Titans Magazines Ceases DC Comics Publications in UK

Titans Magazines

Titan Magazines has announced that it will cease publishing its licensed DC Comics range of books in the UK.

The publisher sent out an email to subscribers explaining that all titles currently on sale in newsagencies will be the final issues published. The email thanked subscribers for their loyalty, stating that all titles would be discontinued after December, with some back issues remaining available.

For Superman fans, these books included “DC Universe Presents” (previously titled “Superman Legends”), with Volume 3 #12 being the most recent book published (in November); “Batman/Superman” (Volume 3 #2, was released earlier in December), “DC Legends” (Volume 4 #3 was eleased in November), “DC Spotlight” (ending with a 100-page Aquaman Special, which is on sale now), “DC Super Heroes” (Volume 3 #13), “DC Team Up” (concluding with issue #5 also released this month) and “DC Universe Presents”.