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Challenge of the Super Friends

Challenge of the Super Friends In September 1978, the Super Friends changed concept again becoming Challenge of the Super Friends on ABC. Superman and his 10 Justice League of America colleagues found themselves battling the 13 member Legion of Doom composed of DC Comics supervillains like Superman foes Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Toyman, and Bizarro, and Batman foes like the Riddler and Scarecrow. This series did not have the Wonder Twins. [The "Challenge of the Super Friends" episodes followed new "Super Friends" half hour episodes, which did include the Wonder Twins. These are also listed below].

Although using the Justice League and genuine supervillains more than the previous Super Friends cartoons and real locales helps, the stories are hurt by frequent plot holes, use of Kryptonite, and bad science. Newly invented multicultural heroes like Apache Chief who could become a 50ft giant, the whirlwind Samurai, and Black Vulcan who could emit lightning bolts appeared in these adventures. Samurai also could become invisible, and change into a fireball. El Dorado could teleport, and create illusions with holographic vision.


Executive Producers: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Producer: Don Jurwich
Directors: Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano
Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto
Story/Story Editor: Jeffrey Scott
Story Direction: John Bruno, Jan Green, Ron Maidenberg, Hal Mason, Michael O'Connor, Mario Piluso, Dick Sebast, Don Sheppard, Paul Sommer, Bob Taylor, Alex Toth, Warren Tufts, Tom Yakutis
Recording Director: Don Jurwich

Voices: Jack Angel (The Flash/Hawkman/Samurai); Marlene Aragon (The Cheetah); Lewis Bailey; Michael Bell (Bizarro/The Riddler); Bill Callaway (Aquaman); Ted Cassidy (Black Manta/Brainiac); Melanie Chartoff; Henry Corden; Danny Dark (Superman); Al Fann; Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman); Ruth Forman (Giganta); Bob Hastings; Bob Holt; Buster Jones (Black Vulcan); Stanley Jones (Alexis "Lex" Luthor); Casey Kasem (Robin, The Teen Wonder); Don Messick (The Scarecrow); Vic Perrin (Sinestro); Renny Roker; Stanley Ralph Ross (Grodd); Dick Ryal (Capt. Cold); Michael Rye (Green Lantern/Apache Chief); Olan Soule (The Batman); Jimmy Weldon (Solomon Grundy); Frank Welker (The Toyman); Louise Williams

Graphics: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke
Title Design: Bill Perez
Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin
Musical Supervisor: Paul DeKorte
Character Design: Andre LeBlanc
Key Layout: Homer Jonas, Terry Morgan
Layout Supervision: John Ahern
Layout: Tom Coppola, Susan Crossley, Sukki Dail, Paul Gauwell, C.L. Hartman, Jack Huber, Ray Jacobs, Mike Kawagucki, Mark Kirkland, Brad Landreth, Bill Lignante, Jim Mueller, Dan Noonan, Mike O'Mara, Tony Sgroi, Wallace Sides, Toby, John Tucker, Dean Thompson, Al Wilson
Animation Supervision: Bill Keil, Jay Srbry
Assistant Animation Supervision: Bob Goe
Animation: Ed Aardal, Bob Alvarez, Frank Andrina, Cliff Auguston, Ed Barge, Tom Barnes, Bob Bemiller, Lars Calonius, Bob Carr, Roger Chiasson, Jessie Cosio, Doug Carne, Zeon Drvush, Daniel De La Vega, Joan Drake, Norm Drew, Hugh Fraser, Al Grivoto, Miguel Garcia, Mark Glamack, Fernando Gonzalez, Jeff Hall, Terry Harrison, Bob Hathcock, Fred Hellmich, Harry Holt, Bill Hutten, Mario Julio, Jim Heeshen, Rick Leon, Hicks Lokey, Ernesto Lopez Ed Love, Tony Love, larry Miller, Ken Muse, Constantin Mustatea, Ron Myrick, Frank Nakielski, Margaret Nichols, Eduardo Olivares, Margaret Parkes, Bill pratt, Tom Ray, Morey Reden, Veve Risto, Mitch Rochon, Mark Simon, Ken Southworth, Leo Sullivan, Dave Tendlar, Dick Thompson, Bob Trochin, Richard Trueblood, Carlo Vinci, James Walker, John Walker, Ron Westlund, Allen Wilzbach
Background Supervisor: Al Gmuer
Backgrounds: Deborah Akers, Fernando Arce, Ron Dias, Dennis Durrell, Martin Forte, Bob Gentle, Ann Guenther, James Hickey, Paro Hozumi, Michael Humphries, Andy Phillipson, Jeff Riche, Craig Robertson, Bob Schaefer, Sear Segal-Alsberg, Gary Selvaggio, Peter Van Elk
Checking And Scene Planning: Cindy Smith
Xerography: Star Wirth
Ink And Paint Supervision: Billie Kerns
Sound Direction: Richard Olson, Bill Getty
Camera: George Epperson, Jerry Smith, Tom Epperson, Chuck Flekal, Ron Jackson, Larry Smith, Terry Smith, Brandy Whittington, Jerry Whittington
Supervising Film Editor: Larry C. Cowan
Dubbing Supervisor: Pat Foley
Music Editors: Sam Horta, Joe Sandusky, Robert Talboy
Effects Editors: Joseph L. Reitano, Kerry Williams
Show Editor: Gil Iverson
Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer
Production Manager: Jayne Barbera
Post-Production Manager: Joed Eaton

