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Hanna Barbera's Super Friends

The World's Greatest Super Friends

World's Greatest Super Friends In September 1979, another change as the Super Friends became The World's Greatest Super Friends. No more Legion of Doom, and fewer heroes this time. Superman was joined with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, and the sibling Wonder Twins. From 1980-1984 episodes ran as The Super Friends.


Superman: Danny Dark
Batman: Olan Soule
Robin/Trouble Alert Computer: Casey Kasem
Wonder Woman: Shannon Farnon
Aquaman: Bill Callaway
Zan/Gleek: Michael Bell
Jayna: Louise ("Liberty") Williams
Narrator: Bill Woodson


  • Rub Three Times for Disaster
    On the far off planet of Zaghdad (sic), a thief steals the magic lamp that holds a genie. But when his ship is attacked, the lamp spirals off to Earth where the Wonder Twins find it. The Thief arranges sub missiles to be launched as a diversion for the Super Friends. At the Hall of Justice only the Wonder Twins are with the lamp. The Thief has the genie capture the twins and place them in the lamp's world. The kingdom's sultan asks the Super Friends for help, when the Thief returns and uses the genie to attack. The Thief captures the sultan into the lamp, and then Superman. In the lamp's world the twins, sultan, and Superman find animated trees and an illusion of a lava wall. Outside, using Wonder Woman as a belly dancer distraction, the Super Friends try getting the lamp but are captured and prepared for a tortuous death. The sultan explains how to escape the lamp, and Superman then handles the genie while the twins rescue the others.

  • Lex Luthor Strikes Back
    When Lois Lane interviews Luthor in jail, she finds Luthor's assistant Orville Gump has replaced her partner Jimmy Olsen. Luthor uses a camera that projects images to disguise himself as her, and Lois as Luthor, so he can escape. After the Wonder Twins leave for a holiday, Superman is called by the prison. Superman confirms Luthor has escaped. Luthor uses his camera to disguise himself again and lures Batman and Robin, trapping them on a runaway train. Then Luthor traps Wonder Woman and Aquaman at a smelting plant. With the help of solar beings who make the sun red, Luthor finally traps Superman. But Luthor finds the beings double-cross him and start attacking the Earth. To save himself and Earth, Luthor must free the Super Friends just before his traps kill them. To help stop the solar beings, the still weakened Superman uses the Supermobile.

  • Space Knights of Camelon
    While on patrol in space, Superman spots a meteor about to collide with a planetoid. He stops it, but the meteor's radiation causes him amnesia, and he ends up crashing far away on the planet of Camelon. There he is found by rebels who decide he is the fabled Black Knight and have him lead them against King Arthur VII. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins track the radiation trail to Camelon. But when the Black Knight succeeds in taking over Camelon, they are captured. Wonder Woman is able to send an emergency signal, and Batman and Robin respond in the Bat Rocket. Although nearly all captured again, Batman manages to find out how to cure Superman, and the King is saved.

  • The Lord of Middle Earth
    While camping, Gleek and the Wonder Twins spot trolls fleeing a hillside hole. Gleek goes to get the Super Friends when the twins enter the tunnel and are captured. The heroes find an evil sorcerer has taken over the middle kingdom. The sorcerer transforms the heroes into trolls without powers. The troll king leads Batman, Wonder Woman, and Gleek in search of a magical ring. To get the ring they face a man-eating cave, spider people, and a dragon. The ring when placed on a statue by Gleek activates a power that banishes the sorcerer, and returns the heroes to normal. But is the adventure just a dream of Gleek's?

  • Universe of Evil
    When a Mexican dam fractures, Batman and Wonder Woman make sure it collapses, destroying a village. Meanwhile Superman tries to make Mount Vesuvius erupt. At the Hall of Justice, Superman responds to a Trouble Alert about the volcano. He tries to stop it erupting, but fails. The blast causes him and the sinister Superman from a parallel universe to switch places. Superman is discovered by the Super Enemies who take him to their Hall of Evil. When they find he is different they hold him prisoner. Meanwhile, in our universe the double pretends to be good, hoping to eventually take over the planet. When the evil Superman steals gold in Switzerland, he traps Batman & Robin in an armored truck. Meanwhile, Superman escapes and avoids the police to get help from a scientist at Metropolis University. She provides an anti-matter flask, and asks him to return to help the evil universe. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Aquaman rescue Batman and Robin. The Super Friends try to stop the evil Superman, who is ransoming oil in Saudi Arabia, but find they're losing. In the alternate universe, Superman manages to use the flask at the volcano, despite attacks from the Super Enemies and evil Gleek. Superman's return to our universe causes the other Superman's return. Superman tells the Super Friends he promised they'd help the people of the parallel universe.

  • Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
    Submariner Captain Nemoy has an android Batman kidnap the real Batman and steal a military jet with Robin and three nuclear missiles. After showing his Fortress of Solitude to the other heroes, including the Bottle City of Kandor, Superman must meet Wonder Woman on Saturn. Aquaman responds to an alert and is captured by Nemoy. Nemoy wants to use the missiles to hit the crust beneath continents and sink them. He finds he also needs kryptonite to do this, and the U.N tells him this is now held in Superman's fortress. Nemoy goes and captures the Wonder Twins and the kryptonite. As two missiles are launched, the Wonder Twins have Gleek, still in the Fortress, alert the super-powered Kandorians who are able to save Japan and North America from sinking. Aquaman has three squids save him and Batman and Robin who have been launched in torpedos.

  • The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein
    Batman and Robin respond to an alert when Dr. Frankenstein has a monster let loose on Transylvania. Although they stop the monster in Frankenstein's castle, the doctor catches them. He transfers most of Batman's mental abilities to a new monster. Robin escapes and summons Superman and Wonder Woman. The two heroes fight the second monster but are captured. Their abilities are transferred to a new monster, which the doctor plans to use for attacking Europe. At an Austrian science lab, the escaped heroes have their remaining powers temporarily transferred to Robin. The powered Robin tries stopping the monster, but eventually must use kryptonite to weaken it. With the monster stopped, the doctor is captured and the powers transferred back.

  • The Planet of Oz
    A tornado hits the Hall of Justice in Metropolis, taking it to a planet like the land of Oz. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman find Mr. Mxyzptlk is responsible. He has them go on the yellow brick road to find the Wizard. Along the way, they run from a carnivorous plant into a witch. The witch changes them into the Tin Man (Superman), Lion (Wonder Woman), and Scarecrow (Aquaman) before showing she is really Mr. Mxyzptlk. Next they face hazards: Aquaman must waterproof his straw body to prevent drowning. Wonder Woman's lasso is magnetized, and Superman saves himself by using heat vision to change the tin into lead. When they finally find the wizard, it is Mr. Mxyzptlk again. He changes them back and says the transformed straw, lead, and lasso can be used in a formula which will let him stay with them forever. Superman challenges him to say his name backward which would send him back to his dimension, as proof. He does so, and finds the formula doesn't work, because the heroes had figured out he wanted the elements for something, and had altered them.

1980 shorts:

  • Big Foot (1-1)
    Wonder Woman drops off Apache Chief for a competition. Walking Eagle and Apache Chief encounter Big Foot creatures who capture the Indians. Batman and Robin respond to Apache Chief's SOS and are also captured. Batman manages to use an emergency transmitter to control the Bat Computer in the Bat Cave to control the Bat Buggy which causes a distraction allowing the heroes to escape. Batman then uses a Bat Translator to talk with the creatures. They are aliens stranded on Earth, so the Super Friends help repair their ship.

  • The Ice Demon (1-2)
    Lois and Clark are at a ski lodge, when the Wonder Twins and two snowmobilers find themselves captured by an ice monster. Working together, Superman and the Wonder Twins manage to seal away the monster.

  • The Make-Up Monster* (1-3)
    While Batman, Robin, and the Flash watch a movie being made, the upset make-up artist uses a strange formula to make a movie mask better. When he puts it on, he becomes the monster and creates havoc around the set. When the heroes learn who the monster really is, Batman comes up with an antidote and turns the make-up artist back to normal.

  • Journey into Blackness (2-1)
    A traveling Black Hole sucks in Superman, then Batman and Samurai, and the Earth. Inside the black hole, the heroes find a strange energy absorbing alien.

  • Cycle Gang (2-2)
    The Wonder Twins are trying to save the passengers of a car that is about to go off a cliff when they begin to be harassed by a cycle gang. They need Wonder Woman's help to stop them.

  • Dive to Disaster (2-3)
    When a navy submarine is out of control, Aquaman and Black Vulcan must save the submarine and its crew. The two SuperFriends are not helped when a radiation leak begins to mutate sea life into monsters.

  • Yuna the Terrible* (3-1)
    When a group of archeologists free a female warrior named Yuna from her Stonehenge prison, she starts trouble. The Dynamic Duo try to stop her, but she captures them. Wonder Woman and Apache Chief free them, and they put a stop her Yuna's reign of terror.

