the team looks on as the authorities leave. Back on the tower, the team, along with new member Long Shadow, zap their way onto the platform, and Long Shadow looks on in wonder at the league of superheroes, all powerful and wondrous, and the team turns to him declaring, "Welcome to the Justice League."

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"Dark Heart"

Written By: Warren Ellis
Directed By: Dan Riba
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 12.11.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Superman: George Newbern
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
The Atom/Ray Palmer: John C. McGinley
Eiling: J.K. Simmons

Our Story:
We open upon a dark Cliffside on sunset where two mountain climbers make their way up the peak discussing their trek upward. The lead mountain climber disappears once they make their way on the peak and his partner manages to make her way up and is shocked to look upon an enormous red and silver space ship settled down along the edge. It throbs with an almost life like motion almost as if it's breathing, as little creatures make their way across the rock to the mountain climber who lets out a horrifying shriek of terror. On the Cliffside night has broken and there is an emergency signal sent form the military to the watchtower from below urging the extra terrestrial threat.
A swarm of helicopters make their way to the alien ship gathering the mountain climber and observing the organism with guns drawn as it throbs and releases the tiny bug creatures who make their way like an army being rained upon by fire and bullets. The soldiers find they are quickly ambushed as the creatures make their wayt from the organism and onto the soldiers taking them down. Superman, leading the charge hears the call for help and along with Batman, Wonder Woman, and a head on barrage of Justice League's greatest, prepare for a head on war with the alien army of organisms. Some of their best heroes quickly make their way to the battlefield as Batman analyzes it deducing that it is an organism which is sucking up everything around it and converting it to mass growing larger by the minute, and that the spiders and creatures are a part of the organism.
The Matrian Manhunter connects Wonder Woman to the military who is evacuating the towns and orders that the team contain the organisms before they take action. Batman heads up the front freezing the organmism down to a halt hoping to stall its growth process. The organism has frozen but its creatures are quick at work to break through the ice and rebuild yet again. Superman and other airbound heroes quickly move in to the alien organism and begin smashing and thrashing the army of creatures blowing them away, slicing them in half, and crushing them. Below, the earthbound heroes make due by fending off on their own as Superman charges in to help. Superman uses his X-ray vision to see below them that the army of the spider creatures are right under them and break the ground under them with a loud explosion swarming all over them as they fight them off desperately.
The organism crashes through the ground onto a new sight and the General urges they wont be able to evacuate everyone and watches the carnage from across the field. Martian Manhunter readies the watchtower meanwhile for attack generating the power into one single laser as powerful as a nuculear weapon as the general listens and watches in horror as they prepare to blast a trench around the organism containing it in a hole. The station readies and from the stars the watch towers sends a cataclysmic blast down to Earth. The hereoes look on as the laser blasts through the terrain around the organism creating a massive explosion and burns a circle deep within the crust. There is a silence as the soldiers look on in shock, the heroes await the word to attack, and the creatures slowly back off on what is now only a platform surrounded by a chasm.
There is a brief silence as the watchtower now regenerates to see if the plan worked. Superman sees the brief window of cease fire as an opportunity to learn about the creatures and uses X-ray vision to look deep within the organism deep within its chasms and compartments and discovers a dark heart where it seems to be operating from, throbbing and pulsating growing second by second, replicating itself and building more and more by the minute and Superman is shocked by what he sees.
Batman and Superman agree there's only person they can call for help: Ray Palmer, the Atom. In a laboratory, Professor Palmer walks along water dressed in the Atom's garb in correspondence with his assistant over his radio and is exploring and looking for a virus when suddenly confronted by a Hydra creature that rises from the water and attacks him. Ray manages to dodge its attack and slide down its back; he's thrown around a bit in a rodeo fashion and smashes the creatures' central unit taking it out of commission. The creature lies along the water with Palmer on his back and just lies on his stomach quietly resting and suddenly is called back because of "company". He twists his belt buckle and begins growing taller and taller to normal size and is surprised to see Superman.
Superman urges there's an omega level situation and the Atom more than willingly agrees to come along. Superman and The atom (in Superman's earlobe) fly across the desert and the Atom explains how scientists deduced that replicating robots would soon become a thing of the future used to build, and that there would be an organism which could replicate itself by atoms and mass and then build and build until it became a bigger mass. Superman declares that they may be dealing with a case such as what he described, and the Atom fears that the machine could theoretically grow bigger and bigger without any hope of being stopped and continue reproducing from atom's and mass.