Based upon the characters appearing in Justice League Of America and Super Friends Comics published by D.C. Comics, Inc.

"Challenge of the Super Friends" Episodes

These 16 episodes are available on "Challenge of the Super Friends - The First Season" DVD.
  • Wanted: The Superfriends
    Lex Luthor calls to order the Legion of Doom in their Hall of Doom. He shows a dream machine that will cause the Super Friends to commit crimes. Superman robs Fort Knox, Batman and Robin rob the mint in Washington, etc. When the Super Friends discover their crimes and turn themselves in they find themselves launched towards the sun in a trap by Bizarro and Cheetah. Meanwhile the Legion of Doom use the JLA satellite to send mutation beams changing people into Bizarros and Cheatahs. The Super Friends escape the trap using Wonder Woman's lasso, and Batman and Robin figure out how Superman can send the signal to change the people back to normal.

  • Invasion of the Fearians
    The Fearians from Venus offer to stop the Super Friends and allow the Legion of Doom to rule Earth, if Earth's climate is changed to become like Venus. The Legion trick the Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern into causing a steamy atmosphere, flooding areas of land, and moving the planet. The Fearians trap the Super Friends in a force field, but Green Lantern tricks the Fearians by making the heroes invisible, thus appearing to have escaped.

  • The World's Deadliest Game
    The Legion of Doom tries blackmailing governments for money while trapping Wonder Woman, Black Vulcan, and Hawkman on a planet in a black hole where they are menaced by Toyman, and leading the other Super Friends on an interstellar chase of the Riddler.

  • The Time Trap
    Grodd supplies a time conveyor used to lure Aquaman and Apache Chief after Black Manta and Giganta into the prehistoric past. Then Green Lantern and Samurai are trapped in Camelot, and Batman and Robin in Imperial Rome. Aquaman thinks to use his JLA communicator to signal the Super Friends in the future, and Superman flies through the time barrier to rescue them. Then they confront the Legion at Sutter's Mill in 1848.

  • Trial of the Superfriends
    Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern have their power devices stolen by Brainiac, Cheetah, and Scarecrow. Then, they are put on "trial" by the Legion and sentenced to fight android doubles using the devices. Meanwhile, the other Super Friends are busy trying to stop the Legion unleashing molten liquid light from a research facility.

  • Monolith of Evil
    Solomon Grundy tells the Legion about a power source of Evil. He leads them to a molten cavern in the earth, but the monolith is guarded by a lava monster. Superman, Hawkman, and Black Vulcan are tricked by a holographic mirage to go and retrieve the monolith, believing it is the U.N. building shrunken. The Legion take the monolith, while trapping the heroes. While the Legion spreads discord, Green Lantern, Flash, and Apache Chief rescue the trapped heroes, and the Super Friends take back the power source from the Legion.

