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  1. "The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow - Part 1" - Summary
  2. "The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow - Part 2" - Summary
  3. "Cry Wolf" - Summary
  4. "Chained Lightning" - Summary
  5. "The Karate Kid" - Summary
  6. "Who Am I?" - Summary
  7. "Unnatural Alliances" - Summary
  8. "Message in a Bottle" - Summary
  9. "In The Beginning" - Summary
  10. "Trials" - Summary
  11. "In Your Dreams" - Summary
  12. "Dark Victory - Part 1" - Summary
  13. "Dark Victory - Part 2" - Summary


"The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow - Part 1"

Writer: Michael Jelenic
Director: Brandon Vietti
Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Kell-El), Phil Morris (Imperiex), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Kari Wahlgren (Saturn Girl/Triplicate Girl), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad)
Guest Starring: Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy), Amy Hill (K3NT), Sab Shimono (K3NT)
Aired in the U.S.A.: September 22, 2007

Brainiac 5 and Superman are fighting an attacking wave of Dominators, eventually resulting in Brainy's apparent death in Superman's arms and some of the cheesiest lines of dialogue you will ever hear. But that's forgivable as it's just a simulation Brainy cooked up to "consider all possible variables" in dealing with the Dominator threat, including Superman's return. Lighting Lad tells him Superman isn't coming back, and on cue a portal opens up and out steps Superman... a very different Superman. He says 44 trillion lives hang in the balance, and takes the Legion (Brainy, Triplicate Girl, new addition Chameleon, Timberwolf and Lightning Lad) to the 41st century, despite Brainy's protests and a barb from Superman X about a Brainiac not being trustworthy.

The New Metropolis of the 41st century is destroyed and mostly rubble due to Imperiex, a robotic being from space who arrived during a long period of peace after the Legion had defeated tyranny throughout the galaxy. And so the planet was unprepared when Imperiex laid waste to the planet.

A robot named K3NT, which displays both a male and female face and personality on a viewscreen "face", found a strand of Superman's hair and mixed his DNA with Kryptonite, creating a Superman clone that was immune to kryptonite radiation, thus Superman X was born, and raised to fight the Imperiex threat. Not only does this give Superman X green eyes, but several new powers which seem to include being able to shoot green energy beams from his hands and use a variation of those beams to create green crystals (likely also kryptonite) that can apparently be used to seal gaps in reactor cores.

But Superman X could not stop Imperiex alone, and so was sent back to recruit the Legion in his fight. Just then Imperiex arrives for a final battle, and Superman X just wants to fight. But the Legion and a still-skeptical Brainy devise a plan to fire a magnetic pulse missile into Imperiex's chest cannon to overload his power core. Imperiex and his drones do battle with Superman X and the Legion. Superman X looks defeated, but it was a ruse and Brainy fires the missile into Imperiex, seemingly taking him out.

But Imperiex awakens, sees the "warp key" Superman X was about to use to send the Legion back home, and steals it, escaping to the 31st century. He then apparently changes the past enough that Superman X's future is being erased from the timeline. K3NT and one of the Triplicate Girls are lost to the universe resetting itself as the Legion battles more Imperiex drones. They take Imperiex's ship and use its power core to create a wormhole to travel back to the 31st century, and in the process Superman X shows some qualities of the true Superman and impresses Brainy.

The Legion return to the 31st century to find New Metropolis and Legion headquarters in ruins.

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"The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow - Part 2"

Writer: Greg Weisman
Director: Scott Jeralds
Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Superman/Kell-El), Kari Wahlgren (Saturn Girl/Triplicate Girl), Heather Hogan (Phantom Girl), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Michael Cornaccia (Bouncing Boy), Phil Morris (Imperiex)
Guest Starring: Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy/Matter-Eater Lad), Khary Payton (Tyr), Shawn Harrison (RonKarr), Adam Wylie (Computo), Tara Strong (Emerald Empress/Esper)
Aired in the U.S.A.: September 29, 2007

The Legion stares, stunned, at the damage Imperiex caused. Superman X says they must be too late, but Brainy says that to change the entire timestream something far more catastrophic has to happen. Phantom Girl is recovered from the rubble of Legion HQ, and she informs the rest of the team that it wasn't Imperiex that caused the damage. Turns out the Fatal Five escaped from prison and have teamed up with the Legion of Supervillains, and they've got Colossal Boy, Bouncing Boy, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Matter-Eater Lad cornered.