Suddenly, Superman and the atom are called in by Batman who is alarmed that the trench they created only an hour before has now been filled and covered by the nanobots created by the organism which has continued building and reproducing. The nanobots advance as the team continues to fend them off valiantly, smashing and thrashing at them and destroying the desert, pounding at them, but the bots continue reproducing from the scraps of the bugs. Batman advances blasting them with missiles and explains they're his last and his resources are gone, but the bots have other plans and have mounted his jet with attack tigers which begin smashing through his cockpit.
He sends electric shocks their way blasting them off and ejects, and is shot down by them leaving him helpless in the sky. He dives through the air calmly asking for help and is caught just in time by Superman as the atom complains it's getting sweaty in Superman's ear. He orders the atom to go down to the ground and help Wonder Woman who fights off the creatures. Batman and Superman lend beside her on the battlefield as the atom grows to normal size. He is awestruck at the large mass and the army of nanobot spiders and tigers looking out onto the organism which is growing larger and larger by the second before their very eyes.
He analyzes the situation and explains that the creatures are replicating by the material around them, and that they're going to spread worldwide and consume all matter replicating itself until the world is consumed. He urges they have to get inside the organism and that they can't just be smashed and they will definitely rebuild and rebuild because it is an infection and infections can't be stopped unless cured. He sees no other option but to get inside the organism and re-program it. Meanwhile the teams, both ground and air fend off against the creatures even more, smashing and blasting them being hopelessly outnumbered and ambushed.
The atom shrinks down to size as the batman commands they draw a defense line to keep the creatures at bay to keep people from being killed, as Wonder Woman holds the atom in her hand. They take off into the sky smashing through the creatures as the heroes cover them and draw a path through the monstrosities, including Batman who uses everything in his belt to draw the creatures back. Supergirl, The Ray, and Green Lantern dive in for air support for the trio and draw a circle of fire giving them an opening as the organism waits. Batman and the others smash through the creatures keeping them at bay but the force is almost unstoppable, even with these heroes. The organism reproduces more tiger creatures and attack Wonder Woman who is helped by GL, while Superman tussles with a few in the distance. Wonder Woman warns she needs both hands and stuffs the atom into her bustier and flies off in front of the organism smashing through the creatures and making her way to the organism.
They defend their home as Wonder Woman damages them immensely. The atom jumps from her brazier and makes his way into the organism, sliding down into the tunnel and onto a shaft where he looks up into the large dark heart. Outside, the heroes fight off against the creatures courageously, and fend them off drawing their line, but the effort seems more and more hopeless. The Atom manages to gain his balance and runs through the tunnels and chambers of the organism, and finally manages to reach the dark heart, amazed at the brilliance of the mechanism. He stands upon it gazing in awe as Batman corresponds over the radio; He begins reprogramming it and discovers it has a long history eons old.
He explains it's a war machine and has taken over two planets before Earth, and it was launched from planet to planet eating them one by one. Suddenly tentacles emerge from the dark heart's defense system which sneaks up on Ray Palmer grabbing him from behind and smashing and thrashing at him as Batman listens in alarm. The Atom has lost contact with Batman and runs through the chasm dodging the tentacles and finally emerges on the mechanisms main control panel. He smashes at it and is electrocuted; it won't break. He now realizes he can control his size and grow large smashing it with his increased strength but this only causes an onslaught of the creatures who continue outnumbering the heroes. The smashing was unsuccessful and now he devises a plan to give the machine a heart attack since its core is technically a living working heart.
He explains he can clog the arteries or twist them and give it a basic coronary and begins clutching the artery clogging its functions. The heroes are still being ambushed hopelessly as the atom continues blocking the production of blood from getting into the core and suddenly after all the stress the mechanism implodes on itself blasting blood from its core and blowing to pieces. The creatures finally stop their attacks and malfunction as the heroes look on in amazement at them. Batman, alarmed, calls to Ray over the radio and Wonder woman, Superman, and he walk to the organism as pools of purple blood ooze from its chambers. There is a long silence and from the pools of blood, the atom emerges growing to normal human size. "That... was disgusting," he declares covered in the blood.
Later, the military begins rebuilding and takes away the remaining organisms, machines and mechanisms, hauling it away by helicopters one by one, as the heroes look on in amazement that they want the creatures instead of destroying them, but Eiling explains that maybe they can use it since it almost beat them, and since they just discovered the team has a secret base capable of being used as a nuclear weapon. They manage to leave as the heroes watch disgruntled, and curious about their intentions towards the aliens. The atom ponders on why the military would want it after it nearly destroyed Earth and asks, "What's to stop it from re-creating itself on Earth?" to which Superman declares with stern conviction, "We are."