  • Secret Origins of the Superfriends
    Luthor thinks up the idea of changing history: the Legion uses their time conveyor and has Cheetah interfere with the Amazon competition Diana Prince won in 1941 to become Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor replaces Hal Jordan to become Green Lantern, and the Legion deflects Kal-El's rocket so that Superman won't exist. With the three heroes gone, the Legion captures the remaining heroes. However, one group of heroes escapes and Flash discovers the Legion's plan. Batman and Robin go back in time to make Superman exist again, Black Vulcan stops Luthor from being Green Lantern, and Flash saves Wonder Woman. With the three heroes restored, the other heroes are rescued.

  • The Giants of Doom
    Bizarro has a plan to create a giant ray which will make Legion members 100 feet tall. First two elements must be recovered by Bizarro and Sinestro from the moon's core, and Toyman and Captain Cold near the Parthenon. Then allowing themselves to be captured by the Justice League, when Luthor and Brainiac attack the Hall of Justice, the villains create their ray using the Justice League's computer. The four villains become giants, and Captain Cold freezes the Super Friends then Toyman catapults them to Saturn, and then the JLA force field is turned on around Earth. Batman thaws the heroes out, and is able to turn off the force field from the JLA's satellite. Then Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern become giants to stop the Legion.

  • Revenge on Gorilla City
    When Grodd is caught and again exiled from Africa's hidden Gorilla City, he vows revenge. With the Legion, Grodd breaks back into the city and uses a brainwave transmitter of Brainiac's to control the populace. The city's leader (King Solovar) however, has escaped to warn the JLA. Batman, Robin, Flash, and Apache Chief go to the city, and are captured by Black Manta and have Luthor's power neutralizer ray used on them. Then they are hunted by Sinestro and Giganta, while Toyman leads a gorilla army to conquer Africa. With the city's leader helping the heroes survive nearly being killed, they regain their powers, and shut off the brainwave transmitter.

  • Swamp of the Living Dead
    A swamp witch summons an evil being who offers evil power to the Legion, if they provide good power. So, the Legion lures each Super Friend to the swamp where they are captured and kept in eternal sleep in cases. The Evil being grants the legion the power to animate the dead. The Legion uses the zombies to attack a federal plutonium plant, then tries to get more power from the being. This causes the being to turn the zombies against the Legion. To survive, the Legion must free the Super Friends who are told by the witch how to stop the zombies.

  • Conquerors of the Future
    The Legion decide to attempt conquest in the year 3984 where no Super Friends can stop them. While the Riddler leads Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Black Vulcan into a deadly trap at another planet, which requires Black Vulcan's electric powers, the Legion conquers the future Earth. Then the Legion attacks the galaxy. Batman, Robin, and Samurai follow a clue of the Riddler's to a trap in an Egyptian tomb. They escape and Batman interprets Riddler's clue to mean 10,000 years in the future. Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash head into a trap in the far future, but combine their powers to escape and find a history book that tells what time the Legion targeted.

  • The Final Challenge
    While the Super Friends are battling with the Legion in outer space, an alien in another universe summons them, and says he will force them into a series of challenges to settle their battling. While Batman, Wonder Woman, Apache Chief, Aquaman, and Superman are put through these challenges against Legion members, Robin and Samurai follow two Legion members into another universe in search of the missing heroes, and Green Lantern and Hawkman are in yet another universe. The Super Friends win the challenges, and save the losing Legion members. The remaining Super Friends arrive to stop the alien, but he sends them all back to their universe.

  • Fairy Tale of Doom
    Toyman has invented a device that can transport someone into a storybook. He tests it by visiting 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. While some of the Super Friends are away at an alien conference, Toyman lures Hawkman into Jack and the Beanstalk, Cheetah lures Wonder Woman into Alice in Wonderland, and Brainiac brings Superman to Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels. If the heroes don't escape in twelve hours, they'll be trapped forever. Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, and Black Vulcan return and are captured by Luthor and Black Manta. Batman frees the other 3 heroes, and after capturing Luthor and Black Manta, the heroes trick Captain Cold, Giganta, and Sinestro into showing how to rescue the other heroes.

  • Doomsday
    Sinestro, Cheetah, and Black Manta vow revenge against the Legion, when the Legion lets them be captured during an attempted hijack of a nuclear carrier. They escape detention in the Hall of Justice by going through the Qward dimension, and end up taking over a military installation where a new weapon allows one to channel energy through the mind. They leave Flash and Apache Chief trapped in diamond, and attack the Legion by creating a second Hall of Doom. Superman has temporarily been in Qward in the Anti-Matter universe, where he was attacked by a Kryptonian knight, because of rigged robot dummies left by the 3 villains. With Green Lantern and Black Vulcan, he eventually picks up a signal from Flash, and the five heroes manage to stop the Legion at the installation.