Battle ensues, with both bands of Legion members joining together but still unable to prevent the villains from escaping (although Emerald Empress is left behind). Matter-Eater Lad is left loopy, Colossal Boy and Cosmic Boy are indefinitely out of action and Saturn Girl is catatonic. The latter causes Lightning Lad to swear revenge on those that harmed her.

Feeling jilted by being abandoned by her former allies, Emerald Empress tells the Legion that the prison planet was "emptied of all its guests". Several Legionnaires were sent to stop them (including only characters that have had little to no previous screen time), and they were quickly defeated and placed in the prison's cells.

The Legion and Superman X argue over whether to rescue the imprisoned Legion members or go after Imperiex, and Bouncing Boy mentions there's one more Legion member they haven't called in yet. A short time-travel trip later and Brainy arrives with the original Superman... looking much bigger and older than he did last season. Triplicate Girl also laments the loss of one of her... selves, and decides to now call herself Duo Damsel.

Imperiex breaks into the Legion's "famed" Computo, a giant supercomputer under Legion HQ which contains information on all Legion members. Superman X and Brainy go after Imperiex as Superman goes to get the other Legion members. Imperiex leaves before he can be stopped, and Brainy and Superman X quickly follow suit in the Legion cruiser. But with all the information of Computo at his disposal, Imperiex remotely engages the ship's auto destruct and the cruiser explodes.

Thankfully, Chameleon Boy apparently has rich parents, who let him borrow a very large ship, which shows up just then to rescue Brainy and Superman X. Together the Legion heads for the prison planet, and Superman tells Superman X that he ones knew someone who was a brooding loner who didn't like working on a team, until he saw the good he could do as part of that team. Reference to Batman aside, Superman X still leaves to go after Imperiex alone.

The Legion breaks into the prison, but isn't faring so well against the combined might of the assembled villains. Luckily, Superman X returns to even the odds, and Phantom Girl stops Lightning Lad from apparently trying to kill Esper because "it's not the way Saturn Girl would want it." Bouncing Boy offers to help Triplicate Girl anytime she needs it, and says if Imperiex is stopped the timestream will correct and her missing self should return to her. They make plans to go after Imperiex, decide to call Superman X "Kell-el" to avoid confusion, and Imperiex arrives on the Dominator homeworld saying their alliance will allow them to destroy the Legion.

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"Cry Wolf"

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Director: James Tucker
Starring: Heather Hogan (Phantom Girl), Yuri Lowenthal (Kell-El), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf)
Guest Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Sergeant), Wil Wheaton (Cosmic Boy/Human Scientist), Dorian Harewood (Dr. Mar Londo/Man), Victor Raider-Wexler (Dr. Neerg/Reptilian Scientist), Shawn Harrison (Computer), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy)
Original airdate: October 6, 2007

At a meeting of the Interplanetary Federation of Scientists, Mar Londo (Timber Wolf's father) reveals his latest creations, bio-golems, which are hulking, synthetic zombie-like creatures that are operated via nanites that are controlled by a glowing headband that he wears. Timber Wolf comes out of the crowd, accuses Dr. Londo of experimenting on innocent people in the past, turns into a giant beast, and attacks him. The image freezes and we're in the Legion's new ship, and Cosmic Boy is leading a tribunal accusing Timber Wolf of killing his father in said attack, and sentence him to life in prison.

With the help of Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl, Timber Wolf escapes. Kell-El and Cosmic Boy argue over doing things by the book or breaking the rules, and Timber Wolf breaks into the apartment of one of his father's friends and finds incriminating files on a computer where Dr. Londo says that he could have helped his son find a balance between his human and animal halves, but expects it won't be long before the beast half gains control.

Timber Wolf and the Legion members get into a barfight, but Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy come to the rescue yet again and head to the site of Dr. Londo's murder, and Timber Wolf experiences more headaches and blackouts. At the scene of the crime, Timber Wolf... smells that he was the one who attacked his father, and can't believe what a monster he's become. He goes beastly, but Phantom Girl calms him back down.

Cosmic Boy and Kell-El argue about going by the book or breaking the rules some more, and Timber Wolf decides he's too dangerous and needs to isolate himself, and goes back home to his father's lab. Inside he finds a clone of his father, who explains the nanites he created are able to travel through space and he sent them across the cosmos and into Timber Wolf's ear while he slept, allowing him to control Timber Wolf with the same glowing headband. He made Timber Wolf attack his clone at the meeting in order to try to push him to his animalistic side. Dr. Londo has met other people who share his vision of what the universe should be, and his bio-golems are their new army and he wants Timber Wolf to be his general.