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"Wake The Dead"

Written By: Dwayne McDuffie and Bruce Timm
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Producers: Dwayne McDuffie, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 12.18.04

Roles & Actors this episode:
Superman: George Newbern
Hawkgirl: Maria Canals
Green Lanter: Phil LaMarr
Aquaman: Scott Rummel
Dr Fate: Oded Fehr
Vixen: Gina Torres
Amazo: Robert Picardo
Solomon Grundy: Bruce Timm
Inza: Jennifer Hale

Our Story:
Three young students perform an occult ceremony. Fire and brimstone hurl and churn around their mystical circle. At first, it appears as if nothing has happened. Dejected, two of the youths leave their friend's home. There is a knock at the door. "Gee Stew, did you forget your dice again?!" responds the young man. The knocking ensues. "I'm coming!!!" Then, a massive, chalk-white forearm bursts through the door! The hand engulfs the teen's entire head, muffling his horrific, chilling howl...
Feeling lonely, rejected, and depressed, Hawkgirl - Shayera Hol - has no spirit, and simply exists within the Tower of Fate. The mystical lair is the scene of an unlikely chess game between Shayera and Aquaman. The massive android Amazo sits between them, watching them play. Aquaman attempts to goad Shayera; incite and spark some emotion from the once-spirited warrior. But the woman has no fire. "I win again...huzzah," says Aquaman. "It's just a game," replies Shayera. Furious, The Sea King wipes the chess pieces off the board and onto the floor. "You disgust me!" "Join the club," is the only answer Shayera can muster. She walks away, off to join Inza in the garden zone of the magical Tower.
Dr. Fate consoles Aquaman, and tells him about Shayera's plight, when he suddenly receives an emergency call, and leaves immediately. We see Dr. Fate hovering over the grave of Solomon Grundy. It is now open and vacant. "J'onn, we may have a problem."
We cut to watch John Stewart as he is sitting front row at a fashion show. Of the many models featured, one in particular piques his interest: the African beauty Mari Jiwe Macabe. Mari winks at John as she struts on stage. Suddenly, we see John receive a JLU communication. He goes backstage to meet Mari. Whatever plans they had for the night are altered. The model and the marine transform into The Vixen and Green Lantern.
The JLU pair is flying into Metropolis, thanks to GL's ring. Amazingly, a police car is flying past them, when Green Lantern utilizes his power ring to save the patrol vehicle and the two officers within it. As the Lantern sets the car on solid ground, Vixen lands on the pavement herself. She touches her Tantu Totem, and summons the speed of a cheetah. She is racing at superhuman speed, while Green Lantern fills her in on Solomon Grundy. "Aren't all zombies - by definition - dead?" asks Vixen, when she and GL encounter the monster as he tosses a bus. Green Lantern saves the vehicle and its occupants; Vixen summons the strength of an elephant. She charges Grundy, with her footsteps echoing the sound of a rampaging mammoth. Grundy hears her, and then feels her as she slams him through a truck, then two buildings. The two combatants emerge on the other side, with Grundy holding Vixen by her arms, and flinging her into an iron gate. The heroine is wounded, but utilizes her Totem to regain flexibility and healing with the elements of a serpent.
Green Lantern storms at Grundy, firing concussive blasts at the behemoth. Grundy repels the energy back at GL, knocking him senseless and into the sky. Vixen makes a superhuman save, but the Lantern is unconscious. Before she can engage the monster, Superman joins the fray, and smashes Grundy with a powerful punch; the blow launching Solomon Grundy off his feet and into several cars.