  • Superfriends: Rest in Peace
    The Super Friends are mourning Batman's death. Earlier, the Legion recovered a dangerous buried element, created by a former Legion member that has the power to kill each hero. Superman is tricked by Luthor into cutting into the element's kryposteel box, so the Legion can use the element. First, when Batman tries to rescue Commissioner Gordon, the Riddler kills him. Then Wonder Woman is killed by Cheetah on Paradise Island. Then Luthor and Solomon Grundy attack Superman when he tries to rescue Lois Lane and Perry White. With three heroes dead, the Legion begins a crime wave. When the remaining heroes try a last time, Luthor kills them all. With the heroes all dead, Luthor tosses the element into a sewer. The element is later retrieved by a figure wearing protective garb. When the Legion demands more money from nations, they find themselves captured by the Super Friends. The heroes killed were robot duplicates, while the real heroes were hidden safely. Apache Chief was the figure who disposed of the element into outer space.

  • History of Doom
    Three aliens find the Earth is now lifeless. In the Hall of Justice they find a Justice League tape with Superman as the last survivor of a disaster caused by the Legion. To find out what happened the aliens play more tape fragments. They see how when Superboy tried to save young Luthor from a lab accident, Luthor vowed revenge after being injured; how Giganta began by stealing magic powder from Apache Chief; the events from The Giants of Doom and Revenge on Gorilla City; and in the Hall of Doom they see how an ion powered rocket launched by Luthor causes a solar flare. Luthor makes the sun red to prevent Superman from helping. The flare is targeted at only the Hall of Justice, but the Justice League's global force field makes the flare produce lethal radiation all over the planet. The aliens decide to secretly reverse the time-stream, and deflect the flare to give Earth another chance.

Extra Half-Hour "Super Friends" Episodes

These episodes aired before each of the above "Challenge of the Super Friends" episodes.

These 16 episodes are available on "Super Friends - Volume 2" DVD.

  • The Demons of Exxor
    Lord Darkon uses a weapon that manifests someone's nightmare into a monster to takeover the planet Exxor in the distant galaxy of Nova-12. With the other Super Friends busy, the Wonder Twins respond to the S.O.S. from their home planet, but end up captured after failing to defeat a monster based on Exxorian mythology. The Super Friends respond after learning of the emergency, but are defeated by a monster based on mythology of Wonder Woman's Paradise Island. They agree to leave Exxor to Darkon, else he'll use an energy beam to destroy it. The Super Friends regroup on another planet, and strike back again. Gleek, Batman, and Robin manage to free the Wonder Twins, while the other heroes rescue imprisoned Exxorians. When Darkon tries using the beam, and escaping, Superman captures him.

  • Rokan: Enemy from Space*
    When a giant beast in space comes to Earth and creates rapid weather changes in a small New England town, the Super Friends track it to Niagara Falls. Superman identifies the beast as Rokan, a creature from Krypton. He and Wonder Woman try to stop it and realize it's too powerful. Just as the team tries to figure out a weakness in the monster, they learn that Rokan's eggs are hatching in the Canadian Rockies. The Dynamic Duo go there while Aquaman finds Rokan in the Great Lakes. Although he is almost finished off, he manages to shock the beast with an electric-eel net. The Wonder Twins find Rokan and get taken to the Himalayas, but Superman and Wonder Woman rescue them. Back at the Hall of Justice, the group learns that a large Kryptonite asteroid will scare Rokan back into space, but the Hall's lead shielding may not be enough to protect Superman from the Kryptonite's deadly effects. They go on with the plan and get the giant asteroid. As Superman grows severely weak, the others scare off Rokan's kids first and finally drive Rokan out of a Hawaiian volcano and back into space. Superman recovers as the world returns to normal once again.