Timber Wolf refuses, the golems attack, the Legion arrives to save the day, the real Dr. Londo is nowhere to be found, Timber Wolf learns to control his animal side a little more and is reminded that he's not alone because the Legion is there to help him.

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"Chained Lightning"

Writer: Matt Wayne
Director: Brandon Vietti
Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Kell-El), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Michael Cornaccia (Bouncing Boy), Phil Morris (Imperiex)
Guest Starring: Kari Wahlgren (Shrinking Violet/Ayla Ranzz), James Arnold Taylor (Mekt Ranzz)
Original airdate: October 13, 2007

A ship has crash landed on a planet, where a young Mekt defends an even younger Garth (Lightning Lad) and their sister Ayla from beasts that can shoot lightning. Mekt is trying to get the beasts to attack their ship to use the lightning to repower it, but all three of the siblings get hit with the lightning, the result being Garth and Mekt's subsequent powers and the apparent death of Ayla. Lightning Lad wakes up in a cold sweat, the memory haunting him.

The Legion is heading toward a "space storm" of pure energy, which has led to increased activity in the area from the Dominators, who want to harness the storm's energy to power a tachyon cannon, which is a weapon capable of destroying planets.

On the Dominion ship, Mekt has aligned himself with Imperiex and is having similar dreams of the past and Ayla's death. Mekt, Validus and the Destructobots attack the Legion. During the battle Mekt and Lightning Lad attack each other, and their beams of electricity form into an image of Ayla, leaving them both stunned. Imperiex appears and fires his chest cannon, which causes Lightning Lad to lose his right arm.

With help from Shrinking Violet, who he previously was less than impressed by, Brainiac 5 is able to replace Garth's arm with a high-powered robotic arm that doubles as a weapon. Not long after the Legion discovers a sonic pulse from the storm, which turns out to be Ayla singing a nursery rhyme... apparently when Mekt and Garth got their powers from the beasts, Ayla wasn't killed but was instead transformed into a state of pure energy and she IS the cloud... the same cloud Imperiex is using to power his tachyon cannon.

Lightning Lad pleads with Mekt to help him save Ayla, but before Mekt can reply Imperiex cuts off the communication. The Legion attacks Imperiex's ship, and Mekt turns on Imperiex because he wants to help save Ayla. Imperiex tries to fire his cannon, but due to some sabotage from Shrinking Violet the cannon self-destructs, freeing Ayla's energy that had been absorbed.

With Brainy's help, Garth and Mekt are able to reform Ayla from the cloud back into a person, though she hasn't aged a day since the accident. Mekt turns himself in, wanting to reform.

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"The Karate Kid"

Writer: Eddie Guzelian
Director: Brandon Vietti, Scott Jeralds
Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Superman), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Wil Wheaton (Cosmic Boy), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy)
Guest Starring: Keith Ferguson (Karate Kid/Nemesis Kid), Lex Lang (Grimbor/Referee), Shawn Harrison (Security Guard), Alexander Polinsky (Calamity King)
Original airdate: October 27, 2007

A ship is landing on a space station, and an alien and some guards are bringing out something described as a "highly classified prototype" which will need a lot of security for delivery. The ship lands, a little ball rolls out and a net springs forth and traps the alien and most of the guards. Grimbor appears, dispatches the rest of the guards with chains, and collects the prototype item, just as Superman crashes into him. Superman saves the trapped guards as Grimbor escapes, dispatching Cosmic Boy and fooling Chameleon Boy as he goes.

Cosmic Boy reprimands Chameleon Boy for his failure to guard the exit, saying they made him a primary on the mission to prove himself in a leadership role. Superman laments having enough Legionnaires on the mission due to the ranks being thinned by the war with Imperiex, and so Legion auditions are held once again.

The auditions result in the Legion finding Nemesis Kid, whose power is that he can remove the powers of others and upon demonstration of such is granted immediate membership. He also used to work for the Science Police and has been trying to apprehend Grimbor, and knows quite a bit about him. He tells the Legion that Grimbor is an expert in "locksmith techniques and restraint technologies" but for some reason has turned to theft.

Superman and Chameleon Boy travel to asteroid K19, where some sort of gladiatorial combat is going on and where Superman wants to find another new recruit. This results in him finding Karate Kid, who has no superpowers but is a martial arts master and is able to defeat Superman in combat by using his own momentum against him to knock him from the ring.