Superman commands Vixen to get GL to safety. The Man of Steel expects a routine tussle with Solomon. But this time it's different. The Savage from Slaughter Swamp is more powerful, less emoting. He returns the favor from Superman, smashing the legendary hero senseless. It is clear that Superman, Green Lantern, and Vixen will not defeat Solomon Grundy without reinforcement. Throughout the melee, Vixen is forced to a young child. But Grundy is now a pure incarnation of devastation, causing untold damage within downtown Metropolis. He flings Superman into the Metropolis Bridge, and the Man of Tomorrow inadvertently wrecks the structure. Cars are imperiled and people now face painful doom. Miraculously, Aquaman emerges from the water, on top of a giant octopus. The sea creature utilizes its tentacles to support the bridge. Still, one car careens off the structure, with a mother and her daughter facing grave danger. Like an angel from heaven, Shayera descends. She uses her mace to rip the top open, and carries the females to a nearby dock. She turns around to see Green Lantern, in what is the first time in many moons. "I hate the beard," says Hawkgirl to her friend. Superman surfaces; prompting GL to ask if he is alright. "Do I look okay?!?!" replies an angry Man of Steel. Before them stand Dr. Fate, Aquaman, Shayera, and Amazo.
Before the heroes can establish their engagement of Grundy, Hawkgirl flies away in a desperate attempt to reason with Solomon. But this is a different Grundy. He casts Shayera aside, and continues the battle with his opponents. Amazo blasts Grundy with his energy beams, only to learn that the beast is feeding off the energy. Bewildered, Amazo departs for light years away. The JLU has little time to react. They resume the struggle against Solomon Grundy. Of all the heroes, it is clear that Shayera is the most successful. Quick reflexes, determination, and her Thanagarian mace prove effective. She strikes Grundy in his back, and visibly wounds him. Another hard strike, an overhead swing, smashes Solomon Grundy down and underground. He lands in the sewer.
Dr. Fate explains to Shayera that her ninth metal mace was constructed specifically to counter magic. It is clear: Shayera is the only one who can stop the raging Grundy - perhaps once and for all. Shayera hesitates initially, and then makes the descent underground. With her mace's energy lighting the way, Shayera follows the faint growls from Grundy. At last the beauty and the beast make eye contact. But while there is love in Hawkgirl's heart, it is uncanny compassion, not the romantic kind...
Above, Shayera's teammates pace about. Minutes have passed, and the crime fighters are anxious and uneasy. Before they can go down, Shayera flies up, emerging from the depths. "It's over," she says. Reporters surround the team. They ask Hawkgirl about her dismissal from the League. Then, we learn that she was never dismissed...and is free to rejoin the JLU. Green Lantern abstained from the vote, and it was Superman who cast the decisive vote keeping Shayera in the League. Hecklers shout at her, resentful of her role in the Thanagarian Invasion. But then, the mother whom Shayera saved greets her. "You saved our lives. God bless you, Chica Halcon." It's dawn now. The sunlight shines brightly over a new day. Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and then the rest of the team walk off into the sunlight, ending a grueling, emotional adventure.

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"The Once and Future Thing - Part One: Weird Western Tales"

Written By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Dan Riba
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 1.22.05

Roles & Actors this episode:
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Green Lantern/Static: Phil LaMarr
Superman: George Newbern
Hawkgirl: Maria Canals

Green Lanter: Phil LaMarr
Bat Lash: Ben Browder
David Clinton: Peter MacNicol
Jonah Hex: Adam Baldwin
Sheriff Ohiyesa Smith: Jonathan Joss
El Diablo: Nestor Carbonell
Tobias Manning: Ed O'Ross
Enid: Mindy Sterling
Warhawk: Peter Onorati