  • Battle at the Earth's Core*
    When Captain Pierre Marcel and the Wonder Twins are sunk by a strange whirlpool, the starting five go to the Pacific Ocean, and they also slip into the whirlpool. Ending up in a mysterious wonderland close to the center of the earth, they find Marcel's boat and then split up to find Marcel and the Twins, who have been captured by tar creatures. Superman and Wonder Woman fight off carnivorous plants, but they end up completely lost in another part of the wonderland. Meanwhile, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman run into three literally big problems: a dinosaur (escape provided by the Bat Multicraft's smoke repellant), a giant jellyfish (escape provided by barracuda after attacking Aquaman when his telepathy works in reverse), and a rock monster (escape provided by the Multicraft's sonar destabilizer, which in turn floods that particular area). After the rock monster, Batman uses the sonar and amplifier to change Aquaman's telepathic frequency to find Marcel and the Twins. Superman and Wonder Woman get themselves captured by other tar creatures in Atlantis. (NOTE: How did Atlantis end up uninhabited and in the Pacific when it was well-inhabited and in the Atlantic a couple of episodes later!?) The two rescue Marcel and the Twins, and after dealing with a giant tar monster, the entire wonderland floods. Batman and the others come to the rescue, so everyone escapes unharmed.

  • Sinbad and the Space Pirates*
    Captain Sinbad and his band of space pirates come to Earth and start plundering the treasures of an Incan temple in Peru. In Mexico City, they continue treasure hunting at the Aztec temple until Superman and Wonder Woman intercept them, but the ships turn invisible, giving the heroes the slip. When each of the three ships go to a different location, so do the Super Friends. Batman and Robin go to Easter Island, where they are nearly goners after the Batjet goes out of control by means of the pirates' anti-gravity beam. Aquaman finds one at the Bermuda Triangle, only to be attacked by two hypnotized octopi. Superman and Wonder Woman find Sinbad at Stonehenge, but Superman gets sidetracked by stopping the large stones from hitting London while Wonder Woman is captured and hypnotized. The Wonder Twins try to rescue her but end up captured and forced to row on an electronic oar. Superman (as Clark Kent) sneaks aboard Sinbad's ship as the pirate tries to get to a treasure under the Golden Gate Bridge. He breaks Wonder Woman's spell with her own magic lasso, and with teamwork from the Dynamic Duo, Sinbad is defeated and taken to the galactic authorities.

  • The Pied Piper of Space
    A fleet of UFOs land on Earth and play music attracting children. When the heroes investigate, they each are trapped: Superman and Wonder Woman on a UFO sent off to collide with an anti-matter universe counterpart, Batman and Robin in the Batjet flying uncontrolled, and Aquaman in the Hall of Justice where the systems will soon overload. The Wonder Twins are taken to another planet, with Earth's children to work in a slave city. The heroes escape and track the UFOs using a military tracking center. They find the villain is an alien child genius.

  • Attack of the Vampire*
    In Transylvania, Count Dracula awakens after 100 years to make the people of the world into vampires. When the Dynamic Duo investigate the disappearance of the crew and passengers from a jet liner, they don't know that those missing people have been turned into vampires by Dracula. Going to Dracula's castle, they are trapped in a deep well filling quickly with water. When the others learn of the growing vampire situation, Superman goes to Vienna (where he confronts Dracula but gets changed into a vampire) while Aquaman and Wonder Woman go to a Scandinavian seaport (where they barely escape from hundreds of vampires). The Wonder Twins try to help Superman, but they are changed into vampires themselves. Regrouping at the Swiss Biological Research Center, the others learn that a special gas found only in a deep cave in the Andes Mountains may cure the vampire problem. Batman and Robin get the substance and join Wonder Woman and Aquaman in Vienna. They cure the Twins first and then Superman. Superman next uses his heat vision to change his suit into the rags they were earlier. Applying some makeup to look like the vampire again, he penetrates Dracula's castle and defeats him. The others cure the victims, and all's well again.