Superman brings him back to the Legion ship and introduces him as the newest recruit. Upon learning he has no powers, the Legion members are disappointed and decide to make him do the laundry on the ship.

Grimbor steals another technological do-dad, but the connection between the items eludes the Legion. Chameleon Boy points out how replacing him with Nemesis Kid hasn't helped, and that's when Superman shows him footage of Karate Kid training against a Grimbor simulation and putting his time to good use and not giving up.

On the night shift, Chameleon Boy and Karate Kid notice Grimbor nearby and go to apprehend him alone. They're quickly defeated, and when Cosmic Boy and Nemesis Kid show up to assist, they're easily defeated as well. After escaping their bindings, Cosmic Boy dismisses Karate Kid from the Legion.

A residue is discovered on Nemesis Kid's costume from Grimbor's hand, and it comes from only one moon of Venus. Thinking this to be Grimbor's base, the Legion head after him and are all easily entrapped and their powers are removed by a weapon Grimbor based off of Nemesis Kid's power. Karate Kid and Chameleon Boy realize Grimbor didn't steal anything when they last tried to apprehend them, thus making it a trap. They travel down to Grimbor's base and eventually defeat him, as the power-removal gun doesn't work on Karate Kid (who has no powers). They also discover Grimbor was going to turn the trapped Legion members in to Imperiex for a reward.

As Grimbor is escaping, Karate Kid kicks him, setting off an explosive device on Grimbor's belt, which explodes, apparently killing him.

For his actions in helping the Legion defeat Grimbor, Karate Kid is made a full Legionnaire.

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"Who Am I?"

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Director: James Tucker
Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Superman/Kell-El), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy)
Guest Starring: David Sobolov (Persuader/Lord Reesmu), Shawn Harrison (Ron Karr), Phil Morris (Imperiex), Adam Wylie (Computo), Alexander Polinsky (Computer Voice)
Original airdate: November 3, 2007

The Legion is battling Persuader, who it turns out is really Chameleon Boy trying to prepare to impersonate Persuader to join Imperiex to find out more information about his "super missile". The Legion members worry he won't be vicious and savage enough to be believable, and Brainy has an "identity implanter".

It seems the Legion staged Persuader's breakout from prison and have him locked up in their ship, and Brainy has been scanning his brain to implant his personality into Chameleon Boy to help with the infiltration. And should anything go wrong, Brainy has an emergency shutoff to instantly dissolve the implant and return Chameleon Boy to his normal self.

With his new personality, Chameleon Boy quickly turns into Persuader and escapes, and goes to visit Imperiex. He defeats Mano in combat to prove himself, and Imperiex seems to accept him as an ally. Imperiex tells him he has a new weapon that will change the face of warfare and will be used to invade the planet Mada.

The Legion is monitoring Chameleon Boy's every move, and gets that information. But the real Persuader has escaped and is going after his axe. He appears on Imperiex's ship and he and Chameleone Boy-as-Persuader battle, and both end up captured by Imperiex. Unable to tell the difference between them, Imperiex opts to destroy them both, but the Legion arrives and steals away with Chameleon Boy just before the self-destruct system destroys the ship. Superman almost seems to get left behind, but makes it out in time.

Brainy uses his "identity implanter" to turn Chameleon Boy back to normal, but the emergency shutoff was destroyed in battle and Brainy can't get his brain to rebalance. Chameleon Boy is convinced he's really Persuader, and an upset Superman almost pastes Brainy across the hull of the ship for it before being stopped by Kell-El.

Superman takes Chameleon Boy into their holographic chamber and shows him images of his homeworld, which seem to almost bring him around. Computo scans Chameleon Boy for a memory to show him and help him remember his true identity, and it's of a meeting with Superman... which Superman doesn't remember!

Superman has Computo scan him for the same memory, but it doesn't exist. Turns out Superman is really the shape-shifting Ron-Karr from the Legion of Super-Villains, who has been impersonating Superman ever since the attack on Imperiex's ship and Imperiex turned the Legion's own tactic against them.

Spurred by the goodness of Superman's personality within him, Ron-Karr wants to help them get the real Superman back and stop the attack on Mada... which was actually a misdirection as Imperiex knew it was Chameleon Boy all along. The real attack is going to happen on Durla, Chameleon Boy's homeworld.

The Legion arrives at Durla just as Imperiex launches his missile. Half the team frees the real Superman, and the other half destroy the super-missile... which then turns into hundreds of smaller missiles. The Legion tries to stop them, but there are too many of them. Imperiex dissolves the implant in Ron-Karr who then seems to revert to his villainous ways, but has a change of heart and destroys the one missile that was controlling all the others, thus saving Durla.