Our Story:
Sometime in the future, a nagging wife looks for her husband to take out the trash. Hen-pecked David Clinton tells his wife how he travels through time collecting historical artifacts. She still thinks he is a loser because he hasn't used the time travel suit (called the Chronos suit) to steal wealth. Clinton explains he only takes things that wouldn't be missed so as not to disrupt the space-time continuum. Clinton decides to escape from his wife's nagging and uses his time-traveling Chronos suit to leave her.
In the JLU Watchtower, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are still uncomfortable with each other. GL tells Batman he's OK with Shayera, that he's now dating Vixen. GL turns the tables and asks Batman about his relationship with Wonder Woman. As he's talking about her, he realizes she's standing over him.
Suddenly, the intruder alert alarm goes off. It's Clinton in his Chronos suit and he's attempting to steal Batman's utility belt. He's disrupted by GL, Wonder Woman, and Batman and attempts to flee by retreating into time - the heroes follow. Next thing they know, the trio of heroes are in the Old West, 1879 Oklahoma to be precise. And being shaken down by a trio of vile varmints working for Tobias Manning.
The bad guys shoot at Diana who naturally uses her bracelets to deflect the bullets. The heroes quickly overcome the bad guys and usurp their clothing and horses. GL urges Batman to take a gun but he of course refuses to carry a firearm.
The Leaguers ride to the nearest town.
Meanwhile, a bunch of cowboys are playing cards in a Saloon as the Leaguers enter. One card player is Tobias Manning and the other is Bat Lash. Each claims to have the better hand - but Manning says he's got a gun. Manning's gun is clearly future technology. Manning's men grab Bat Lash and Manning orders him hung at dawn.
Batman wants to stay on mission but Diana wants to save Bat Lash. Diana insists that they break Bat Lash out of jail after sundown.
After sundown in Bat Lash's cell, his next door cellmate is David Clinton.
GL uses the ring to create a green ghost and scares the guard away. The heroes free Bat Lash. As they describe Clinton to Bat Lash, Clinton reveals he's right there in the jail and that he doesn't work for Manning. Rather, he arrived in the past before the heroes and his technology was usurped by Manning who put Clinton in jail. He keeps Clinton alive to explain the technology that he steals from the future.
Batman notices that the jail has surveillance cameras from the future so they all need to leave fast - Diana breaks Clinton out of jail too.
The group is ambushed by Manning's men as they attempt to leave the jailhouse. Suddenly, Bat Lash's allies arrive and take out Manning's men. Bat Lash's allies - the disfigured gun-shooter Jonah Hex; El Diablo; and Sheriff "Pow Wow" Smith, a Native American turned Sheriff. Though Smith had run Manning out of town before, he returned with future technology and quickly overpowered Smith.
It turns out that Bat Lash was incognito trying to find out more about Manning's plans. The future heroes pair up with the past heroes (taking Clinton along with them) and ride toward a showdown with Manning and his men.
As they ride, Hex lets on he realizes they're time travelers.
Suddenly, the heroes are attacked by a flying robot dinosaur that Diana quickly destroys.
The heroes arrive at Manning's compound and are spotted by Manning's robot guards which fire on them. The good guys are then faced with more robotic dinosaurs and an iron tank. Diana overpowers them but she's grabbed by a giant robotic arm, which belongs to a giant robot. And there are three of them! GL's ring cuts the robots down to size.
Smith faces down against Manning. Manning orders him to go for his gun so he can shoot him down. But Manning's gun is actually six guns in one. Batman tells the six heroes that there is one gun for each of them to take out and not to miss. Manning's future six-shooter is destroyed.
Suddenly Manning calls for his flying robot horse Nova. Smith jumps after them and grabs onto the horse bringing it down. Smith then chases after Manning. Manning pulls out a knife. Smith tosses his guns to the ground and decks Manning.
The heroes collect all the future technology that doesn't belong in 1879 and GL dispatches it into space.
As the future heroes and Clinton say their goodbyes and prepare to time travel home, Clinton grabs the Chronos belt and escapes from the heroes again. And, once again, they follow him in pursuit.
GL, Batman, and Wonder Woman find themselves smack in the middle of another fight when they emerge from the time barrier - between the Justice League Unlimited of the future and the Jokerz. They're in the future world of "Batman Beyond" where Static Shock is an adult. Future Leaguer War Hawk takes one look at Stewart and calls him "Dad." End of part one.