  • Rock & Roll Space Bandits* (3-2)
    A group of space musicians paralyze the Super Friends in space and hypnotize the people of Metropolis with their strange music. The Wonder Twins are hypnotized and walk off the edge of a high-rise building, but Superman and the others save them and everyone else from the musicians.

  • Elevator to Nowhere (3-3)
    A Dr. Wells uses Wonder Woman and the Atom to test his invention, a time elevator, sending them back to 1776 and then to meet a pirate.

  • One Small Step for Mars* (4-1)
    After Superman and Green Lantern save Metropolis from an earthquake, they have to meet a trio of escaped Martian prisoners. Causing trouble, the Martians try to take over Earth, but the heroes trick them into boarding a rocket, which has its controls locked straight for Mars.

  • Haunted House* (4-2)
    A pair of boys go into a supposedly haunted mansion outside Gotham City. The Wonder Twins learn of the situation and go after them. They get captured by the cemetery caretaker, but all are eventually freed by Batman and Robin.

  • The Incredible Crude Oil Monster* (4-3)
    When an experiment to clean up an oil spill goes terribly wrong, it creates an oil monster. Aquaman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl must stop the creature before he feeds in too much oil and become unstoppable. With a little help from some detergent, the heroes "clean up" the situation (No pun intended here).

  • Voodoo Vampire (5-1)
    In Africa, a voodoo vampire priestess escapes a tomb and transforms people on a safari. She then takes Batman and Robin, who then get control of Superman and Aquaman. Black Vulcan and Wonder Woman manage to stop her.

  • Invasion of the Gleeks (5-2)
    The Wonder Twins spot flying saucers land. The ships have monkeys like Gleek from Exor, and want to take over Earth. They take the Twins and brainwash Gleek. They then surprise the Super Friends and are about to have Gleek disintegrate the heroes when the Twins escape and restore Gleek. Superman escorts the ships back to Exor.

  • Mxyzptlk Strikes Again (5-3)
    Mr. Mxyzptlk returns and annoys the SuperFriends with a magic typewriter that can send the SuperFriends into any story he chooses.

  • The Man in the Moon (6-1)
    A huge monster hatches from within the hollow moon. It takes Superman and Apache Chief to get it sealed back within the moon.

  • Circus of Horrors (6-2)
    Talking wild animals use a hypno ray to capture the audience, including the Wonder Twins, at a circus. The Twins lure Superman and Wonder Woman to the circus where Superman is transformed into a lion, and Wonder Woman a zebra. Gleek manages to save the day.

  • Around The World In 80 Riddles (6-3)
    The Riddler sprays Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin with a substance which will make them permanently stupid within two hours, if they don't solve riddles to find an antidote.

  • Termites from Venus* (7-1)
    Superman, Batman, Robin, and Samurai have to stop giant Venutian termites from eating away at the Earth.

  • Eruption (7-2)
    The Wonder Twins are the first to act when an erupting volcano threatens a remote village. The twins call in Batman and Robin when they discover the job is too big for them. Can the four super heroes save the village in time?

  • Return of Atlantis (7-3)
    Rima and Wonder Woman try stoping female Atlantean warriors from taking over the surface world. Wonder Woman calls for help from the Amazon army from Paradise Island.

  • The Killer Machines* (8-1)
    When the world's first self-thinking computer tries to take over, Batman, Robin, and Black Vulcan have their work cut out trying to reach it. After computer troubles at the Hall of Justice and in the Batmobile, they make it to the IBN building and erase the computer's memory, shutting it down for good.

  • Garden of Doom (8-2)
    The Wonder Twins respond to two scientists being attacked by a man-eating Tomato plant accidentally created by a radiation ray. The scientist using the ray accidentally shrinks the Twins when shrinking the defeated plant. Wonder Woman must be shrunken too to save the tiny Twins from the hazards of the scientists' greenhouse plants.

  • Revenge of Bizarro* (8-3)
    Bizarro goes to Earth and uses a special ray to change the Dynamic Duo, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl into Bizarros. Superman turns into a four-armed, four-legged individual after being exposed to red kryptonite. He then goes to his Fortress of Solitude, changes his friends back to normal with a counter beam, and defeats Bizarro with blue kryptonite.

1981 shorts:

  • Outlaws of Orion (1-1)
    A group of bounty hunters from the planet Orion capture the SuperFriends in order to collect a reward. The SuperFriends must find some way to escape from them.