The Legion then worries that if the potential for good was always within Ron-Karr, then perhaps the potential for evil is within all of them, and Superman says that, "maybe who we are is simply a matter of believing who we can be".

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"Unnatural Alliances"

Writer: Keith Damron
Director: Brandon Vietti
Starring: Kari Wahlgren (Duo Damsel), Yuri Lowenthal (Kell-El), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Michael Cornaccia (Bouncing Boy), Phil Morris (Imperiex)
Guest Starring: Bumper Robinson (Star Boy), Jeff Black (Terra-Man), Madison Davenport (Abel)
Original airdate: November 17, 2007

A group of robots dressed in old west garb attack a farm and the leader tries to shoot a small boy named Abel. The Legion, with Star Boy (in his first real appearance) arrive to stop them, but despite their best efforts the androids are self-repairing and cannot be so easily defeated.

The Legion saves Abel and take him, and a piece from Terra-Man, the leader of the androids, back to the ship. Brainy analyzes it and discovers it's from the 41st century, just like Kell-El.

Imperiex and his Destructobots then show up, and Imperiex wants Abel for reasons unknown. The Legion isn't about to hand him over, and battle ensues. Terra-Man shows up and disables the Legion ship, sneaks aboard and makes off with Abel... only to be attacked by Imperiex!

With help from Star Boy, who uses his gravity powers to form an entire planet, Terra-Man is temporarily defeated. Kell-El confronts Imperiex, who says that the technology which made Imperiex possible was created by Abel, when he gets older. Imperiex gives Kell-El the chance to kill Abel to stop Imperiex from ever coming to be, but naturally Kell-El can't do it and Imperiex attacks him and leaves.

Just then Terra-Man breaks out of the entire planet he was imprisoned in, and Kell-El confronts him and wants to join with him to find Abel. Terra-Man says he was created by K3NT as a backup in case Kell-El failed. Together, they disable the Legion ship so they can't follow them.

Imperiex and Able are resting for the night, and Imperiex gives us some back story. He was a slave who was raised to fight, but the more he fought the more damage his body took and eventually almost all of it had to be replaced by robotics that could function with living tissue until he became what he is today, a brutal warrior who will crush all opponents who cross his path.

Kell-El and Terra-Man arrive, and then Kell-El turns on him and disables his fellow androids because he only wanted Terra-Man's help in tracking Imperiex but won't let him kill Abel. Together Imperiex and Kell-El destroy Terra-Man, and then as Imperiex is about to kill Kell-El, the Legion arrives and blasts Imperiex, who looks damaged and then vanishes.

The Legion take Abel back aboard and have apparently found a new home for him.

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"Message in a Bottle"

Writer: Joseph Kuhr
Director: Scott Jeralds, Brandon Vietti
Starring: Yuri Lowenthal (Superman), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Phil Morris (Imperiex)
Guest Starring: Kari Wahlgren (Shrinking Violet), Richard McGonagle (Chancellor/Kandorian #1), Corey Burton (Brainiac 1.0), Yuri Lowenthal (Superman Robot), Adam Wylie (The Gatekeeper), Phil Morris (Kandorian #2)
Original airdate: December 1, 2007

Superman and the Legion battle their way through Destructobots and into the Fortress of Solitude, where Imperiex has shrunken himself into the bottle city of Kandor in search of something called "the messenger".

Superman ends up in Kandor, the old capital of Krypton, which is home to over two million Kryptonians. With the help of a Superman robot left in charge of the Fortress' maintenance, the Legion enters Kandor with a power suit that will give Superman powers under Kandor's red sun.

Brainy explains that when Jor-El realized Krypton was unstable, he created the Messenger, which held the planet together by "reprogramming matter into fresh, strong crystal". It was kept in Kandor and worked to save the planet, until "the terror" arrived and shrunk Kandor and removed it from Krypton. When Kandor was removed, so was the Messenger, and thus Krypton exploded. And Imperiex wants the Messenger to use as a weapon, able to turn entire planets to crystal.

Imperiex finds a map to the Messenger, and while the Legion was trying to stop him some of the Kandorians say Brainiac 5 has "the mark of the terror", and Brainy confesses that his original predecessor, Brainiac 1.0, was "the terror" that shrunk Kandor.

Brainy worries that he's more like his ancestor than he'd like, but a talk with Shrinking Violet helps him overcome that. He discovers he got a scan of the map Imperiex stole during the battle, and the Legion head off after him.