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"The Once and Future Thing - Part Two: Time, Warped"

Written By: Dwayne McDuffie
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos
Producers: Rich Fogel, Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, James Tucker
Aired in the U.S.A.: 1.29.05

Roles & Actors this episode:
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Green Lantern/Static: Phil LaMarr
Ghoul: Michael Rosenbaum
Future Batman/Terry McGinnis: Will Friedle
War Hawk: Peter Onorati
David Clinton (Cronos): Peter MacNicol
Enid: Mindy Sterling
Bonk: Adam Baldwin
Dee Dee: Melissa Joan Hart
Woof: Dee Bradley Baker
Chucko: Don Harvey

Our Story:
The league are now warped back into the time portal chasing after Cronos, but have arrived into future Gotham where they are met by "The Jokers" who are expecting them. Their attack is stopped by a blast and back up arrives in the form of the future batman, a much older Static, and Warhawk who greet the stunned team who are still registering what has just happened. Thrown for a loop at where they've landed, the future Batman warns they must leave, but "The Jokers" won't let them get away so easily. Ghoul makes the first move dropping yellow flares on the group which Green Lantern attempts to shield them from, but it mysteriously breaks through the force field. The group breaks apart taking cover as the destructive flares drop and are met by extreme force as they face off against the ultra-powerful Jokers who seem to have them out-matched, a first sign by Chucko who takes on Wonder Woman overpowering her wrist braces with a laser sword which can damage the metal.
Weakened by his powerful attack, Chucko takes her down for the count; Dee dee begin their attack on Green Lantern with yellow laser whips, but GL begins dodging them and takes them down but is shocked to see they can multiply, and they instantly outnumber him. The future Batman intervenes knocking a few out, but they instantly wrangle him with their laser whips knocking him out of the air. Meanwhile Woof and Warhawk do battle, and Woof instantly gains the upper hand with razor sharp metal talons taking him down and swiping at Warhawk's face. Bonk hurls large objects at Static, but Static instantly deflects them to him with his powers, as modern Batman and Ghoul fight hand to hand. Ghoul morphs his hand into a saw swiping at Batman, as Bonk runs at Static dodging his electric assaults, and launches at him morphing his hand into a giant mallet knocking him out of the sky onto a car.
Weakened, Static attempts to gather his bearings, but Bonk isn't waiting and jumps at him, but is blasted away by Static. Static regains his footing and launches an air assault as Bonk twirls his hammer deflecting the electric bolts, slowly etching his way to his direction, meanwhile, the future Batman is caught by Dee Dee in their whips being shocked mercilessly. Static doubles back shooting at Bonk and comes to future Batman's aide knocking Dee Dee out with trash cans. Future Batman breaks free from his bindings but is shocked to see more Dee Dee's are awaiting him with whips. He blasts into the sky and calls for a retreat, but the team resists though it's obvious they're being beaten.
Future Batman orders their retreat and opens the boom portal for their escape, but it's instantly knocked out of his hand by Bonk who attacks by surprise. Green Lantern assures him there's always another way of escape and calls for Static to give them cover blasting a blinding flare into the sky. It manages to disorient the jokers who are confused and look for the team frantically, and are shocked to discover a green maze in front of them. They begin to go through it as Green Lantern looks on from afar. The team successfully flees from the battlefield wounded and humbled, and escapes to a rundown underground base much to their surprise. Static explains that they're all that's left of the Justice League, and the future batman begins explaining that they've traveled fifty years into their future, Green Lantern marvels at how good Static looks, to which Static remarks "65 is the new 30".
Batman wonders where it all went, but the future Batman explains that they're all that's left, all the members and machinery are gone and lost much to their amazement, but the older Bruce Wayne emerges from the shadows ordering they deal with it already, as the team looks on in surprise. Batman and Bruce stand face to face conversing, but Batman is just stunned that he managed to live so long. Future Batman interrupts introducing one to the other but they respond rudely as future Batman walks off not surprised by their attitudes. Warhawk introduces himself to his father, Green Lantern, as Rex Stewart, John is curious who his mother is, but Warhawk replies that it's kind of obvious by his attire, but Batman warns that even if it *is* to leave it alone, John may not want to know too much about his own future, future Batman replies that he *really* wouldn't. Static jokes that Shayera was a cranky pregnant woman, but if anyone laid an egg that big...; Warhawk assures John it's just a joke and is angered at why Static would find humor in the situation.
