Tim Daly Talks About Voicing Superman Again

Superman Radio

Warner Bros. Television and The Creative Coalition are bringing the 1940s Superman Radio Series to life on Saturday, September 12, at “DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse”, with a cast of today’s biggest stars.

Amongst the cast of voice actors included is Tim Daly, the voice of Superman/Clark Kent from the beloved “Superman: The Animated Series”. Daly spoke to DCComics.com about his 25 year relationship with the Man of Steel.

“It’s been nearly 25 years since I first stepped behind the microphone to voice Superman. And honestly, it never gets old,” explains Daly.

“Since that first episode of Superman: The Animated Series, I knew it was a special role. I’m a little bit of an idealist, as is Superman – though he’s a bit more pure. Superman is all about saying that good can win, always earnestly trying to do the right thing, and that goodness can be the order of the day. He really IS truth, justice and the American way.”

“The great part of voicing Superman is that you really can’t be Superman without also being Clark Kent. And I love Clark, especially when he’s being coy or funny or self-deprecating. We’ve gone down this road in culture today where so many of our heroes are portrayed through a dark, dystopic view of the world. Batman is more realistic in terms of the human psyche because he’s a little more tortured—he’s darker, more cynical and more street savvy. But Superman represents light and goodness; he has an ethical core that is rock solid. And God knows we need that now. If I were Superman, I’d make a lot of changes today.”

“I hope you’ll check out the Superman Radio Show at DC FanDome this Saturday. It was fun to do, and I’d love to do more with Superman. If you get the chance, let Bruce Timm know that. Whatever Bruce wants, even 25 years later, I’m more than ready to play along.”

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