Superman and Brainy find the Messenger, but Superman's power suit is damaged in the journey, and Chameleon Boy, Shrinking Violet, Lightning Lad and Timber Wolf are captured by Imperiex in the process, who demands the Messenger in exchange for the Legion members.

Brainy wants to destroy the Messenger, which would also destroy Kandor. He wants to evacuate as many people as possible, and Superman accuses him of being just like Brainiac 1.0. Superman gives the messenger to the people of Kandor to keep safe and goes to confront Imperiex, even without his powers. But the people of Kandor explain how he inspired them in the past, and they want to help, so they go with him.

Brainy confronts Brainiac 1.0, which is part of his programming, and gets access to a special program which lets him turn the Kandorian sun from red to yellow, thus giving all two million Kandorians the full powers of Superman. Together they overcome the Destructobots and protect the Messenger, and Imperiex teleports away, still at his shrunken size.

Superman and Brainy take the Messenger to the remains of Krypton, and it reforms the debris into a new planet. Superman places Kandor on the planet and Brainy (with a device also possibly part of the programming he received from Brainiac 1.0) enlarges it and it is restored to full size. Brainy then wipes Superman's memory of the event so that the timeline can be preserved.

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"In The Beginning"

Writer: Steven Melching
Director: James Tucker
Starring: Kari Wahlgren (Saturn Girl), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Yuri Lowenthal (Kell-El), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy), Wil Wheaton (Cosmic Boy)
Guest Starring: Lex Lang (Grimbor/R. J. Brande), Yuri Lowenthal (Senator Tolay), Wil Wheaton (Roderick Doyle)
Original airdate: March 8, 2008

Chameleon Boy's father, R. J. Brande, is given an award and he as Cosmic Boy bask in the glow. Lightning Lad is tending to Saturn Girl, who's in a "healing trance". The awards ceremony is interrupted by Grimbor and thugs.

The Legion fights Grimbor and the thugs and lose, and Grimbor makes off with Mr. Brande.

Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl get into a big argument as they track Grimbor.

Brainy tries to explain their relationship to Superman X, and we get a flashback to a ship en route to earth where the three Legion founders met. R. J. Brande, richest man in the galaxy, is aboard and giving a press conference. The three meet, show off their powers, and save Brande from an attack (during the attack, Brande's assistant Doyle also saves him from being shot).

After arriving on earth in New Metropolis and seeing the Superman museum, they decide to officially become a team and try to figure out who was trying to kill Brande.

Then we get a montage of them investigating the attack, and suddenly they know it was Doyle.

Alone with Brande, Doyle tries to kill him but Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy save him again. Doyle wanted control of Brande Industries because it can create and destroy stars, which could kill a lot of people, and so folks would pay a lot of money for that ability. He sets off an explosion and escapes.

Brande then gives them his financial backing and they officially form the Legion. Back in present time, Saturn Girl uses her powers to find Mr. Brande on the Brande Industries Stellar Nurseries station, where they make stars. The Legion boards the station and finds Mr. Brande in Grimbor's chains.

The senator who gave Brande the award at the beginning of the episode appears, and reveals himself to really be Doyle. Battle ensues, Grimbor and his thugs are defeated. Doyle activates some devices used in making stars and focuses them all on one point, which will make a black hole.

They stop the devices, Doyle and crew are arrested and the Legion members all make up and apologize for being foolish.

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Writer: Steven Melching
Director: James Tucker
Starring: Heather Hogan (Phantom Girl), Michael Cornaccia (Bouncing Boy), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Yuri Lowenthal (Superman/Kell-El)
Guest Starring: Bumper Robinson (Star Boy), Lauren Tom (Zyx/White Witch), Richard McGonagle (High Elder), Jim Ward (Mordru)
Original airdate: March 15, 2008

Zyx, that impish little wizard, has been removed of his powers, but can get them back by performing a series of trials to prove his worth.

Then a wizard named Mordru returns, and he was also previously ousted and then found the Lamentation Pentacle which gave him great power. He uses it to siphon power from the people of Zarok, but Zyx escapes and goes to the Legion for help.

Superman and the Legion go to battle Mordru and Kell-El goes with Zyx to help him on his trials. They battle a giant monster protecting its young, solve a riddle and fight off crystal fists and Zyx gets his powers back. In the middle of this, Zyx tries to teach Kell-El a simple spell, but he's unable to repeat a simple two-word phrase.