Static deduces that they've won since older Bruce is there, that means Batman lived through it, but Bruce wonders that if it is true, why can't he remember going into the future ever meeting his older self or of anything else that has happened so far? Batman notices that the environment is odd, so the future is being polluted, Bruce explains that the *timeline* is being polluted and becoming more fluid, Wonder Woman warns they'd better compare notes to make sense of the situation. Back in downtown Gotham, Cronos and Enid discuss his latest venture in time as he looks out onto the Jokers griping about how he took the time to alter the future and how he supplied them with weapons, yet they can't defeat the league. Bonk argues that the JLU showed up and got in their way, and Cronos wonders who may have tipped them off about their arrival. Chucko volunteers to check into it, but Cronos won't have it, and already knows who it was. Cronos warps his belt seeing that Chucko took a bribe warning the younger Batman.
Angered, Cronos warps Chucko into prehistoric times much to his shock. Chucko challenges that he'll be running the place in no time, but much to his chagrin an oncoming asteroid makes its way to him smashing into the planet obliterating everything. Cronos warns the team that if they don't want to discover, like Chucko, what killed the dinosaurs, they'd better tread lightly and finish off the league. He shoos them away and begins canoodling with Enid, bragging about his conquest and boasts about his ruling of Gotham offering her a parking space, but Enid is worried that since he took artifacts from the past, that it'd ruin time, and begins bargaining for her mother's release from his prison. Cronos rants about how he'll never be good enough for Enid and walks off angrily, as the league studies him in the base.
The future batman worries that he may be a warlord, but Wonder Woman explains all he was doing in the West was stealing trinkets. Bruce warns that he's ruining the space-time continuum, and that the degradation is increasing. Batman shows he's made a program to ruin the belt, but Warhawk is worried they won't get close enough. Wonder Woman explains that if they can get close enough to grab the belt they could upload it into the machine's hard drive taking it out of commission keeping it all from happening. Much to the team's shock she fades away into nothing meaning time was altered yet again to which Bruce deduces that the alteration made it so that she either never left the island or worse: was never born. They're thrown again for a loop when they discover a tidal wave of white blank space hovering over Gotham, making its way to the base erasing all of existence slowly. Future Batman warns they have to find Cronos, but Static argues no one knows where he is.
Batman volunteers to look for him, but younger Batman warns he has no idea how to get around the city since he's not familiar with the surroundings, but Batman replies that as long as criminals are still superstitious and cowardly it's all good enough for him. Batman looms over the city and is confronted by Ghoul who begins to attack him with his hand saw, but is taken out of commission by Static and the team. He looks up defeated at the team as future Batman urges they need information, but he refuses. Instantly, Batman yanks him from the ground and drags him to the ledge dangling him by one leg over the city. Bruce grabs Ghoul and hurls him across the roof exclaiming "*This* is how you interrogate someone." Only minutes later, Ghoul is spilling the information about Cronos and his base, and his time machine frantically as Bruce presses him for information further to which Ghoul admits he wet the bed until he was fourteen. Batman warns he can't control Bruce any longer, and Ghoul begins spilling further information about Cronos' wife, as Static watches in shock that Batman is playing good cop to which John replies, "Everything is relative."
At Cronos' pyramid base, Enid lies in bed watching a large television surrounded by guards. One of the guards runs off for an errand for her and she is disrupted by a ruckus outside. One of the guards is thrown through the door in front of her, as Warhawk and the team approach her. John is surprisingly turned into Hal Jordan as the team looks on in shock. Hal introduces himself and explains that it's just a time shift and that he's aware what's going on as the future Batman gripes that he's starting to get a migraine, but Batman warns that it's going to get worse before it gets better and that any one of them can change of cease to exist at any moment. Hal approaches Enid explaining that they need to find Cronos and guarantees they won't hurt him, but Enid assures them she doesn't mind if they rough him up a bit. Enid explains that he uses the landmarks as a cover and that he always sleeps in the same place.
