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The SuperPowers Team: Galactic Guardians

Galactic Guardians In September 1985 a new version called The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians appeared lasting until 1986. No more Wonder Twins but more DC heroes and villains were used including Flash, Green Lantern, and a strong focus on the Teen Titan, Cyborg. The Super Powers team headquarters was the Hall of Justice in Metropolis. By today's standards this series is the most faithful adaptation of the comic books. Except where noted, each episode is a one half-hour story.


Superman: Danny Dark
Batman: Adam West
Robin: Casey Kasem
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince): B.J. Ward
Aquaman/Bizarro: Bill Callaway
Black Vulcan: Buster Jones
Apache Chief/Green Lantern: Michael Rye
Atom: Wally Burr
Samurai/Flash/Hawkman: Jack Angel
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond): Mark Taylor
Professor Martin Stein: Olan Soule
Cyborg (Victor Stone): Ernie Hudson
El Dorado: Fernando Escandon
Darkseid/Kalibak/Mxyzptlk: Frank Welker
De Saad: Rene Auberjonois
Brainiac: Stanley Ralph Ross
Narrator: William Woodson (series), Bob Lloyd (Titles and Teasers)

Story Editor: Alan Burnett
Character Design: Mr. Jim, Jeoff Barrow - based on DC Comics artist Jose Luis Garcia's renderings


  • The Seeds of Doom
    Cyborg helps the Super Powers team catch Lex Luthor, but declines joining the group. When Ronnie Raymond goes to talk with Cyborg they spot Kalibak planting one of DeSaad's seeds of doom that Darkseid hopes will convert Earth into another Apokolips. Firestorm, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman go to Apokolips to find where the other seeds are buried, and Cyborg ends up joining the team.

  • Ghost Ship (short)
    While in space, Darkseid destroys a ship being used by Superman, Cyborg, and Firestorm. Luckily the heroes get to a huge, apparently empty, ship. They find one occupant who is caring for a chip that holds her planet's population, since their planet was destroyed. When Darkseid arrives and steals the chip, Firestorm makes a rock give off yellow solar radiation to power up Superman.

  • The Bizarro Super Powers Team (short)
    Bizarro #1 comes to Earth with the duplicator ray and creates Bizarro duplicates of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Firestorm. Mr. Mxyzptlk appears and decides to "teach" the bizzaros how to be heroes, until Wonder Woman has a Bizzaro Mxyzptlk created who causes Mr. Mxyzptlk to say his name backward and disappear.

  • The Darkseid Deception
    While the Super Powers team are on a space station, they witness Steve Trevor, and his space shuttle disappear in a stargate (i.e. Boom Tube). Darkseid has hijacked the shuttle so he can impersonate Trevor to fool Trevor's friend Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), and substitute a satellite on the shuttle. Darkseid's satellite will send a ray across Earth transforming people into Parademons. When Darkseid kidnaps Wonder Woman, Cyborg has noticed how "Trevor" has an energy field making Batman suspicious, and the Super Powers team heads for Darkseid's planet Apokolips.

  • The Fear
    Batman and Robin discover the Scarecrow using a Fear transmitter to stop guards at a robbery. Robin temporarily suffers the fear of height, then the Scarecrow is chased into an alley, where Batman is overcome by fear. Later, Bruce Wayne explains to Dick and Diana Prince that the 'Crime Alley' was where his parents died. The Scarecrow again uses the fear of the alley to stop Batman, and ends up kidnapping Robin and Wonder Woman. To save them Batman must overcome his fear and smash an improved transmitter, before the other heroes arrive to help arrest the Scarecrow and his gang.

  • The Wild Cards
    Cyborg encounters four thieves who are saved by a character wearing a costume styled after playing cards. The character takes the thieves to a base, provides them costumes, and dubs them the Royal Flush gang. When the gang reappears, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm take them on and are captured. The gang's leader uses a device that places them in stasis. Batman, Robin, and Cyborg have followed and Batman shows the leader is his enemy, Joker. Joker is working with Darkseid to stop the Super Powers team. After seemingly defeated on Apokolips, Batman saves the day so that Superman can save Metropolis from being attacked by Darkseid.

  • Brainchild (short)
    Cyborg and Ronnie Raymond are at a technology exhibit, when robots attack. Cyborg and Firestorm stop them, but one robot zaps Cyborg. The charge has allowed Brainiac to control Cyborg's cybernetics. Cyborg is forced to fly to Brainiac's ship, where Brainiac transfers Cyborg's mind into a giant android that is programmed to obey Brainiac. Superman and Firestorm manage to reach Cyborg's mind making it transfer back into Cyborg.

  • The Case of the Stolen Super Powers (short)
    In jail, sorcerer Felix Faust plans a jail break by magically stealing Superman's powers, but his cell companion, Penguin, manages to get the powers instead. The Super Powers team is helpless as Penguin causes a crime wave in Metropolis. Faust, later in a cave hideout, forces Penguin to return and transfer the powers to Faust. The Super Powers team attacks and Firestorm creates kryptonite, while Wonder Woman uses her lasso to force Faust to transfer the powers back to Superman.

  • The Death of Superman
    The world is mourning the death of Superman. The Super Powers team take his body, and send it towards the sun. Darkseid decides if this isn't a trick he can now invade Earth safely. He has Firestorm kidnapped and DeSaad interrogates Firestorm to learn how Superman died. Superman died on an alien planet from exposure to kryptonite, before Firestorm could save him. Meanwhile, Batman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman have gone to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, where they find one of Superman's robots. The robot says Superman had been practicing a form of trance to slow the effects of kryptonite - he may be still alive! While Darkseid begins his invasion, the Super Powers team race to get Superman's body and see if he can be revived. Superman is revived, and stops Darkseid again.

  • Escape From Space City
    The Super Powers team receive a distress call from an industrialist who is building an independent space city. But when Batman, Samurai, and Firestorm go, he says nothing is wrong. Meanwhile, Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman investigate the appearance of an island positioned below the space station. They find Darkseid and are trapped. On the station, the heroes find the industrialist has been replaced by a robot, and assisted by his daughter must avoid attacks by Kalibak and DeSaad. Darkseid hopes to use the station for an attack on Earth. The heroes try to gain control of the station, but it ends up plummeting to Earth. Luckily the heroes on the island are rescued, and Superman saves the falling station.