Zyx and Kell return to Mordru, who turns the other Legion members into monsters. Kell fights them off while Zyx battles Mordru. Kell eventually remembers the spell and it returns the Legion members to their normal form, and they all join Zyx in battling Mordru.

Zyx eventually steals the Lamentation Pentacle and destroys it (I think), and then Mordru is imprisoned and Zyx's full status returned for passing the trial.

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"In Your Dreams"

Writer: Stan Berkowitz
Director: Brandon Vietti
Starring: Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf)
Guest Starring: Tara Platt (Dream Girl), Andy Milder (Dark Circle Guard), Bumper Robinson (Star Boy/Ontiir), Dave Wittenberg (Gullug/Diplomat)
Original airdate: March 22, 2008

Legion member Dream Girl has a vision about the mercenary group Dark Circle breaking into a facility to steal an explosive, liquid penetate. In the dream, the Legion is defeated and the facility explodes. Using this knowledge, the Legion is able to defeat them and stop them from stealing the explosives (though they still make off with some detonators).

Brainiac 5 thinks the Dark Circle will try to disrupt the new satellite home of the United Planets which opens in a few days, and Lightning Lad has trust issues with Dream Girl who he says was a "con artist". Apparently his parents went to her for information on the whereabouts of his lost sister and she gave them false information, because sometimes the real truth was too hard for people to handle.

The Dark Circle figures out there is someone with precognitive abilities in the Legion and sneaks in and plants a false dream about an attack on a liquid penetate factory. The Legion goes to the factory, but Dream Girl's information was false and it's a trap and the Legion barely escapes.

Dream Girl has a dream about the Legion turning on her and thinking she's a traitor, so she leaves the group and is immediately captured by the Dark Circle who use her to see how their attack on the satellite will go.

During said attack the Legion is losing badly and Brainy decides to make their knowledge of Dream Girl's vision come true, but by replacing themselves with holograms to fool the Dark Circle. The ploy works and the Dark Circle is defeated as Lightning Lad finds the ship Dream Girl was imprisoned on, defeats the leader of the Dark Circle and sets her free.

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"Dark Victory - Part 1"

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis, Michael Jelenic
Director: Brandon Vietti
Starring: Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy), Andy Milder (Lightning Lad), Kari Wahlgren (Saturn Girl), Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Yuri Lowenthal (Superman, Kell-El), Phil Morris (Imperiex), Wil Wheaton (Cosmic Boy)
Guest Starring: Corey Burton (Brainiac 1.0)
Original airdate: March 29, 2008

Brainiac 5 is playing chess with the original Brainiac in his head as the latter tries to re-exert his influence. Brainiac 5 discovers that when Imperiex raided Computo earlier in the season, he found information on a back door into Brainy's programming and he was the one who awakened the original Brainiac's programming, because Imperiex wants an alliance.

Imperiex gives a speech to the Dominators about conquering the galaxy and Cosmic Boy gives the Legion a pep talk about defending against the coming invasion. Kel expresses some doubts in Brainy, as he's from the future and knows Brainy goes bad. Superman is willing to believe Brainy can avoid that fate.

During a training session, Brainiac asserts more control over Brainy, causing him to up the difficulty level to where the Legion is getting wounded. Superman crashes into the control room and stops him, and Brainy laments his growing loss of control and makes Superman promise that if he's fully overwhelmed by the original Brainiac that Superman will do whatever is necessary to stop him. Superman reluctantly agrees.

The Legion is then attacked by the Dominators. Most of the Legion tries to defend their ship and prove generally ineffective. Superman, Superman X and Chameleon Boy go after Imperiex, and Kel quickly leaves the group to battle Imperiex solo and finish the mission he started out on.

The original Brainiac convinces Brainy he must accept his true potential to restore order to chaos, as the only way to save the Legion. Just as Imperiex is about to finish off Kel for good, Brainy emerges from the ship and quickly disables the entire Dominator fleet.

Imperiex and Validus leave immediately as that was the entire point of the attack... to force Brainy to bring out his dark side, so that he may later form an alliance with him.

Worried that Brainy may be losing it, Superman decides it's best to keep an eye on Brainy and sends Chameleon Boy and Lightning Lad to spy on him. Brainy discovers them and quickly dispatches them and many other Legion members on his way to a shuttle. Superman tries to stop him from leaving, and the two battle.

Flying by at superspeed, Superman tears Brainy's limbs off. Brainy reverts back to his "normal" form and pleads with Superman for help, and just as Superman considers his words, Brainy reforms his body and shoots Superman with what appears to be a Kryptonite beam. He then places a Kryptonite band on Superman's head and makes his escape.