Back in Gotham in a Roman coliseum, the team lands in the middle of the arena in front of a Western saloon, and Hal x-rays the building looking for Cronos. Hal assures them there are no booby traps and instantly changes back into John as Static complains that they make up their mind already. Warhawk warns that if they don't beat him, it will be the end of everything, future Batman assures they've been here before, but Warhawk replies "not like that" and ponders what does one do when they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. John replies, "Plant your feet." They approach the saloon together and enter looking out into the darkness, walking through the halls finally stumble onto him in a jail cell. John wonders why a man with his powers would sleep in a jail cell, to which Enid replies, "Because a loser with a kingdom, is still just a loser." She angrily approaches him and yanks the sheets from over him as he lays curled up sucking his thumb.
He awakes in shock to see the team as future Batman gripes about Enid's lack of stealth, and he activates his belt warping his team in on the League. They readily approach them, guns drawn as they prepare to battle. Batman urges they get the belt and nothing else matters, but Cronos escapes into a time warp as the two Batman's look on. Bonk knocks Warhawk from out of the saloon into the arena, and they begin to fight as the saloon begins crumbling. Static and Green Lantern create a force field around them to protect them from the rubble as Batman is caught beneath the shambles chasing after Bonk. The Saloon crumbles to the ground and Dee Dee whips Green Lantern to the ground as Static chases after woof, zapping him over and over. Suddenly a time hole opens up in the ground nearly capturing Woof, but unfortunately Static is caught in the rift and is enveloped into oblivion. Woof makes a break for it, but is attacked by Green Lantern as future Batman saves Enid.
They're suddenly caught by surprise as three revolutionary redcoat soldiers are suddenly warped in the middle of the battle with their guns, confused that it's happened yet again. They're frightened at future Batman's sight screaming, "Look out! It's a Monster!" and shoot at him as he pushes Enid out of the way being shot point blank. He is suddenly taken by surprise yet again as four Dee Dee's wrangle him from head to toe with their laser whips binding him down and shock him mercilessly, finally finishing him off, as Bruce listens from the base hearing only to his painful screams, and then silence and Terry's flat line.
Meanwhile, John fights off Ghoul's hand saw as he attacks him angrily, attempting to break through John's green shield, but is tackled to the ground by Warhawk. Bonk knocks John to the side with his hammer, as the revolutionary soldiers chase after Woof shooting at him and chase him into the coliseum. Cronos warps into the battlefield wondering why Enid betrayed him, and looks out onto the battle as Warhawk defeats Ghoul, but suddenly a humongous wooly mammoth is warped onto the field trampling Warhawk mercilessly, taking him out of the battle. Woof stands over him about to finish him off, but is blasted away by John who warns, "Step away from my kid!" Batman emerges from the rubble of the saloon, and approaches Cronos showing him what's happening as the sky begins disappearing into nothingness. Cronos then decides to warp away assuring they'll love him next time, as Batman and John chase after him through a time portal.
Batman wonders where he's going since there's nothing left, but John explains he's heading for the beginning of time. Batman warns that if he makes it there, he'll make himself a god, but John knows they'll get to him before he succeeds. They follow him through the time warp as Cronos looks out onto the hand of time which opens up for him, but John warns that it's a universal law that no one can see the beginning of time. Cronos looks out onto the humongous hand at the end of the tunnel with wide eyes and a smile, as the hand begins closing. He's captured by John and brought to them as Batman inserts the program into his belt, and begins uploading it. John warns he make it fast because he's having a hard time pulling back; the hand of time closes and suddenly they're back in the tower, in their own time, stunned.
John wonders if it all really happened, Batman thinks so, and John is pleased that they've won the battle. Wonder Woman approaches with no memory of what happened, and Batman deduces that the timeline has been restored to equilibrium and that they're the only two people who remember what happened. John looks out at Hawkgirl who stares back at him coldly knowing normality and no memory will create complications yet again. John wonders what happened to Cronos, and Batman explains that he re-programmed his belt to make sure Cronos will never come to exist: he will repeat the same scenario that spawned his creation over and over again.

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