  • Three Wishes* (1-2)
    The Wonder Twins release a genie from a bottle and get three wishes: to be full-fledged super heroes; to be where they came from on Exxor, where Superman stops the genie, and to make sure the whole situation never happened!

  • Scorpio (1-3)
    Wonder Woman responds to a Trouble Alert, followed by Batman, Robin, and the Flash. They help save a research center scientist working on a growth serum to help produce food, who is under attack by Scorpio - a half human mutant and his giant insect army. Scorpio wants to spread the serum to make every insect a giant.

  • Mxyzptlk's Flick (2-1)
    Batman and Robin take the Wonder Twins to a 3-D movie. Mr. Mxyzptlk, however, decides to pester the SuperFriends by pulling them into the movie. Using his magic movie camera he can make the SuperFriends do or say anything he wants.

  • Sink Hole* (2-2)
    Diamond Jack uses a robotic cobra to convert coal into diamonds in seconds. The coal diggings cause a sink hole in West Virginia, but Superman, Wonder Woman, and a local sheriff stop him and the cobra by destroying the remote control.

  • Alien Mummy (2-3)
    When an alien mummy awakens intent on conquering the world, a group of archaeologists investigating an Aztec Pyramid are endangered. Superman, Wonder Woman, and El Dorado must figure out some way of rescuing them and stopping the alien mummy.

  • The Evil from Krypton* (3-1)
    Superman tries to keep a dam from breaking, but the sun suddenly turns red, causing him to weaken. Learning that the cause is at the Fortress of Solitude, he goes with Green Lantern and Aquaman to confront Zycree, an evil Kryptonian freed from the Phantom Zone. Aquaman destroys the red sun generator, and Superman defeats Zycree in a one-on-one matchup.

  • The Creature from the Dump* (3-2)
    A strange monster is born from chemicals in a junkyard and starts terrifying Gotham City, but the Dynamic Duo and the Wonder Twins are able to stop it by literally pulling it apart.

  • Aircraft Terror* (3-3)
    A jet is struck by a meteor, changing the jet into a dragon that can fire a beam to change other flying machines into monsters. The Wonder Twins and the Dynamic Duo follow the aircraft monsters to an aircraft carrier. With some quick reflexes and a lucky deflection off Zan (as an ice jet), the dragon's beam hits the beast itself, changing it and the other monsters back into flying machines.

  • The Lava Men* (4-1)
    In Ocean City, the dam changes from water to fire. Aquaman is first to notice and saves a ferry boat. Superman and Wonder Woman join in, but all three heroes have to face a group of molten creatures that start trouble. In the end, they force the lava men back to their home near the Earth's core.

  • Bizarroworld* (4-2)
    Superman and Black Vulcan are lured into a trap on Bizarro's planet. While Black Vulcan blasts his way through a maze of mirrors, Superman has to deal with Bizarro in a cavern of red kryptonite, which turns the Man of Steel into a scrawny weakling. Superman puts a piece of red kryptonite under his suit to change the color to blue. Bizarro weakens and is defeated.

  • The Warlord's Amulet (4-3)
    In Japan, Samurai and Batman and Robin work to stop a 13th century warlord with demon warriors, who has come using a time gate.

  • The Iron Cyclops* (5-1)
    Superman, Black Vulcan, and the Atom, go to planet Zeron to confront an iron-clad cyclops that is trying to steal Earth's gravity. When they do defeat the giant robot, they find the operator to be smaller than the Atom!

  • Palette's Perils* (5-2)
    Artist John Palette creates monsters out of paintings to steal artifacts. As El Dorado and Wonder Woman investigate the thefts, they are sidetracked by a painting monster at the Hall of Justice. They figure out Palette's scheme, so they go to his art studio and defeat him.

  • Colossus* (5-3)
    Superman and Apache Chief stop a giant alien from walking off with Earth in a bottle. After Apache Chief shrinks the giant, the alien still causes trouble on Earth. In the end, though, the two heroes spin him out of the galaxy.

  • Stowaways from Space* (6-1)
    Capt. Hood and the Wonder Twins meet aliens on an automatic space station that has returned from its mission. The aliens try to fire a missile on Washington, but Superman stops it. The aliens then steal a laser ship, only to see Superman stop them by making them fire laser beams at each other. The extra aliens were only holograms created from the main alien.