  • Terror from the Phantom Zone
    Three Phantom Zone criminals manage to escape the zone when a comet passes by with a similar frequency. They go to Earth for revenge against Superman who placed them in the zone. They cause Mt. Vesuvius to erupt endangering Naples. When Superman responds, they expose him to Red Kryptonite which causes Superman to weaken and begin aging. Next the criminals attack the Panama Canal, and when Wonder Woman and Aquaman respond, the criminals use Superman's Phantom Zone projector to send them into the zone. When Batman and Robin respond to an avalanche in Switzerland, they are projected into the zone. When the criminals attack Hong Kong the Wonder Twins try helping Superman but are also sent into the zone. Superman distracts the criminals from sinking Australia then flees to the Hall of Justice where the computer says Blue Kryptonite may cure him. Superman uses the Supermobile to fly to the remains of Krypton to find Blue Kryptonite which does cure him. He then uses the Supermobile to free his friends from the zone. Together they expose the criminals to Red Kryptonite before using the projector to send them back.

  • The Beasts Are Coming*
    A malfunctioning rocket causes an experimental nuclear satellite to crash in Death Valley, California. The Super Friends respond immediately as Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman try to fight off some giant-sized animals in the area. Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins learn about the satellite, and Wonder Woman goes to the area to find the object. She becomes disoriented by the radiation and is force to land. Venturing too close to the satellite causes her to mutate into a monster. The Twins try to help her when she attacks a Marine base, but they mutate into monsters as well. The others learn about their friends and a growing danger along the California coast from giant earthworms. Superman and Aquaman take care of the coastal problem, but what about Wonder Woman and the Twins? At the Hall of Justice, the computer explains that Superman's x-ray vision is the only way to change the satellite's effects to cure the three heroes and the animals. After he creates the antidote effect. the Twins are returned to normal, followed by Wonder Woman, and finally all the Death Valley animals.

  • The Anti-Matter Monster*
    A group of scientists at the Gotham Scientific Research Center test their theory of making anti-matter into a new source of energy. Later, though, someone sneaks into the center and programs an anti-matter monster to steal Earth's energy. Superman goes to a Turkish hydroelectric plant where the monster is first spotted, but it vanishes when he arrives. While the Wonder Twins learn that a reel of computer tape is the real project program, Aquaman is nearly finished at the Alaskan oil rigs by the monster. The Twins go to the center to investigate their tape but are almost disintegrated by an anti-matter beam. When they escape, they discover that the actual programming computer has been stolen as well. Superman (as Clark Kent) and Wonder Woman (as government scientist Andrea Randolph) go to the center to discover which scientist could be controlling the creature. Wonder Woman gets sidetracked by the mystery man, who lures her into a trap and uses the monster to drain her energy. Upon learning that a giant energy-absorbing belt can neutralize the creature for good, Superman is sprayed with a substance that will keep him from being drained. During the battle, Batman and Robin find the missing program computer in Dr. Starns's truck and catch him, as Starns is the monster's creator. The monster is neutralized, and everything's as it should be once more.

  • World Beneath the Ice
    A polar race decide to launch a new ice age against surface dwellers. They use subs in icebergs to attack fleets, and manage to freeze the Super Friends. Aquaman escapes, and with help from Atlantis frees Superman. The other heroes are freed, and trick the polar race into freezing the moon. This allows Superman to use a section as a parabolic mirror to thaw Earth. The intolerant polar race are banished to a frozen planet.

  • Invasion of the Brain Creatures
    The situation looks grim when a horde of brain creatures take control of the Superfriends' minds.

  • The Incredible Space Circus
    Space Trappers hunt animals to exhibit in their space-circus. When Wonder Woman tries to stop them, she is turned into an alien creature and put on exhibit.

  • Batman: Dead or Alive
    On a western planet, Batman and the Super Friends are mistaken for an outlaw and his gang.

  • Battle of the Gods
    Answering a summons from the goddess Aphrodite, Wonder Woman and the Superfriends journey to the planet Caltos, where they are forced by Zeus to participate in mythological adventures to prove their heroism. Wonder Woman is sent to retrieve the necklace of the Gorgon Medusa, and rather immodestly refers to herself as "the champion of Paradise Island" at one point.

  • Journey Through Inner Space
    To save Aquaman's life, Wonder Woman and Superman must be reduced in size and travel to the center of his brain.

  • The Rise and Fall of the SuperFriends
    Mr. Mxyzptlk is a magical imp from another dimension who comes to Earth to annoy Superman and the rest of the SuperFriends. He decides to make a movie starring the SuperFriends and forces them to fight Vikings. The SuperFriends long to be rid of the Mr. Mxyzptlk, but the only way to get rid of him is by making him say his name backward.