Cosmic Boy and Kel rescue Superman and take him to sickbay. Cosmic Boy says he'll be fine, but Chameleon Boy still seems worried. Brainiac heads for Imperiex, who contacts the Legion to gloat about his new alliance and how it will allow him to destroy the universe... when Brainy stabs a tentacle right through Imperiex!

Validus attacks, but Brainy easily dispatches him by "digitizing" him... converting him to pure energy. He warns that any further attacks will be met with the same fate, and the Dominators lay down their arms.

Imperiex frees himself and attacks, but is completely ineffective against Brainy. He then asks if he, too, will be digitized, but Brainy replies that no... he will be deleted. He then fires several tentacles straight into Imperiex, who we're lead to believe dies off-screen.

Brainy assumes control of Imperiex's ship with his tentacles, and reforms it into the classic Brainiac floating-head ship, and says he's heading home to Colu.

Back on the Legion ship... Superman hasn't survived the Kryptonite exposure, and dies.

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"Dark Victory - Part 2"

Writer: Michael Jelenic, J.M. DeMatteis
Director: Brandon Vietti
Starring: Shawn Harrison (Timber Wolf), Yuri Lowenthal (Superman/Kell-El/Supreme Superman), Adam Wylie (Brainiac 5/Brainac 6), Michael Cornaccia (Bouncing Boy), Alexander Polinsky (Chameleon Boy), Kari Wahlgren (Saturn Girl/Duo Damsel), Wil Wheaton (Cosmic Boy)
Guest Starring: Kari Wahlgren (Coluan Hive Mind), Wil Wheaton (Thanagarian Commander), Corey Burton (Brainiac 1.0/Brainiac 6)
Original airdate: April 7, 2008

Brainiac 5 goes to Thanagar to "undo the chaos created by humanoid madmen" and to "bring all living things under his control". Thanagar fights back, and the entire planet and population are instantly digitized.

The Legion notices Brainy is heading for Colu and call to warn them, but they say they can handle things on their own. The Legion then resolves to say goodbye to Superman while they still have time, and fire his body off into space.

The Coluans capture Brainy and say they have to reprogram him for misuse of matter-to-energy transformation, to make him one with the hive mind. Brainy instead reprograms the hive mind and the entire planet falls under his control.

Kel feels like he has no purpose, now that Imperiex is gone, and Timberwolf tells him there's still Brainy to stop. Kel says he's seen the future and Brainy wins, and Timberwolf tells him he has Superman's DNA but not his spirit. Suddenly Kel's head hurts and he knows Superman is still alive.

Kel flies into a sun where Superman was in a state of suspended animation (to stave off the Kryptonite) and returns him to the Legion ship, where they give him a transfusion of Kel's Kryptonite-immune blood to save him.

The Legion fights Brainiac 5 and his army of Coluans, using shields from Computo to protect themselves from being digitized. Brainy studies the shield technology while all the Coluans meld with him to form a gigantic Brainiac. Colossal Boy attacks him, but Brainy disables his shield and digitizes him. This gives a recovered Superman the idea to get into Brainy's programming, but on their own terms. Saturn Girl projects Superman and Kel into Brainy's mind, where they find the original Brainiac has defeated Brainiac 5, who is disassembled. They fight Brainiac and lose, as all the Legion shields are disabled and the Legion members begin being rapidly digitized.

Saturn Girl appears to Superman and Kel as they are almost digitized and tells them they're too weak separately (from the transfusion), but together they would be stronger. As they are both digitized their projected forms rise up and meld together into a new Superman, who fights Brainiac with renewed strength.

Brainiac takes over Lightning Lad's arm cannon and uses it to disable the rest of the Legion, and then digitizes them. The combined Superman is being digitized by Brainiac as he says he always has hope. Brainiac says all Brainiac 5 ever wanted to be was a hero, but he couldn't even save himself and has now been reprogrammed to serve the original Brainiac. Superman says Brainiac 5 was the biggest hero he'd ever seen... his hero.

This awakens Brainiac 5, who reassembles and defeats Brainiac by punching him through his head!

All of Brainiac's digitizing is undone, planets and people are restored, and Brainiac turns into a real boy. He decides to leave the Legion to sort out his new feelings. Kel is made an official Legion member before he leaves, and out of his portal to the future comes the missing Triplicate Girl presumed dead long ago.

In space, Brainiac reforms and says that evil never dies, it evolves.

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