  • The Scaraghosta Sea* (6-2)
    Two marine biologists in a special submarine are pulled into an undersea whirlpool and find themselves in the Scaraghosta Sea. Captured by a group of ghosts, Aquaman and the Dynamic Duo go after them. Although they have a hard time fighting the ghosts, they stop the ghosts from trying to leave the sea in the submarine and save the biologists.

  • The Witch's Arcade* (6-3)
    A strange witch in a fortune-teller machine tricks the Wonder Twins, shrinks them, and pulls them into a pinball machine. Wonder Woman comes along and gets trapped in a video game, but they all eventually escape and capture the witch.

1983 shorts:

  • Mxyzptlk's Revenge* (1-1)
    Superman and Batman are transported to Mxyzptlk's backward fifth dimension and are put on trial. Found guilty, Superman has to do farmwork near kryptonite-like vegetables while Batman has to live upside down. Realizing that everything is backward, the heroes make Mxyzptlk say his name normally, and they escape back to the real world.

  • Roller Coaster* (1-2)
    When three boys use a condemned roller coaster for part of an initiation, the Wonder Twins come to the rescue. They try to slow down the dangerous ride, but one of the cars breaks off, leaving one boy still in danger. The Atom shuts off the power just before the car nears the edge of the deepest part of the ride. In the end, the boys learn that club members should be judged by character, not by pulling terrifying stunts.

  • Once Upon a Poltergeist* (1-3)
    When the Wayne Building in Gotham City suffers a severe shake-up, Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief learn that the spirit of an Iroquois Indian (I'm not even gonna try to spell the Indian's name!) is haunting the building. The spirit believes that the building was built on top of a burial mound, but Apache Chief leads him to the actual location of the burial ground, outside Gotham City.

  • Warpland (2-1)
    Batman and Superman spot a meteor that threatens Metropolis. When they fly to stop it, they find they are drawn through a warp in space into an alternate universe, where heroes are animals. The animal heros capture Superman and Batman and take them to their Hall, where they convert them into a real Bat Man and a Super Eagle. Using the Bat Rocket to escape, Superman and Batman manage to re-enter the warp at near the speed of light and return to their universe, where their bodies return to normal, and they can stop the meteor.

  • Two Gleeks are Deadlier than One (2-2)
    Giganta lures Gleek away to where Grodd can create an android double. They use the double to attack the collected Justice League at a rare joint meeting. The Wonder Twins learn from Wonder Woman, that the android Gleek has attacked android doubles, and the meeting was a trap to catch members of the Legion of Doom.

  • Bulgor the Behemoth (2-3)
    When a cartoon scriptwriter is struck by lightning in the middle of typing a story, he transforms into the very monster he was creating, Bulgor the Behemoth. Superman and Apache Chief have a hard time stopping the creature, but Apache Chief reasons with Bulgor and convinces the character that he was only a normal man with an imagination gone wild.

  • The Krypton Syndrome (3-1)
    While helping save an alien ship from being drawn into a black hole, Superman is drawn in with the Supermobile. He goes back through time to Krypton. Superman decides to save Krypton, by stopping the sun from expanding. He then goes through the black hole and back to Earth. On Earth, he finds a new timeline. The Legion of Doom has defeated the Super Friends, since Superman no longer existed. Superman must return to the past and let Krypton be destroyed

  • Invasion of the Space Dolls* (3-2)
    A group of space dolls takes over a toy plant and get sold around the world as toys. The dolls start taking over by enslaving the minds of government and military leaders. When the Wonder Twins learn the weakness in the need of battery recharge, they and the Dynamic Duo stop the invasion force.

  • Terror on the Titanic* (3-3)
    Aquaman and Black Vulcan go to save two French divers from a monster on the sunken Titanic, but the heroes get more than they bargained for. The divers are possessed by a kind of thinking algae, and the Titanic itself is alive! The divers are rescued, yet the Titanic moves under its own power toward Cape Race, Newfoundland. The heroes take the monster ship back out to sea, where it crashes into an iceberg and sinks again.

  • The Revenge of Doom* (4-1)
    When a construction crew recovers the Hall of Doom, Batman and Robin wonder how the workers obtained top secret information. That crew is really the Legion of Doom, and they capture the duo. They then go to the Hall of Justice to take over and turn Superman and Wonder Woman into crystal. Luthor and company start a crime wave, but the heroes manage to escape and stop the Legion before robbing Fort Knox.

  • A Pint of Life* (4-2)
    A young boy in the hospital needs a blood transfusion, and only his father can provide the blood. Aquaman finds Dr. Marks, an archeologist, in the Amazon River, but when they try to leave an ancient temple, they are captured by a tribe. After Aquaman commands some piranha to help them escape, the Wonder Twins further the effort. Dr. Marks reaches his son in time, and the teenager recovers.

  • Day of the Dinosaurs* (4-3)
    Wonder Woman and Samurai take a wild ride when the Hall of Justice falls into a lower world filled with dinosaurs. They battle with a group of primitive people but are saved by someone from an advanced race. However, upon learning that the primitive race has lost its food supply due to the futuristic race's force field, the heroes get them to live together peacefully.

  • Return of the Phantoms (5-1)
    After three criminals named Logar, Hol, and Romlok escape from the phantom zone, they travel back in time in order to destroy Superman when he was just Superboy. The SuperFriends must figure out some way to stop them.

  • Bully for You* (5-2)
    After tenth grader Ernie Wilcox gets bullied by a couple of seniors, he has his chance to get even by finding Batman's utility belt, which was lost in a rescue attempt. Ernie goes too far when he uses the molecular destabilizer, but the twins save him and the seniors. Ernie realizes then that being tough means believing in yourself first.

  • Superclones (5-3)
    Aquaman and El Dorado are injured by animals during rescues. Brainiac obtains tissue samples from the animals of the heroes that he uses to create clones. He then captures the real heroes, and has the two clones commit a crime and implicate the rest of the Super Friends. Aquaman and El Dorado escape in time to capture Brainiac and save the others from being jailed.

  • Prisoners of Sleep* (6-1)
    Sleep, a demon from the Dreamworld, is freed from his billion-year prison. He causes Superman and Batman to fall asleep and make their worst nightmares real. Wonder Woman comes to the rescue and asks a coal miner to wake her up after five minutes. She ventures into the Dreamworld and gets her friends out. They put Sleep back in his little container and lock him there again.

  • An Unexpected Treasure* (6-2)
    When two young boys do a bike jump into a restricted area, they find a flying saucer and take a ride in it. The Wonder Twins try to help them out but end up trapped in the saucer. Hawkman and Hawkgirl come to the rescue and save the others just before the ship goes back into space forever.

  • The Malusian Blob* (6-3)
    A blob from the planet Malusia attacks a space shuttle. The Dynamic Duo and Black Vulcan manage to save the astronauts but not the shuttle. As for the blob, it moves into Gotham City and eats away at almost everything. Batman and Robin learn that table sugar will destroy the blob and get the job done. In the end, the Malusians are supplied with enough sugar to destroy the rest of the chemical.

  • Attack of the Cats* (7-1)
    An accidental mixture of a cat scratch and a petri dish culture transforms a scientist into a catlike person. She scratches her assistant, changing him into a cat man. When the Dynamic Duo and El Dorado try to stop them, Robin gets turned into a cat man. Batman creates and antidote and cures them before there is more trouble.

  • One Small Step for Superman* (7-2)
    When a boy suffers a nasty fall, the Wonder Twins get him to the hospital. Unfortunately, the boy learns that his dog has run away and that he can't walk, although x-rays show his legs to be all right. Even Batman's computer says the boy is fine, but he refuses to try to walk. Superman joins in the effort, but a robot attacks the Hall of Justice and fires a piece of kryptonite at Superman, weakening him. The boy is forced to try to walk in order to get rid of the kryptonite, and Superman stops the robot. In the end, it's all an act to get the boy to believe how important decisions are.

  • Video Victims* (7-3)
    Bizarro sends a strange video game to the Hall of Justice and sets a deadly trap for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Samurai. Similar to Pac-Man, Superman and Wonder Woman get "eaten," but Samurai finds a way to reverse the game and free the others, trapping Bizarro in the game instead.

  • Playground of Doom* (8-1)
    Three giant children play around with the Bat Rocket in space and then go to Earth to start trouble. Fortunately, Superman and the Dynamic Duo and the kids' parents, and the kids are grounded back to their home planet.

  • Space Racers* (8-2)
    The Wonder Twins are on space patrol when they meet up with two space racers. When they try to give the racers a speeding ticket, they beam out and take Jayna with them. Wonder Woman and the Flash go to Saturn to stop the racers from hitting a space mining station, and eventually the racers learn to obey the laws.

  • The Recruiter* (8-3)
    Superman and Wonder Woman save a space station hotel from a monster but are kidnapped and taken to a stadium to play spaceball (think football). The heroes team up with other aliens in the game to stop the recruiters' plans to force aliens to play their sports.